When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


21. The Goodbyes.

The Goodbyes.

I woke up kinda sweaty so i tried to get up forgetting i was in Niall's arms. They were wrapped tight i slowly and carefully and moved his arms off of me. I got off the bed slowly and went to the bathroom not feeling well. I didn't know if it was from the food or just from the baby. Then it hit me last night the waiter gave me a Dr.Pepper that had alcohol in it. I started freaking out because i drank from it .

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I kept saying loudly then i heard a light knock on the door.

Cheyenne are you ok? Niall asked concernedly through the door.

No. I said swinging the door open and hugging Niall crying.

Whats wrong? He asked worried now.

Do you remember the first Dr. Pepper the waiter gave me and i drank from it? I asked crying looking in his eyes.

Yeah and you told him there was alcohol in it and told him to get you another one. He said.

Yeah, when woman are pregnant they are not allowed to drink at all. I said crying even harder.

Oh god. He said then put his hand into his hair trying to hold back the tears.

What if the baby dies. I said.

We will sue that place if the baby does. He said letting the tears fall from his eyes and pulling me in close.

O-o-ok. I stuttered in his chest.

I heard my cell phone going off in my bedroom so i grabbed Niall's hand and when into the room and picked up my phone.

Phone conversation: (C= Cheyenne A= Anngel.)

C= Hello?

A= Hey umm me and Louis are going to live together and we wanted to stop by and say bye to say bye to everyone.

C= Ok well we can meet at mom's place because i have to pick Emily up from there.

A= Ugh whatever. Alright bye talk to you in a bit.

C= Yup what time will you be there?

A= Uh it is 11 right now so 12 ok.

C= K byeee.

A= yup bye.

End Of Conversation.

Who was that? Niall asked.

Oh just Anngel saying that her and Louis are going to move in with each other but i have a feeling where she lives and they are coming to say bye to everyone. I said looking into his eyes then kissed his nose.

Oh wow that's good. He said then kisses my nose back and made me giggle.

We are going over to my moms house to say it in like a hour. I said then started laughing again.

Whats so funny love? He asked then poked my hip which makes me fall to the ground laughing. ( It tickles i am ticklish almost everywhere it's weird.) Then he starts poking my side even more while i was on the ground.

N-Ni-Niall S-st-stop! I said laughing.

Stop what this. He said then pokes me again.

Y-yeah stop it. I said.

Nope. He said poking my side again.

P-p-please. I said but thought what i could do to possibly stop him. I got it!

Nop-. He started saying but then i gave him the best kiss he been waiting for and he did stop and got over me kissing me. After about felt like 5 minutes of kissing i finally said something.

See i got you to stop. I won. I said then pulled his head to mine and kissed him again just a little though.

So that must be your breathtaking kiss. He said smiling at me.

Yup. I said giggling.

Well you were right about the name. He said and smiled.

Ya i know. I said then try to get back up off the ground but kept falling on my bum.

Here. He said holding out both hands laughing.

Thanks. I said taking them and he pulled me up and i bumped into his chest and i was looking up at him smiling then hugs him tight.

Welcome. He said holding me tight.

Hey Niall i have a question. I said.

What is it love? He asked concerned.

 Why didn't i talk to you first? I'm not saying Zayn was a bad boyfriend or anything but i feel like me and you have more sparks then ever. I said.

Well probably because i refused to talk to you and i wasn't the one staring at you at the concert all the lads was and i decided it would probably be wrong to talk to you in front of the lads that's why. Also i have the same feeling as you. He responded back. 

Well Niall look where that took you. I said smiling still in the hug.

Yeah and i am happy it did go this way. He said smiling then kissed the top of my head.

Oh my god look at the time we have to get ready and head over to my moms. I said releasing my arms from Niall and he released.

We got dressed then headed out the door and rode to my mom's house. Niall and i just talked on the way there and was singing to the radio (yes i was shy but then i couldn't help it my fav song came on aka My Immortal by. Evanescence.) We arrived and Niall opened my door and held out his hand and i took it saying thank you. He shut the car door and i knocked on the front door.(Knock,Knock)

Come in! My mom yelled. I opened the door and walked in taking Niall's hand.

Hey mom. I said when i walked into the kitchen.

Hey. Hey Niall. She said smiling.

Hi. He said.

Uh where is Anngel and where is Em? I asked.

Emily is upstairs and Anngel will be here soon. She said.

Oh ok. I said then i felt arms wrapping around my waist and i look down and see Emily.

Hi mommy. She said looking up at my wanting me to pick her up.

Hi sweety. Did you have fun at grandma's house? I asked picking her up and hugging her tight.

Yeah, we made cookie. She said handing one to me and Niall.

Well it was delicious. He said smiling then kissed her head and i smiled knowing he is trying to be a guy that tells her she doesn't have to worry she will always be safe with him around. I took a bite of my cookie and he was right.

Thanks. She said then i heard the front door open it was Anngel.

Hey peoplez i am here. She said.

In the kitchen! I yelled. 

Hey mom. She said hand in hand with Louis.

Hey. She said then i went up to both of them and hugged them.

Ew get off of me. Anngel said then i went back over to Niall.

Uh Cheyenne can i talk to you for a moment? Louis asked.

Of course Louis. I said going out the front door and him following me.

Uh first of all when did you and Niall get together? He asked.

Well we aren't really together he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend yet. I said.

What! He hasn't? He asked.

No what was the second thing? I asked.

Uh right i already knew about it i was just wondering and the second thing was that i need to tell you something about Niall. He said.

What is it? Is it bad? I asked kinda scared.

No it's good he told me that you are the best thing that has ever happened to you and sometimes he wants to get out of the slow taking of the relationship but he doesn't want to ruin your relationship with him. He said.

Oh. I said.

I missed you Cheyenne. He said.

I missed you too but i also miss Brandi. I said starting to tear up.

You guys still haven't made up? He asked.

No. I said crying now onto his chest.

Don't worry you guys will eventually. He said hugging my tight.

No i never should of said anything to her like that i lost my best friend. I said crying harder. I heard the front door open and the person grabbed my arm and turned me then hugged me.

Niall! My mom yelled. 

Yeah. Niall said then saw me and came to me and hugged me mouthing to Louis what happened. Louis mouthed back Brandi then went inside with my mom.

I am such a horrible friend. I said holding him tight.

Cheyenne your not a horrible person Brandi misses you she cries every night. He said rubbing circles in my back trying to calm me down.

How do you know if she is or not? I asked calming down a little.

I have talked to Harry and he said that she misses so much she has cried since she has left. She didn't want to leave the bathroom when you told her to but she didnt want you to get mad at her anymore so she did what she was told. He said.

Oh ok well we should get inside. I said as i was about to walk he grabbed my arm.

Wait i forgot to ask you something last night because we had so much fun i forgot to ask you. He said.

What is it Niall? I asked looking into his eyes.

Will you be my girlfriend? He asked.

Yes of course i will! I yelled then kissed him. 

We went back into the house and had a amazing time then i was time for the goodbyes. I went up to Louis and gave him a really tight hug and whispered in his ear to keep in contact with me if anything happens. Then i went to Anngel and hugged her and said you are his everything don't give up on him anytime soon. Niall gave them a hug and then Emily did the same but this time she hugged them both at the same time saying i will miss you aunt Anngel and uncle Louis. Then they left as did we but before we gave my mom a hug and Tim one then left.

Brandi's POV: 1 hour and 30 mins earlier.

Harry i can't cry no more. I said.

You probably cried all your tear out. He said jokingly.

No i don't want to i am going to her house. I said.

But Bran... Ok but i am coming with you. He said going to get his jacket but i left without him because i am in a rush.

Cheyenne's POV:

I went to pull in the driveway and i saw another car in it i pulled the rest of the way in then opened the car door and got out i held Niall's hand and Niall had Emily behind him and i reached the door and opened the door i swear i locked it when i left i walked around the house the same way we were then i went into the living room and i turned the light on there was a person sitting there with a jacket on i didn't know who it was until i saw a strand of hair fall and i quickly went over to her it was Brandi.

Brandi. I said.

Cheyenne. She said.

 What are you doing here this late how long have you been here and how did you get into my house? I asked.

To apologize, About 30 mins, and i still have the key for the house. She said.

Brandi you don't need to apologize it was my fault. I said.

Lies i am the one that said that you and Zayn were moving fast and make a smart comment "Harry haven't had sex yet." She said making the quote moves with her fingers.

It's fine but does Harry know you are here? I asked.

Yeah but he wanted to come and i was in a hurry to get here so i left him. She said laughing.

I would do the same thing. I said laughing with her.

I missed you so much Cheyenne i have cry for two days after the fight. She said hugging me tight.

I missed you too. I said.

Hi Niall. She said waving to him. 

Hi. He said and waved back.

Hey Brandi would you like to stay here for the night? I asked.

Yeah i would love to but maybe i should call Harry and tell him. She said grabbing her phone out of her jacket pocket.

Brandi's POV: Phone conversation. B= Brandi H= Harry

H= Brandi where are you? Are you ok babe?

B= Yeah i already told you where i was.

H= Oh you made it thank god. But why did you leave me? 

B= You took a while. I was in a rush.

H= Well you could of told me that.

B= To bad * I giggled* but i am staying here for tonight ok.

H= W-w-what but i want you to sleep with me.

B= Not tonight tomorrow i will.

H= Nope i am coming there.

B= No Harry.

H= Yes Brandi Love you bye.

End of conversation.

Ugh Harry is coming now. I said.

Really. Niall jumped up and down with excitement.

Niall calm down. Cheyenne said trying to hold him down.

Yeah what she said you turd. I said trying to help hold him down.

Cheyenne's POV:

Niall please calm down me and Brandi x=can't hold you down much longer. I said.

Then don't. He said. Then i had a idea.

Niall look at me. I said facing him and he looked at me still kinda excited i grabbed his face and kissed him for a while. Well until he stopped then grabbed my waist.

Ewe. Get a room you two. Brandi said.

There now you are calmed down. I said looking into his eyes.

Yes i am. He said smiling looking into my eyes.

Me, Brandi and Niall played on the Wii while Emily fell asleep on the couch and i hear a knock on the door.

Come in! I yelled because i knew who it was. It was Harry.

Harry!!! Niall yelled running to him.

Niall!!! Harry yelled running to him.

Oh god. I said laughing with Brandi.

After a while Niall and i decided to go up to bed because we were tired just a little. We got changed into our pj's.

Hey Niall. I said about to put on my shirt.

Yeah. He said looking at me.

Louis told me something today that was about you. I said.

Oh and what may that be. He said coming to me putting his hands on my waist.

That you are really into me and sometimes you wish that our slow taking relationship was going faster because you are sometimes half attempted to you know. I said smiling at him shyly.

Well what if i said it was true what he said? He asked biting his bottom lip. God that was so sexy the way he was doing that.

Uh idk what would you want me to do? I asked biting on my bottom lip looking him in the eyes.

God why am i doing this i can't do that yet ok just a make out session nothing else i said to myself.

Well if i were you i wouldn't let your poor Niall sit here and beg. He said looking at my lips.

Well maybe i like him begging. I said looking at his his lips now.

So your teasing. He said tightening his hands on my waist.

Maybe maybe not. I said trying to hold that moan from coming out my mouth.

He leaned in and kissed me rough and i could tell he didn't like to be teased a lot but he went with the teasing anyways. I way still in my bra but i had my sweatpants on and i also saw the little baby bump and i smiled at it and rubbed it.

What? He asked looking at my stomach.

The baby likes this, us together. I said looking at him.

Well i do to. I will always be here for you and protect you like i will do for your mother. He said then put his hand on my stomach. I smiled st him.

That was so sweet. I said lifting his head for him to look at me then kissed him.

Well i never want to lose you or the kids. He said and i teared up. I have a song i dedicated to you whenever i go on tours and stuff. He grabbed his guitar singing I'm already there. By Lonestar. I couldn't hold back the tears because he has a tour in 2 days and he wants me to always know he will be there no matter what.

After he got done singing i was in tears just standing there then i went up to him hugged him and kissed him.

I love you. He said in my ear.

I love you too Niall. I said holding him tight crying and we were on the bed.

Alright maybe we should get some sleep. He said then kissed me.

Alright but i have to get a shirt on. I said laughing a little and went to get up but got pulled down by hands on my waist.

You can just sleep like that at least you have a bra on. He said laughing a little. 

Yeah your right. I said then went on my side of the bed which is the left side of the bed got covered up and then Niall climbed over next to me and held me close after he got under the covers and then he started rubbing my leg because it was cold and he hit my weak spot and i made a light moan and he looked at me then smiled. Darn it now he knows where it is. I grabbed his hand and just moved it back up to my waist then my eyes started getting heavy but before i closed them i said night and kissed him.

Night babe. He said then that's when i fell asleep.


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