When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


25. Savannah Is Here!

Savannah Is Here!

I wake up and see i missed 2 calls. Then i look to see who called me one was from Niall and the other was from Savannah. Man i must have been tired it is 12:17. I call Niall back and i don't get a answer weird but he is probably on stage rehearsing his lyrics. I call Savannah and i got a answer on the first ring.

S= Hey Cheyenne guess what!

C= What!?!

S= I am coming up there for 2 months i have vacation off of work that long.

C= Oh my god really!

S= Yes i am so excited!

C= I am to but Brandi doesn't know yet i want to surprise her when you come through the door. (I laugh)

S= Ok sounds like a plan i am already heading up there i started heading up there at 6 in the morning.

C= How far are you?

S= Uh i think about 5 hours away.

C= Ok so your close to California.

S= Yeah girly.

C= So call me when you are near my house so i can stand outside and wait for you.

S= Ok i will ttyl bye love you.

C= Love you too byee.

I hung up the phone and i was so happy that Emily can meet her other aunt i mean we are all such close friends and we are like sisters.

Knock knock! I got off my lazy butt and opened the door and Brandi was there.

Hey Cheyenne. She said.

Hi Brandi how was the movie? I asked.

It was great! We watched Smurfs 2 or something like that. She said jumping up and down.

Uh ok then. I said and giggled.

Ok so i was thinking me, you and Emily can have a sleepover in the living room tonight? She asked.

Uh sure. I said surprised.

Awesome! Harry left me money. Did Niall? She asked.

Yeah and a sweet note too. I said smiling looking down.

Awe thats so cute you two make a cute couple. She said.

Thank you Brandi. I said hugging her because i was starting to miss him.

Welcome. Do you want to go shopping tonight? She asked hugging back.

Sure sounds fun how about we go right now? I asked.

Sure i will get Emily up. She said and then it hit me.

Uh Brandi i forgot she had a appointment with the doctor today at 3. I said.

It's fine we can go to the mall then take her and then we can go get some groceries then come back to the house. She said.

Ok sounds good. I said then she went to wake her up.

I walked downstairs and went into the kitchen and got a bowl of Lucky Charms (Of course.) I finished eating and went back upstairs to get dressed i heard my phone going off and it was Niall.

N= Hey babe how are you?

C= I am good about to go to the mall with Brandi and Emily. Also Savannah is coming tonight so yeah.

N= Oh cool it sounds like you are having fun.

C= Uh kinda i still miss you and i forgot to mention that Emily has a doctors appointment today at 3 to see if she has the cancer still or not.

N= Oh ok. Look i am sorry i had you sit in the middle of the airport crying i had to leave i didn't want to miss the flight when i left i wanted to come back to you and hug you one last time and say i love you. I couldn't Louis yelled at me for stopping.

C= It's fine have you found out how long you are going to be gone for?   

N= Uh yeah they said 2 and a half months.

C= Awe it is still to long.

N= I know i am sorry but i will still talk to you every morning and night. Hey you know what the money i gave you go buy a laptop with a camera on it and download Skype on it and make a Skype account because then i can video chat you.

C= Ok Now i am happy that i can see you.

N= Me to. When you do have the laptop then text or call me for me to know. (He tells me his username for it)

C= Ok well i should go i am only in my bra and underwear.

N= Hmm a very nice sight i would like to see.

C= Oh my goodness Niall.

N= Alright i will let you get dressed. I love you.

C= I love you too bye.

N= Bye.

I hung up then finished getting ready and i grabbed like 300 dollars from the money put it in my purse and went downstairs.

Oh my god you are finally ready. Brandi said joking around.

Shush i was on the phone with Niall too. I said.

Oh ok. She said.

Hey can we go to Best Buy before the mall i have to get something there. I said.

Well you are driving. She said smiling.

Oh right. I said giggling a little.

We head to Best Buy and i told them it will take like 2 minutes i went in and asked them where their laptops were with the cameras built in them and they lead me to them and i saw one that was really nice it was only $199.99 so i got that and they had it in a box of course and i carried it to the car and put it in the trunk for Brandi not to see because if she knew i got one she would want to be on it a lot.

Ok i am back. I said getting into the drivers seat.

Oh ok what did you come here for? She asked.

I was looking for a new radio but couldn't find one. I said.

Uh huh Cheyenne i know you bought a laptop. She said.

Um no i didn't. I said in a funny voice.

Cheyenne i am not going to take it away from you i have a laptop. She said.

Oh ok then yes i got a laptop. Niall told me to buy one and i wanted to. I said.

Ok. Lets go to the mall now. She said.

We headed to the mall and we walked around and bought clothes for all of us Emily said she was starting to get hungry so we went out for lunch since we haven't ate lunch yet. We went out and got McDonald's ate it the way to the doctors. We got to the doctors and walked in.

Hi a appointment for Emily Malik. I said.

Oh yes. The doctor will be here in about 5 minutes to tell you the information. The counter woman said.

Ok thank you. I said then sat next to Emily and she looked really nervous.

About 5 minutes later i see the doctor coming in and walking over to us.

Hello Emily and Cheyenne. He said smiling at us.

Hi Doctor Evans. I said.

Well i have amazing news for you Emily.... Your cancer is gone completely. He said smiling at her and her eyes lite up right after he said it.

Really! Oh my god! She yelled jumping into his arms crying.

Congratulations Emily. He said handing me her.

Thank you so much doctor. I said to him crying with Emily and Brandi.

Your welcome. He said smiling and then walked back into the door he came out of.

It is only 3:35 want to go out for ice cream? I asked her and Brandi.

Yeah! They both said together and we laughed then left heading to the ice cream.

So i am happy that it's gone. I said to Emily.

Yeah me too. She said.

I told you that you looked tanner then usual. I said.

I know i should have believed you. She said.

I probably would of been the same way because i could tell you were nervous. I said.

I really was but i was shocked when he said that i didn't have it at all anymore. She said.

Me too sweetie. I said then pulled into the parking lot of the ice cream place and we got out.

Ice cream!!! Emily yelled.

Calm down little cheetah. I said laughing.

We ordered our ice cream i got something cheesecake, Brandi got cookies and cream, and Emily got mint chocolate chip. We got done eating them and we went to the grocery store and got snacks and food me and Brandi spit half and half and then we got home and i unlocked the door walked in put groceries away and went upstairs and hooked up my laptop on the charger and let it sit for like a hour and i texted Niall that i got it and it is on the charger. Then i got a call right after i sent that it was Savannah.


S= Hey i am on your street come out.

C= Ok see you bye.

S= Bye.

I hung up and hurried downstairs going outside and i sat on the step waiting for her to pull in then i saw a car slow down and pull in my driveway and i immediately got up and ran to her car and i was still running to her when she got out of the car and i jumped in her arms with a big hug and started crying.

I have missed you so much. I said still hugging her.

Chey i have missed you too. She said hugging back.

Are you ready to see Brandi and surprise her big time? I asked.

Oh yeah lets do this. She said.

We walked in the house and told Savannah to stay right there and i will walk in and when i say I have a surprise for you.

Ok. She whispered.

Hey Brandi. I said.

Hi Cheyenne. She said.

I have a surprise for you. I said.

What? She said and her eyes widened.

Surprise! Savannah and i yelled.

Oh my god! She yelled and tackled Savannah.

Calm down. I said.

I just can't believe it she is here. She said tearing up.

I know i talked to her yesterday and she called today that she is coming. I said.

And you kept this away from me. She said laughing a little bit.

Yes that is why it is called a surprise. I said laughing.

Shush. She said laughing.

Nope never. I said.

Eh. So how have you been Savi? She asked.

I have been really good. Now great since i get to see my two best friends. She said tearing up and hugging us both.

That's good and also i would like you to meet you niece Emily. I said grabbing Emily's hand.

Hi Emily i am aunt Savannah. Savannah said shaking her hand.

Hi aunt Savannah i am Emily. She said shaking her hand back.

Cheyenne you didn't tell me you had a kid. Savannah said.

Well i adopted her with Zayn it is a long story why i adopted her and i am also prego with Zayn's baby. I said.

What! Oh my god Cheyenne, why didn't you tell me? She asked.

Because i didn't want you to worry because i have Niall now. I said.

Ok i understand that because i do worry a lot. She said giggling a little.

Yeah. I said.

Well this is awkward now. Brandi said.

Yeah lets get stuff ready for the sleepover downstairs ok. I said.

Ok! Everyone yelled and i helped Savannah carry her stuff in the house and i put it in my room because we didn't have room in the living room.

Alright guys i am going to get my pj's on and add Skype on my laptop and come right down. I said.

Ok. They said.

I went upstairs and put on my pj's and went over to the laptop and turned it on it was fully charged and i looked and Skype was already on it i just had to make a account so i did and added Niall on it and then texted Niall that i have a Skype now and i will talk to him later. I got a text back and it said ok love you. I texted back love you too bye. He texted bye. I went downstairs with my laptop and sat in my spot and put in Zombieland because Brandi wanted to watch that first. (Of course she loves that movie.) We got done watching it and it was like 7:59 and we put in the Vow i love that movie and then we kinda cried besides Emily because she was just plain confused and the look on her face was hilariousi satrted bursting out laughing and then Brandi and Savannah looked at me like why the fruit did you just laugh?

Sorry guys it was just Emily's face cracked me up she was so confused. I said looking at her.

Oh. They both said at the same time.

We continued watching the movie then it ended and it was 10:38 and i heard my phone go off i looked at it and i was a text from Niall and he said to get on Skype. I texted ok then got my laptop and turned it on and typed my password in and went on Skype and Niall video called me and i accepted.

N= Hi babe. It is nice to see your beautiful face again. (Aka i have my headphones in because i didn't want then to hear Niall.)

C= It is nice to see yours to but handsome face.

N= i can't wait to get the tour over with because when i get back me and you are going to be in bed cuddling for two or three days not moving.

C= Hahahaha your funny. (I smiled)    

N= I know i am but i am not kidding i miss you so much i don't want to leave you again.

C= Oh Niall it has only been 1 day. ( I started to tear up because i missed him too.)

N= Don't cry i will cry if you do.

C= I am trying to not cry it is hard not to. (That's when i saw Brandi and Savannah looking at me confused and i turned the camera to show them who i am talking to and i saw Niall waving like a crazy person and they started dying of laughter and so did i)

N= So i am guessing that was Brandi and Savannah.

C= Yup

N= We should totally hook Savannah up with ether Zayn or Liam.

C= Yeah we should but Zayn not Liam.

N= Why not liam?

C= Because Liam texted me he had saw somebody that he likes up there her name is Danielle i believe.

N= Ohhh now i know his lover secret.

C= Don't tell him i told you let him tell you about his lover. ( I laughed)

N= Oh ok you take the fun out of that. (He started laughing too)

C= Oh shush.

N= Nope never. 

C= Ok then don't shush.

N= Then i will.

C= Oh my goodness Niall you are a confusing little leprechaun.

N= I am not little. ( He smiled)

C= You can say that if you like.

N= Hey not nice. (He made a sad face)

C= Sorry don't get sad babe.

N= Say i am not small i am big.

C= Uh Niall that sounds wrong.

N= Just say it or i am hanging up.

C= Don't threaten me. ( I grabbed the laptop and went upstairs and I started crying)

N= Baby i was kidding i will never hang up on you and threaten you in any way.

C= Well that wasn't funny mostly when i don't get to see you.

N= Sorry baby please forgive me. ( I sneaked a look at the laptop and saw him crying.)

C= Ok i forgive you sorry for making you cry.

N= It's fine i only cried because you were i don't like seeing you cry because i know i caused you to do it and i feel really bad.

C= Awe don't think that but babe i have to go because we are having a sleepover downstairs and we are watching movies.

N= Awe ok bye i love you.

C= I love you too bye.

I end the call and put my laptop on the charger and go back downstairs and watch more movies but just one more and we all fall asleep during the movie called Paranormal Activity. Before i fell asleep though i turned the lights off and the DVD player and TV and then laid down and fell asleep.


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