When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


31. Next Day.

Next Day.

I wake up surprisingly before Niall did and i get out of bed go and check on the baby which is still sleeping and I know Emily is still she always is. I call my mom and she answers.

M= Hey sweety.

C= Hey mom i have a question for you.

M= What is it?

C= Can you watch the kids tonight and i will pick them up tomorrow because me and Niall never have anytime to spend with each other because of my job?

M= Yeah i would love to.

C= Thanks mom it is very helpful.

M= Well they are my grandchildren and they love coming here so i don't mind.

C= Yeah i know thanks again mom.

M= Welcome sweety what time are they coming.

C= Here in about 20 minutes possibly.

M= Ok see you in 20.

C= Ok love you.

M= Love you too. Bye

C= Bye.

End of call.

I go and put Isabella in the car seat and she was still passed out man she must be tired. I go into Emily's room and see she was just waking up and i just walk in and shake her a bit.

Sweetie it is time to get up you and Isabella are going to grandma's house... I said but got interrupted.

 Grandmas!!!! She yelled.

Shhh... Yes grandmas. I said.

Why do i have to be quiet? She asked.

Because Niall is sleeping still. I said.

Oh ok. She said.

Ok get ready while i get stuff ready for the baby. I said.

Ok. She said.

I go back into the baby's room and gather her stuff together i get finished and walk downstairs and oh there is a lot of stairs. I just got downstairs and see Emily already standing there with her bag i smile and we head out the door into the car. We arrive to my mom's house. (Knock, knock)

Come on in! My mom yelled.

I open the door and walk into the house.

Where are you? I ask.

In the kitchen. She said.

I walk into the kitchen and see she is making pancakes of course she is always in the kitchen doing something.

Wheres Tim? I ask.

Work, I was off today and i took off tomorrow for the kids. She said.

Awe thanks mom. I said.

Welcome. She said.

Alright well i am going to get going Niall will probably be ethier sleeping or wondering where i am. I said.

Ok bye. She said.

Bye. I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek and did the same for Emily and kissed Isabella.

I went to the car and waved bye. I arrived home and went upstairs and saw Niall still is asleep so i went downstairs and cook pancakes, sausage, eggs, and blueberry muffins. I was just waiting for the muffins and i felt arms come around me. I lay my head on Niall's shoulder.

Good morning. I said.

Morning babe. He said.

I am making breakfast for us and we will spend the whole day. I said and kissed him.

Looks good and sounds amazing. He said and kissed me without stopping so i stopped him.

No not yet. I said with a little giggle.

Ok. Can i have one more kiss? He asked with puppy eyes and his morning Irish voice it makes it sound so cute and makes him look so sexy.

Fine. I said and kissed him one more time and this time i couldn't stop and he couldn't ether and he lifted me up and placed me on the counter not breaking the kiss until we couldn't breathe and we separated apart.

The muffins are done. I said and the stove beeped.

I move him away for me to get off the counter and got them out of the oven and placed them on the counter where i was sitting before and Niall looked at the table with the food on it then looked at the muffins and he looked at me wide eyed.

What i am in a good mood today well a mood for baking and cooking. I said with a smile on my face.

Yeah i can tell. He said.

Go ahead and start digging in. I said.

Yay! He yelled and ran to the table.

Well someone is hungry. I said.

Yeah i always am. He laughs.

Yeah i am to. I said laughing with him and brought the muffins out and we dug in on the food and when we were finished i was about to clean up but Niall insisted he could do the dishes.

No i got it don't worry about it. I said.'

No i am doing them. He said coming near me.

How about this we both do them. I said.

Ok sounds fine with me. He said.

I put water and soap in the sink and let the the soap bubble up and i grabbed some bubbles and hid my hand behind me.

Niall. I said.

Wha.. He said getting interrupted by bubbles hitting his face.

I forget now. I said laughing so hard.

Not funny that was a hard hit to the face. He said and turned away from me not seeing the bubbles in his hands when i went next to him.

I am sorry. I said and he gave a light smile and turned to me and kissed me and put his hands on my face.

You butt face how dare you trick me like that. I said and started attacking him with bubbles and he was doing the same thing but to me.

BUBBLE FIGHT!!!! He yelled loudly.

When we were attacking each other with bubbles the ground started to get slippery because i fell on my but like 5 time and he hasn't fell yet so when i fell again i grabbed his leg and made him fall and we both laughed but then he got back up as did i and i tackled him and we both fell but he was on the ground and i was on top of him and we cracked up. We finally got done laughing and we just was still in the position we fell at and we looked at each other for a second and then we started kissing and i stopped after like 30 seconds because i wasn't comfortable on the ground kissing.

We should start to clean up and after we can take a shower and watch movies together and after a couple of movies we can order something for dinner. I said.

Ok but do i get to come in the shower with you? He asked.

Hahahaha your funny no. I said.

Fine. It was worth a try. He said.

Niall you know i was kidding right? I asked.

Uh yeah psh why wouldn't i think you were kidding. I'm not that stupid. He said.

Don't call yourself stupid because you are not stupid at all. I said and gave him a light peck on his lips.

Ok. He said.

Now lets get this kitchen cleaned up.

They are now cleaning the kitchen and it is like taking forever to them because they are talking also.

Brandi's POV:

Hey Brandi i have to ask you something. Harry said.

What is it? I asked.

Would you like to meet my family back in Holmes Chapel, England? He asked and it totally caught me off guard.

Uh um. I said i couldn't speak.

We don't have to if you are not comfortable with it. He said.

Oh no i want to meet them it is just that it caught me off guard. I said.

Oh ok so when would you like to go? He asked.

Doesn't your mom need to to know first? I ask.

She is the one that said she can't wait to meet you. I know she will love you if you are worried about her not liking you. He said and i got calm.

Do you think? I ask.

Absolutely. He said.

Ok then how about in two days. I said.

Sounds good with me. But we should do something today for Cheyenne and Niall to have some space "alone." He said using his fingers for the quotes.

Yeah they would love that. I said laughing.

Cheyenne's POV:

We finally get done with cleaning the kitchen and ready to take a shower.

Lets go take a shower. I said.

Ok. He said.

We both get into the shower and he gets close to me and i just felt awkward because i never got in the shower nude with somebody but i can get use of it with Niall. We both wash are body and are hair he had Axe body washes and hair wash. We got done and Niall got out wrapped a towel around him and grabbed mine and wrapped it around me.

Thank you. I said.

Welcome babe. He said and gave me a light kiss and started going down my face to my neck but i stopped him there and he pulled me close and had his hands on my bum. (the towel was on my bum just saying if you thought he grabbed my bare bum he didn't.) I hit the wall from him being as close as he was. He lifted me a little bit and i felt he was horny. (That horny Irish man lol.) 

Niall. Stop. Not yet. I said.

Why not? He asked.

Ask your little friend down there. I said pointing down and he looked down and smirked.

Sorry he can't control himself. He said laughing a little.

I can tell. I said and he put me down and i moved into the bedroom and got dressed.

Ready for the movie babe? He asked.

Yeah lets go pick one. I said and grabbed his hand and run down the stairs thank god i didn't fall down them.

You really didn't have to run. He said breathing hard.

Why do you not do any running. You only workout nothing else i was a soccer player so yeah i did a lot of running. I said jokingly.

Shush. He said laughing.

I'm good. I said.

How about The Grudge all of them? He asked.

I love The Grudge movies of course! I said and grabbed them and put the first one in and we watched it we were jumping just a little but i love those movies.

6 Hours Later:

We got done watching them and i decided to put a sad and romantic movie in and it was The Vow. (I love that movie) we completely watch it and it was defiantly a tearjerker every time i watch it. I look over and see that Niall was even crying a little.

Hungry? I ask.

Yeah. He said and got up and went to the bathroom.

Ok then i guess i will just order something. I want pizza. I grab the phone dial Pizza Hut and order a pepperoni pizza and it will be here in a half hour.

What did you order? He asked.

Pizza Hut. I said.

Ok. He said.

Are you ok you just like walked out of the room and what time is it? I ask.

Yeah i am fine and 7:45. He said.

Ok thank you but come cuddle with me i am cold. I said.

Ok. He said and laid down next to me and held me close.

I love you. I said.

I love you too. He said.

I know but you don't need to say it back. I said.

Yes i do. I will always say it because you probably would never know how much i really do. Cheyenne i would die for you. He said with a tear streaming down his face and he really wasn't kidding around.

Really? I ask.

Yes Cheyenne really i love you so much. He said holding me tighter.

I love you too. I said and let him hold me tight because i always feel safe in his arms.

30 Minutes Later:

(Knock, knock.) I got it. I yelled.

I open the door and give the man the money and grab the pizza and lay it on the table in the kitchen.

Food! Niall yelled running to the kitchen. 

Are you out of breath yet? I ask.

Nope not for my food. He said laughing and i couldn't help but laugh too.

Ok then. I said and grabbed 2 slices of pizza and devoured it and got more then Niall was looking at me like i was a crazy food steelier because well i did take his pizza off his plate.

Hungry much? He asked. 

Yes and sorry for stealing your food. I said.

It is ok i will just get another piece. He said.

Ok i am surprised you didn't yell at me for taking it. I said with a giggle.

I would never yell at you only the lads. He said and laughed.

Ok well after you are done with the pizza how about we go upstairs and do something fun if you know what i mean. I said and winked at him.

Ok. He said and shoved the pizza in his mouth and i just laughed.

Pig face. I said.

You know it babe. He said and stood up and picked me up bridal style and carried me upstairs then laid me on the bed and got over me and i pulled his shirt off of him and he did the same to me then i undid his pants and he took them the rest off and he did the same to me but took mine off and we just took the rest of are clothes off and he came back over me and started kissing my lips and started lowering i told him to stop when he got to my belly and he came back up i felt uncomfortable when he was that low he started kissing me again and that is when he entered and we did it and i was like moaning loudly i couldn't hold it in probably because i haven't done it in a while and i am not used of it yet. After doing it which felt like heaven to me we cuddled in bed and soon enough we fell asleep holding each other happily.


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