When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


9. Next Day

Next Day:

I find myself on the bed close to Zayn and i am still wearing my dress. The dress is going to be the 2nd memory of Zayn. The first is meeting him and him kissing me on that night. I stare at Zayn for a second and noticed how adorable he looks when he sleeps. After that second i decided to get up and make something for the crew but breakfast in bed for Zayn. But before i got completely up two strong hands grabbed my waist and pulled me right back down but this time i was over him.

Where do you think your going? He asked jokingly.

To the kitchen to make some breakfast for the crew but then i was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed. I said fast.

Oh sorry i ruined it. He says with a sorry look on his face.

No its fine i will just have a surprise for you tonight. I said winking at him and then started kissing him.

Oh well i am looking forward to that surprise tonight. He said starting to kiss down my neck.

I moved his head back to look at me and i said no no no wait for tonight.

Are you trying to tease me? He asked 

Hmmm am i. I said with a desperate look on my face.

Yes, stop it. He said kissing me again.

I can't its hard to. I said.

As soon as i said that i felt his tongue slip into my mouth. Now he was teasing me.

Don't tease me now. I said still over him but then he gets over me and kisses my neck softly and his hands on my waist still. If he is teasing me i will do the same thing again so i move my hands down his chest to his waist to his pants slowly going down in them grabbing his good sized wiener. Then he bit his lip knowing if he teases me i will tease right back. But he just continued to tease by slowly going on my weak spot on my thigh and he starts to rub that spot with his thumb slowly so i can't do anything and can't move. I did finally move over him again starting to trace his heart tattoo with my finger. But when i did that he started biting his lip again and he pulled me by my waist so i can lay on him and i kinda felt he was starting to get hard.

I guess i won. I whispered to him.

What no. He whispers back.

Yes. I said pointing to his pants.

Oh man you did. He says with his hands on my waist again.

Told you. I said kissing him passionately in a sexy way.

God you make me have so many butterflies in my stomach. He said then he said I love you so much.

I love you so much more. I said smiling at him and kissed him the same way like before.

We kissed for a long time until we heard a knock on the door and we fixed ourselves.

Come in. I said giving Zayn one last kiss.

Brandi came in and looked around.

 Wow your room is huge. She said smiling.

What happen last night with you and Harry? I asked suspiciously.   

My personal business not yours. She said smiling still.

Well then i am not telling you what happen with me and Zayn. I said serious.

Alright fine we kissed then started making out that's all. She said seriously.

Oh well mine was way better after dinner Zayn had a surprise for me and i had to keep my eyes closed till we got there until he was ready it too but it was worth waiting for. I said telling her everything.

Oh my god Cheyenne i am so happy for you. She said smiling.

All of a sudden i jump when i felt Zayn putting his arms around my waist. I leaned against him smiling.

Well i will give you two privacy. She said winking at me.

Oh Brandi you don't have to go we are not doing anything. I said.

 He looks like he wants to devour you right now. She said laughing a little.

I couldn't help but to laugh too. Then i said well i will see you later then.

Yup, Have fun you two not to much though. she said then shut the door behind her.

I said tonight not right now. I said giggling.

Sorry you are just so addicting. He said.

I turned around to face him and sat on his lap wrapping my legs around him. 

How? I asked.

Your lips, your skin, your touch, your beauty. He said but this time really shyly and he looked at the ground.

I lifted his chin and said you said you don't like when i do that (i laughed) and is that a good thing or a bad thing? I asked.

I know and that is a good thing. He said looking into my eyes sweetly.

Ok good. I said relieved.

Cheyenne you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. We were made for each other if i wasn't stupid when i was was younger i would probably still have my virginity still until yesterday we both could of lost it together because we know we are meant to be together forever. He said.

I started to cry and i said Zayn your the best thing that has happened to me too.

Cheyenne don't cry every time you cry my heart breaks for you and everyday you get more gorgeous by the moment. He said whipping my tears off my face.

I couldn't help but to cry even more. He is everything to me i never want to lose him he is the perfect guy that came into my life. He pulled me into his chest was rubbing my arm with his thumb comforting me.

I love you. He said.

I love you too. I said    


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