When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


5. Meeting The Guys.

Meeting The Guys.

Brandi and I made it to the boys and of course she was in shock when they said hi but so was i but i said hi back.

Brandi say hi. I said.

H-h-hi. Y-y-your One direction. She said like she couldn't talk.

Yes Brandi this is One Direction. (I giggled a little.) I said.

Shush. She said to me.

Liam looked at me and held out his hand and i put mine out on his and he said "And what may your name be miss?"

Cheyenne. It's a pleasure meeting you. I smiled then looked at the ground then looked back up.

It is a absolute pleasure to meet you. He said then kissed my hand.

I got goosebumps when he kissed my hand. It was like electricity going through my body. But i smiled at him.

Well hey there miss a voice came toward me. It was Louis "Louie." Hey. I said.

It's Cheyenne right? He asked.

Yeah how did you know? I asked.

Brandi told me because i asked. He said giggling a little bit.

I couldn't but to giggle too. Hows Kevin? I asked like a complete dumbo.   

He is great but (He came closer to me to whisper) he is starting to not fly he is being a lazy pigeon.

I busted out laughing i couldn't hold it. Sorry that was just plain hilarious. I said trying not to hurt his feelings.

It's fine. I actually thought it was funny. He said then giggled.

 Then a hand came on my shoulder and i turned to see who it was because i kinda jumped when the put it on my shoulder. Then i saw two adorable brownish hazel eyes right there with a smile on his face. It was Zayn i felt kinda woozy then i blacked out.

Cheyenne come on get up i heard a mans voice saying i opened my eyes and saw the same eyes but a worried expression on Zayn's face i felt a tear come down my face i was in Zayn's arms he caught me.

Why are you crying? He asked sadly.

I am crying because your expression on your face you looked so worried. I said

I am worried about you you passed out and almost fell on the ground till i caught you and here you are in my arms. He said so sweetly.

Thanks for catching me and for being worried. I said

No problem then he put a strain of my hair behind my ear. I was freaking out inside saying oh my god is he going to kiss me. I dought it. I just smiled at him.

Can i ask you something? I asked him.

Yeah what is it love? He asked sweetly and worried again.

Why was you staring at me at the concert? I asked.

Because I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw you i thought i was dreaming because there was a beautiful human in the front row on the concert and i couldn't take my eyes off you. He said shyly with a smile on his face. (I bit my lip listening to him.)

You think i am beautiful? I asked shyly.

Yes of course i don't think you look at yourself right in the mirror. He said giggling a little.

No i guess not. Can i tell you something? I asked 

Yeah. He said.

Your like my favorite of One Direction and i like you a lot but other girls to. But i think you are really adorable and i can't stand your eyes or smile they are just sexy. I said giggling a little.

Well thanks. He says blushing.

Welcome. I said looking into his eyes then down to his lips then back up to his eyes.

I think you are gorgeous when you cry and when you laugh and your just plain gorgeous. He says looking into my eyes then lips then back up to my eyes. Can i ask you one more thing? He asked.

Yeah what is it? I asked.

May i kiss you right now? He asked looking at my lips.

Why would you ask me that. I said.

I don-- He says before i interrupted him.

Zayn of course you can i want that i don't c-- I say before i felt lips on mine with electricity flowing through my whole entire body. I was kissing him back more passionately. Then he did the same back. I opened my eyes and saw Liam looking at the ground disappointed and i felt bad but i do enjoy kissing Zayn. I closed my eyes again still kissing him then we both pulled away for a breathe.

Wow that was amazing. He says looking into my eyes.

It was so perfect. I said looking into his eyes too.

Will you like to go on a date with me? He asked me surprisingly.

Yes of course i will love to. I said giving him another kiss but just a small one.   

Whoa get a room you two. Niall says walking past. I laughed.

I love your laugh. Zayn says.

Thanks. I said still laughing a little.

Welcome love. He says with love in his eyes. I smiled. Also can i have your number? He asked.

Um yeah here is my phone hand me yours. I said. 

We swapped phones put are numbers in them and swapped back. It was really nice to meet you guys. I said.

Your leaving? Zayn asked.

Yeah its dark and it takes two hours to get back. I said

Oh well you and your friend can stay with us for a while if you like. He offered.

Oh we shouldn't there is probably already to much space taken up. I said.

Oh Cheyenne please, please, please. Brandi kept begging.

Yeah Cheyenne what she kept doing. Zayn said

Oh alright. I said. 


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