When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


23. Last Day To Spend With Niall.

Last Day To Spend With Niall.

I woke up and saw it was 11:38 and Niall was still asleep well i think i looked up at him and kissed his lips and he kissed back. Yup he was up.

We have to spend today with each other before you go on tour tomorrow. I said.

That's fine with me. He said.

Ok what shall we do first? I asked.

Hm how about me taking you out for breakfast. He said kissing my forehead.

But it is close to lunch time. I said.

Alright then i will take you out for lunch. He said smiling.

Ok sounds good. I said then kissed him.

Also before after i leave tomorrow i want you to listen to the song on the phone with me. He said.

Niall i am going to miss you so much. I said hugging him.

I am going to miss you too babe. He said hugging back.

I just can't believe you are going to be gone for 2 or 3 months. I said tearing up.

Don't worry i will call you every morning and night. He said.

Ok but promise me one thing. I said.

Whats that? He asked.

Don't hook up with another girl up there. I said still tearing up.

You are the only girl i want in my life now promise me your not going to hook up with any guys while i am gone. He said.

I promise i never cheated on a guy before. I said kissing him.

Alright good now lets go get some lunch. He said pulling me to get off the bed.

We got dressed then walked to Waffle House hand in hand (also if you are worried about Emily she is with Brandi and Harry they went to Columbus to go to a water park.)

We ate which me and Niall of course got a crap load of food and started having a pancake challenge to see how many pancakes we can eat without getting sick but i was the first out because i guess the baby didn't like it i only ate four pancakes and i usually eat about ten but oh well i don't want to kill the baby.

What next? I asked.

How about a movie? He asked.

Uh it is to early for that. I said.

Alright how about the mall? He asked and that kinda frightened me a little.

Ah sure. I said holding my stomach because i started to feel nauseous.

Cheyenne are you ok? He asked standing front of me.

N-n-no i don't feel well i think the pancakes gave me a stomachache. I said.

Here walk carefully we are close to a gas station. He said but i couldn't hold it in mostly when there is heat hitting on me. I turned to him and ran to the bushes he held my hair back as i threw up. About 10 minutes later we started walking back to the house to get the car.

Do you need to wash up at all? Niall asked while we went into the driveway.

I am going to wipe my face and then brush my teeth again. I said then hugged him.

Ok come back out when you are done. He said.

K. I said then ran to the door and unlocked it then went to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth but i couldn't help but look at myself in the mirror to see what i look like i was kinda pale and i can't believe what i saw on my face. I had a light hand mark on my face it was from my dream i blinked once and it was gone. Am i hallucinating or something i turned around fast because i heard me name in my ear. Nobody was there i turn to the mirror and i-i-i saw Brandon right next to me. He whispered i told you i would get you. You should of never had police come you B***h. I started saying no this isn't real i am just imagining this isn't real it's just a dream.

Oh this isn't a dream hunny this is real. He whispered in my ear again then started kissing my neck and his warm lips touching my skin paralyzed me instantly.   

S-stop Brandon leave me a-alone i-i don't l-love you. I said.

He ignored me and kept going but then he started putting his hand up my shirt i slapped it away and yelled for Niall.

Niall help me! I screamed.

I saw Niall standing at the door saying something i couldn't understand.

Niall please help me! I yelled then i felt something cold come to my neck.

Yell one more time you will die. He said showing me the knife then put it back on my neck.

Niall's POV:

I heard screaming and i instantly came to the bathroom seeing Cheyenne on the ground crying with fear in her eyes then she yelled Niall help me. I kept asking what she needed help with i think she is stuck in something that she can see me and somebody else but can't hear me i started seeing a read mark on her neck and i can tell she is being threatened with something by the figure i think it might be a pocket knife she just sat there crying i was worried i wanted to help her but i was afraid if i did it would kill her and if she dies i would have to kill myself.

Cheyenne's POV:

What do you want from me? I asked.

You. He said smirking at me.

Why me there is so many other girls out there that you can be with. I said.

But you are the only girl i want you know how to treat guys and care for them. He said.

I know but i can't be with you i am with Niall. I said.

Please Cheyenne. He said looking at me with his bright blue eyes.

Look Brandon you can be a good guy when you try but seriously pulling out a pocket knife out on me threatening me to stop yelling for my boyfriend really doesn't tell me that you love me you always abused me and threatened to kill me that's why i left you and i mean i really did love you before all that happened. I said looking into his eyes.

Then if i stop doing all that will you consider dating me again whenever you and Niall break up? He asked.

Yes i will but you have to promise me that you will stop all that. I said.

I promise. He said.

Also please stop coming in my dreams and now in my real world. Please. I said.

Ok anything for you. He said hugging me.

Thank you and i really need to go back to the real world so can you please leave. I said hugging back.

Yeah bye. He said then left.

I blinked around the room then at Niall. He looked scared and angry. 

Niall. I said then went to him and hugged him tight.

Are you ok? He asked worried and hugging me back tightly kissing my lips.

Yeah i am fine i was stuck in a dream and also in real life with my ex boyfriend that abused me in Middle School but i talked to him and he promised he won't do anything to me again and he won't come in my dreams anymore. I said then started kissing him back.

Oh ok but did he have a knife up to your neck? He asked.

Ya. I said then started crying because that scared me the most.

It's ok i am here with you now. He said rubbing my back.

I want to really thank you for being in my life and loving me. I said hugging him.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you Cheyenne because i love you. He said.

I love you too. I said.

Shall we finish the day? He asked.

Yes we shall. I said grabbing his hand and locked the front door and walked the car and got in and saw Niall going to the car then opened the door. We decided to go to the mall and i am not scared anymore so we walked in hand in hand going in stores. We were now in Abrocombie & Fitch.

I like these pants. I said grabbing them and showing Niall.

You can get them i will pay. He said smiling at me.

Oh no it's fine i don't need them that bad. I said putting it back.

Oh yes you do. He said grabbing them and went to the register paying for them. 

But Niall. I said grabbing his arm.

No buts about it. He said then kissed me then grabbed the bag handing me it.

Thank you. I said hugging him.

You are welcome babe. He said grabbing my hand with his and kissed it slowly going up my arm giving me goosebumps then he hit my lips and kissed me. He still had my hand and he knelled down on one knee holding out a box.

I stopped him before he could say anything. Niall i can't marry you this early. I said.

No i wasn't going to propose yet. He said.

Oh ok good. I said.

I was giving you this. He said slipping a ring on my finger.

Oh ok sorry for ruining the moment. I said getting up and hugging him.

You didn't ruin it but i kinda figured that you would do that but this is a promise ring that we don't have sex till after we are married. He said and it shocked me maybe he is trying to take this slow.

Great thank you babe. I said hugging him.

Welcome. He said hugging me back.

It was like 5 when we left the mall and wanted to go to the movies now. We got in the car and of course i start singing to the radio but Niall did to this time when the song was over i heard the people saying "This next song is for a special lady that belongs to Niall Horan." Then it plays it was Already There. The song he dedicated to me and him so when he was at tour i could always remember him. I was singing to it a little but Niall sang to it all the way through and he was holding my hand when he was. "That right there was for his lady so when he goes on tour she knows he is always going to be there."

Thank you Niall. I said kissing his cheek for him not to look off the road.

Welcome babe. He said rubbing my hand then we arrived at the movies we wanted to watch a scary movie.

We walked up to the ticket thing and saw three scary movies and i really wanted to see the conjuring because it was spose to be super scary.

Do you want any popcorn? I am taking you out to eat tonight. He said.

No i don't want anything here. I said kissing him.

Ok lets go watch the movie. He said.

K. I said 

We were watching the movie and i only jumped two or three times like literally jumped because two out of three times i jumped i was on Niall's lap. I laughed when i saw that then i would climb back on the chair putting my head in Niall's shoulder/arm. After the movie was over i felt kinda jumpy but i dealt through it. We went out to eat and it was like 8:01 when we arrived to the restaurant we ate at Red Lobsters and i ate the coconut shrimp and it was yummy. After we ate we headed back home to watch a funny movie. We arrived at home then he got out and opened my door for me and held out his hand for me to grab and i grabbed it getting out of the car.

Thank you for tonight babe. I said kissing him.

Your welcome baby. He said kissing me back picking me up bridal style and unlocked the front door and shut it closed with his foot and i giggled then he smiled and laid me on the couch slowly but before he got back up to stand i pulled his head down to mine and kissed him making him fall on top of me and he grabbed my waist holding them tight and slowly started going down my body with his hand and he got to my leg right at the spot i didn't want him to find he rubbed it slowly having me let out a light moan but then he brought his hand back to my waist and he started kissing me again but this time he licked my bottom lip asking for permission to insert his tongue and i allowed him and after like a minute or two later we stopped to watch the movie it was called The Heat it was hilarious after the movie i was starting to get tired so i laid my head on Niall's arm.

You tired babe? He asked looking at me.

Uh huh. I said not looking back because i couldn't open my eyes.

Ok i will take you upstairs and i will pack while you are sleeping. He said kissing my forehead.

Ok but wake me up to go with you to the airport tomorrow i want to say bye to the three boys and when is Brandi coming back? I asked.

Ok and Brandi will be here in like a half hour she is just going to bring Emily to bed. He said then picked me up bridal style upstairs.

Can you lay down with me till i fall asleep? I ask.

If i do i might fall asleep. He said laughing a little.

Ok then. I said.

Goodnight baby i love you. He said.

I love you too babe night. I said then fell asleep.

Niall's POV:

I was getting stuff all ready for tomorrow i really don't want to leave her but i have to for the job she is everything i ever wanted i love her to death and i would do anything for her. I got finished packing and i went over to Cheyenne and laid next to her not wanting to wake her up but then i looked at something and saw that she had a picture of her dad and his family and i thought why haven't she told me about him oh well i bet she will. I remembered that i was going to give her something of mine before i left and money so when i am gone i got in my pocket and pulled out a note for her placed it on the side stand along with the money but the note was on top of it because it was more important. I turned to her and wrapped my arms around her and she turned to me and cuddled with me still sleeping i kissed her forehead and said i will love you forever and always then i fell asleep. 


A/N: Hey so what do you think is in the note is it a break up note or a I love you note or is it something different comment what you think it is. Thanks for reading bye.


Lots Of Love,

CheyenneAllen06 :)

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