When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


15. Continue...


I went into my bedroom and got her a pair of clothes and a bra and underwear that i had when i was younger. I kept them because i thought they were cute and i would like to pass them on to one of my children when i have one and now i do so now she can have them. I grabbed the clothes then went to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

Who is it? She yelled.

It is just me, Cheyenne. I have your clothes. I said.

Oh ok. You can come in. She said.

Ok. I said opening the door and laid her clothes down on the counter.

Thank you. She said looking out the curtains of the shower.

Your welcome. I said leaving the bathroom.

I shut the door behind me and then walked downstairs and saw the the guys and Brandi was here.

Hey. I said walking into the living room.

Cheyenne! Louis yelled running to me.

Louis! I yelled back and opened my arms and he tackled me and we both fell onto the couch.

I missed you so much Chey. He said giving me a tight hug.

I've missed you a lot to boo bear. I said hugging back.

Brandi came over to me and pulled Louis off of me.

I heard something. She said with a serious look on her face.

Oh now did you. I said giving her a hug.

Yeah. She said giving me a hug back.

What did you hear? I asked.

All i know it was really sweet of what you did for that little girl Cheyenne. Letting a little girl into you and Zayn's life even know you are pregnant. She said.

Awe thank you Brandi. I said.

Welcome. She said hugging me one last time before going to sit back down with Harry.

Louis pulled me back down and i screamed because he scared me.

Louis don't scare me when i am in this position. I said smacking his arm.

Ow. Ok you didn't have to smack me. He said making a sad face.

Sorry boo bear. I said then kissed his arm where i hit him. Then asked if it felt better.    

Yes much better. He said smiling.

Your a goof ball but my goof ball. I said smiling.

I know. He said smiling then gets up quickly and starts running around the house like a crazy person.

What are you doing? I asked him.

Being a goof ball. He answered back still running around.

Oh goodness Boo bear. I said laughing.

So what is her name? Liam finally asked.

Emily. I said smiling at him surprised he asked me that.

I like that name. He said surprisingly.

I know Zayn and i both did too. I said.

Oh ok. He said then looked at the ground.

Liam can i talk to you in the kitchen for a quick second? I asked.

Um ok fine. He said getting up and trying to find the kitchen.

Um Liam the kitchen is this way. I said giggling leading him to the kitchen.

Right. He said smiling.

We came into the kitchen then i was silent of a few minutes until Liam asked what i wanted to talk to him about.

Oh right sorry. Why are you acting upset all of a sudden? I asked.

I'm not upset. He said looking back to the ground.

Liam i can tell you are. Every time me and Zayn are together you always have a sad impression on your face. I said trying to get him to look at me again and he did.

Cheyenne when i saw you when i was on the stage i couldn't help myself but to stare at you and it really surprised me when you came backstage. I just wanted to kiss you right when i was done kissing your hand but then Louis stole you away from me and Niall came over and talked to me and asked me what happened. After i saw you in Zayn's arms i died a little and then you two kiss- I stopped him.

Liam i felt so bad for letting him kiss me in front of you because i saw you having the same look as right now. You know what i have to tell you. I said looking in his eyes.

What? He asked.

If me and Zayn would of never got together you would of been my second chose. I said not losing eye contact.

Oh well i kinda figured Louis was because how close you two are. He said.

No Liam i only consider him as a friend my best guy friend that's it. I said.

Oh. Ok well this just got awkward. He said not looking at my eyes anymore but he was looking at my lips.

Liam please keep eye contact not lip contact with me. I said.

Right sorry. He said looking back into my eyes then i felt his hand on my bare leg spot wishing that my dress would of covered that part.

Liam hand. I said looking down at his hand.

God sorry. I really don't see what is going on with me. He said pulling his hand off my leg.

It's fine your just In love with me. I said can't believe what i said.

Ah you can tell. He said.

Yeah. I said.

That's good i guess. He said smiling at me and looking at the ground.

Liam stop putting your head down. Don't be ashamed about it but we should go head back out there. I said.

Ok sorry. But before we go out there can i try something. He asked looking back at my lips.

I remember Harry saying the same thing i can't let him do it i just can't it will be wrong i am in love with Zayn and only Zayn.

I'm sorry Liam i can't let you. I said looking down.

Hey you told me i can't look down. He said lifting my chin with his hand.

I also said you can't look at my lips and you did it still. I said looking into his eyes.

Sorry i just can't help it i just one kiss. He said.

No sorry Liam. I said then left him going into the living room.

I walked into the living room and looked at Zayn. He saw me and he looked at me worried. I couldn't tell him about Liam liking me because if i do he will be all protective on me. I just pointed that i am going upstairs and i lipped that i was going to check on Emily. He just nodded his head and i went upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door noticing the water was turned off.

Yes. She said sweetly.

Are you ok? I asked.

Yeah but i need help buttoning my pants i can't get it. She said.

Ok. I am coming in. I said opening the door slowly hoping she was dressed and she was so i walked in and got down on my one knee and buttoned her pants.

Thank you. She said smiling at me.

You are absolutely welcome. I said.

She started brushing her teeth and she got done and she asked me to brush her hair because she had a lot of knots in her hair.

Yeah. I said grabbing my hairbrush then slowly brushed her hair not trying to hurt her then i noticed how knotty it was so i got out my detangling spray out of the cabinet and sprayed her whole head with it and started brushing her hair again and i finally got through her hair where a humongous knot was but i didn't hear her say ow or anything.

There you are done. I said taking out her hair from my hairbrush.

Thank you it feels really smooth now. She said rubbing her hand down her hair smiling at me.

Your welcome darling. I said giving her a hug glad i finally got a child i always wanted.

Is it ok if i start calling you mom and Zayn dad? She asked hugging me still.

Of course you can i would love that and i think he will too. I said smiling.

Thank you mommy. She said smiling back at me and i let out a tear.

Your welcome darling. Hey would you like to meet the crew downstairs? I asked.

Yes! She said excitedly.

Ok but be calm and call all the guys besides zayn uncle and their names then give Brandi a hug last and call her aunt Brandi. I said smiling at her.

Ok! She yelled still excited. 

We walked down the stairs and when we hit the last step she ran over to Liam and yelled Uncle Liam, then Niall, then Louis, then Harry, And the best for last she said looking at Brandi then jumped on her saying Aunt Brandi.

I stared at Zayn and he stared back and came close to me and kissed me.     

Oh yeah just telling you she is going to start calling mom and dad or mommy and daddy. I said then kissed him slowly with me leaning against the wall.

It is fine with me and why did you look upset earlier? He asked and i knew he was going to sooner or later.

I was starting to worry about Emily. I said lying but i was also worried about her too.

Oh ok. Was she ok? He asked worried now and i thought it was cute how he was worrying about her too.

Yeah she just couldn't get her button n her pants hooked so i helped her. I said then kissed him.

I smiled when i saw Brandi and Emily talking to each other getting along. Then Harry put his arm around Brandi and smiled at her.

Hey Zayn also the appointment for the ultrasound is in 2 days. I said reminding him.

Ok. He said smiling at me and then kissed my tummy then kissed my lips after.

Everybody just started talking and then i saw Emily starting fall asleep next to me so i picked her up and wrapped her arms around me neck and her legs around my waist and then took her into Brandi's old room because i cleaned it while Emily was in the shower and then opened the covers and laid her onto the bed and put the covers on her and kissed her head and then Zayn came in and came over to her and did the same as i did and i turned on a nightlight for her then we both said goodnight to her then left and i cracked the door.

Babe i think you will make a perfect mother. He said kissing me after i walked over to him.

Thanks and you will be a great father. I said kissing him back.

Thanks babe. We should get some sleep. He said kissing me one last time before going to say night to everyone. I followed.

Night everyone! I yelled from the stairs.

Wait Cheyenne. I heard somebody say coming. It was Louis.

Yes Boo bear? I asked.

Can i speak with you in the kitchen? He asked. I thought to myself oh god what was he going to tell me hopefully he doesn't tell me he likes me ether.

I guess. I said following him to the kitchen.

What is it Boo bear? I asked him and saw tears in his eyes.

Eleanor broke up with me. He said bursting into tears.

Oh Boo bear. I'm sorry. Why did she break up with you? I asked sweetly and worried and i started comforting him.

She said that she doesn't think it's going to work out me being up here in California and not in the UK. He said still crying but into my shoulder.

Oh wow. I'm really sorry for that. I said.

It's not your fault, no need to apologize. He said and i started rubbing his back.

Boo bear your my best friend i am going to worry about you. I said still with his head on my shoulder and me rubbing his back still.

Thank you for being a great friend. He says then kissed my forehead.

Welcome. I said and then kissed his cheek because i couldn't reach his forehead he was to tall.

Well i will let you get some sleep. He said with a smile on his face.

K but first does Niall even like me he seems like he doesn't speak to me at all even when i first met you guys the only thing he said to me was to get a room when me and Zayn kissed the first time. I said.

Oh that's weird. I will see why he doesn't talk to you. He said then we left and i went upstairs with Zayn to go to bed.

Louis's POV:

I was thinking about what Cheyenne said about Niall it is really weird and i never noticed till she told me and he usually talked to everyone. That really bothers me i am going to ask him now.

Hey Niall? I said seeing if he is awake because everyone was sleeping so i whispered.

Yeah mate? He asked.

Can i ask you a question? I asked whispering.

Yeah. He said whispering too.

Why don't you like Cheyenne? I asked.

I like her. He said.

Then why don't you talk to her? He asked confused.

Because i am afraid if i talk to her like Harry did and like Liam I don't want that. He said seriously.

Oh but i talk to her and i don't like her like that. I said.

But Louis you have a girlfriend you know how to control yourself. He said.

Niall Eleanor broke up with me. I said feeling tear coming back.

Oh dude i didn't know i'm sorry. He said fast.

It's fine but back to the other point no i don't know how to control myself. I was just so in love with El that i didn't worry about anything else and Cheyenne helped me a lot through mine and El's relationship. I said.

Oh but how is that spose to help me? He asked.

Just don't think about her that way think about her only as a friend. I said.

Ok i will try tomorrow. He said.

Ok. I said.

After it felt like an hour i started thinking about Cheyenne. No i can't i don't want to. I tried to clear my mind but somehow she kept slipping in i don't like her only as a friend. Louis stop she is taken she is only your best friend that is the only thing she will ever be. I eventually stopped thinking about her then i fell asleep.


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