When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


16. Confused.


I woke up surprisingly at 10:00 so i went downstairs leaving Zayn sleeping. I went into the kitchen to get something to eat so i got some cereal of Lucky Charms. I love Lucky Charms. Then i heard some footsteps coming into the kitchen. I turned to see who it was and it was Niall so i turned back around.

Good morning. He said with a cute rough Irish voice.

Um hi. I said surprisingly because he never says anything to me. Louis must had talked to him.

How are you? He asked.

I'm good how about you? I asked.

Goo- I stopped him.

I'm sorry this is just plain weird talking to you because you never talk to me so i have to ask did Louis tell you to talk to me or did Liam plain this on me? I asked suspiciously.

No absolutely not Liam was asleep when Louis was talking to me and he told me that i should at least talk to you and i was afraid to. He said.

Why would you be afraid to? I asked.

Uh um because for some reason almost all of One Direction is falling for you and i didn't want that and then you not giving up to all of us. He said.

At this point i just want Liam to a girl and to get over me and i think Harry got over me and that is why he is with Brandi and Louis only likes me as a friend nothing else. I said.

That's what you think. He mumbled.

What was that? I asked turning around quickly making sure i heard what i just thought i heard.

Um i didn't say anything. He said quickly.

Uh huh spit it out. I said trying to be mature for once.

Alright just please promise me that you won't change your friendship with him. He said quickly again.

I thought about it for a second i can't just give up on my best friend if he likes me or not. I am just really hoping that nothing makes our friendship weird.

I promise. I said.

Alright me and Louis was talking and he said that he wasn't thinking a lot about anybody not even Eleanor he was just had a lot more worries on you after the crash. He said.

Oh god y am i so attractive to everyone. I said with a tear falling.

Most girls are happy to have guys in One Direction like them. He said surprised.

Thank you Niall for being the very mature one for not talking to me. I said giving him a hug then as i did i kinda felt a spark on my skin as mine hit his.

Welcome.He said still hugging me. He must of felt it to.

God please don't do this to me again i know who i want it is Zayn not Niall but they both are just so sweet and caring and honest. We pulled away and just stared into each others eyes. Oh god stop it body don't get out of control i can't, i can't, i can't i kept saying to myself but it wasn't coming out of my mouth. I just sat there looking into his ocean blue eyes not trying to make a move i just wanted to stay still.

Hey Cheyenne i am just hoping we can be just friends like as good friends as you and Louis. He said still looking into my eyes.

Yeah of course we can. I said smiling still looking into his eyes not losing contact until i heard a loud slam on my front door.

I got up and went to my front door and opened it and my eyes went wide when i saw her it was my sister Anngel. I looked around and saw everyone staring at me then the door and back at me.

Um everyone this is my sister Anngel. I said slowly.

Whats up bitchez! She yelled.

Anngel lower your voice. I said grabbing her arm and pulled her into the kitchen.

Let go of me and why do i have to lower my voice? She asked.

Because i have a child that is sleeping right above us and do you have any idea who is out in the living room right now? I asked.

I didn't know that and no i don't. She said.

Well i do and One Direction is out there remember i am now engaged to Zayn. I said.

Oh right right now i just completely embarrassed myself in front of Louis. She said.

Yeah oh well. I said then waled out back into the living room and Louis just stood there and then came up to me.

Who was that? He said with a look like he wanted her and i was happy he quickly forgot about me and Eleanor.

That right there is my sister Anngel. I said crossing my arms.

Wow she is so beautiful. He said looking behind me.

Um ok why don't you two talk. I said getting awkward out.

Ok. He said kissing my on the head.

Um ok then i said to myself and i saw that Zayn had went back to bed so i sat on the couch next to Niall and it seemed like me and Niall have a lot to talk about and how we have alot in common maybe my body knew that and wanted me and Niall together instead of Me and Zayn but i am not going to let my body control mi am controlling myself no matter how long it takes and yeah me and Zayn kinda went fast in our relationship but we knew by the first kiss we were ment to be.

Hey Niall? I said can't believe what i am going to ask him but he looked at me.

Yeah? He said.

If me and Zayn would brake up or have a divorce would you ever consider me and you together? I asked still can't believing i just asked him that.

Actually I could because of just talking a lot we have a lot in common and we talk a lot and that is really good in a relationship. He said and it really surprised me.

I just thought i sounded stupid when i asked you. I said looking at the ground.

No i thought it was cute. He said smiling then lifted my head with his finger.

No i didn't. I said looking into his eyes.

I didn't notice everybody was staring at me until i heard Anngel and Brandi bursting out laughing. I looked at everyone and then got up and went upstairs into the bathroom to think about what i am doing. Why am i falling for Niall when i am engaged with Zayn? Should i be is god giving me a sign that maybe Niall was the guy i should of been with the whole time? Am i stupid i can't hurt Zayn by saying i am falling for one of his best friend while i am pregnant with Zayn's baby. I splashed water onto my face and i heard a light knock on the door. I opened it and it was Brandi thank god it was.

Cheyenne what was happening with you and Niall downstairs? She asked concerned.

I don't know Brandi i think i am falling in love with him. I said quickly.

No you can't your in love with Zayn i thought? She said confused.

I know but i just think me and Zayn moved a little to fast. I said.

You are right about that i mean me and Harry haven't had sex yet. She said trying be smart.

Well thanks Brandi. Thanks a lot just get out of the bathroom and leave me alone for a little bit. I said giving her a glare.

Alright. She said then walked out the door then shut it quiet because Zayn and Emily were still sleeping.

I can't believe she said that to me right in my freaking face god that makes me mad. She had no reason to say that i thought i loved him. I thought he was the perfect guy to have my virginity but i still think he is but i am just so confused of what i want right now. I heard another knock on the door and of course i thought it was Brandi.

Brandi leave me alone and go kiss your boyfriend! I yelled.

Well somebody sounds mad. A light British voice said and i noticed right away it was Louis so i hurried and opened it and jumped into his arms crying.

Boo bear i am so confused. I said still crying in his shoulder.

About what? He asked worried.

I am confused about then i saw a door open and Zayn came out and looked at me just glared at me. Oh god he knows i said then all of a sudden i felt really weak on my legs and i fell and hit my head of the tile floor which was really hard and everything went black.

I wasn't completely gone until i felt somebody grab my hand and then pulled my ring off and gave me a kiss on my forehead and said your right about moving way to fast maybe we were not made for each other and i just felt tear run down the side of my face and thats when i blacked out completely.

Zayn's POV:

I died a little knowing she was right about everything i heard her and Brandi yelling and talking in the bathroom and heard her talk to herself as well. I went downstairs knowing i just left her lay on the ground hurt and then i glanced at Niall and said your girl is hurt go save her this time. He looked at me like i was crazy.

What do you mean my girl she is your fiance. He said still looking shocked.

No see and  i showed him the ring. We just were not meant to be together. I would hurry before she has a concussion. I am leaving her. I said.

But what about you guys saying forever and always? He asked giving me the death stare knowing that i am the one leaving her and her not leaving me.

We were wrong. I said.

What about the baby and Emily. He said.

Take real good care of them. I said them walked out the door not caring i had some of my clothes inside.

Niall's POV:

I hurried and ran upstairs seeing that Louis was trying to get up. I went over to her and grabbed her hand and put my fingers on her wrist to see if she was still alive and i felt beating a second later. I grabbed her and took her into her room and laid her on the bed and i saw her breathing a little. I didn't know what to do and i thought real hard and i finally knew an idea. I leaned down and i felt her heart start to race and i knew she was awake but she was trying to trick me for me to kiss her so i finally hit her lips and then i felt her hands go into my hair.

Did you really think you could trick me. I said pulling away from the kiss because i am i guy who likes to take stuff slow and i could tell she liked taking it slow with me to.

Um maybe. She said smiling.

Well you didn't. I said smiling.

So did Zayn leave? She asked kinda worried.

Yeah and he was kinda nice to me by saying to come help you. What did you do that you were on the ground? I asked worried now.

Well i jumped into Louis's arms telling him that i was confused and then i saw Zayn opening the door and he gave me a glare and my legs went weak because i knew he found out i didn't know how and i fell to the ground and my head did bang against the hard tile in the bathroom and i was kinda blacked out but i blacked out completely when Zayn took the ring off me finger and said i was right about everything and we were not made for each other that hurt me a little because the last thing i remembered was a tear running down my face and i blacked out completely and the i finally heard Louis calling my name then you was right there so i planned this. She said smiling.

Well don't you have a hard head. I said laughing a little.

Yup. She said looking into my eyes.

Just saying i am a guy that takes stuff slow. I said.

I know that one reason why i like you because i do to. Zayn was the only guy that  ever took anything fast with and that was a huge mistake. She said

I know and are we like a couple now? I asked.

Um i would like to get to know you first. She said.

How about a date tomorrow night? I asked 

I have a ultrasound thing for the baby tomorrow can you come with me and maybe you can stay with me i mean live with me instead of going all the way back then you don't have to make any special trips to see me and i would love to have a date tomorrow. She said.

Ok yeah i would like to come. Are you sure about me living here with you and Emily? And also great! I said smiling.

I would love if you did live with me and i will explain everything to Emily. She said.

Ok well you know i have to get my stuff and Zayn has to get his. I said.

Yeah. She said smiling.

Ok. Well i will try and find Zayn and i will get him and let him get his stuff and I will head back to California, California to get my stuff then i will come right back. I said giving her a kiss before i got up.

Ok. She said.


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