When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


6. At The Guys Condo.

At The Guys Condo.

We finally arrived to the condo and it was a huge condo they all had their own rooms and bathrooms. 

So i guess i will crash here. I said laying on the couch.

Oh no your not your sleeping with me. Zayn says.

But i am to lazy to move now. I said.

Alright then you had a choice to get up yourself. He said then comes over to me and puts me over his shoulder.

Put me down. I said kicking him  

Nope. He says laughing 

Zayn please. I said sweetly.

Fine. He says laying you on his bed.

Thank you. I hate being picked up. I said 

Yeah i can tell. He says.

Shush. I said.

Fine. He says then lays down next to me real close to me.

I smile. Thanks for letting us stay for tonight. I said looking at him.

No problem. I would actually like you ladies to stay for a while to spend time with you. He said looking at me now in the eyes.

How long are we talking about? I ask smiling.

About a month. He says.

My face glows up. If you don't mind we can. I said getting closer to him.

I don't think anybody minds. He said then started rubbing my arm.

Alright but i need clothes.

I can buy you some and Harry can get your friend some. He said.

Ok thanks Zayn. I said kissing his nose.

Welcome. He says kissing my forehead.

Hey Zayn do you think we make a cute couple if we were to date? I ask sweetly.

I think we would make an adorable couple. He said then kissed my cheek softly.

Would we ever date? I ask.

Yeah i asked you on a date remember. He said making his way to your other cheek then kissing it softly too.

I remember i'm not stupid all the time. I said smiling now.

I didn't say that. He said now kissing my nose softly.

 I know. How long do you think we will last together? I asked.

I am hoping forever and always. He said making his way to my lips. before he got to then i bit his lip softly for it not to hurt then connected mine to his.

It was my turn. I said pulling us apart then bringing us back together.

Zayns POV:

I think the girl I've been waiting all my life for is sitting here with me making out with me. I never felt this way before. Its like electricity in my whole entire body. She is the one i want for the rest of my life.

Whatcha  thinking about? Cheyenne asked.

You. I answered back.

What about me? She asked.

About how your the perfect girl i have been looking for my whole life. I said

Oh wow really? She asked looking shocked.

Yeah. You give my like electricity in my whole entire body we spark when are lips touch or when we are near each other. I said.

You have that same feeling. She said surprised.

Yeah i am glad we both do. I said.

Cheyennes POV:

Do you have any pajamas i can use for tonight? I asked.

Yeah you can pick what you want. He said.

I just need a T-shirt. I said.

Do you only sleep in a T-shirt all the time? He asked handing me a long T-shirt.

Yeah but with undies and bra. I said embarrassed.

(He giggles.)  I know that girls do that. He said smiling at me.

Oh ok well i will be right back. I said walking into the bathroom.

You know you could do that in front of me since your already still half naked. He said smiling.

Hahahaha your funny. You wish you can see my body. I said giving him a look through the door. 

Well a guy can dream can't he. He said.

Sure. I said walking out of the bathroom.

Does it fit ok? You know i have sweatpants too. He said.

Yeah and yeah give me a pair. It's weird wearing this around you because i never did it before. I said.

Oh ok but i don't care if you do. He said so adorably.

I know but i guess i should tell you this early that the reason why i don't wear them in front of guys because.. He stops me.

Your a virgin i know i can tell. He says.

Yeah. I say looking at the ground.

He lifts my chin and says don't be ashamed you still are at least your waiting for the right person and time.

Yeah. I said looking him in the eyes.

Cheyenne i really hope i will be the guy that can have that because i want to spend the rest of my life with you. He said with a adorable serious face.

I really hope you can be i want you to be really bad. I said looking right back down to the ground.

Cheyenne please don't do that. He said.

Do what? I asked.

look down like that i can't see your gorgeous face when you do that. He said lifting my chin again looking me into the eyes.

Sorry it's just I haven't been with a guy in a while the last boyfriend i had was when i was 14 and now that i am 18.5 i feel alone all the time... He stopped me.

Cheyenne your not alone anymore you have me now. He said then kissed me so wonderfully and passionately i never wanted to stop. Then he did just to ask 7 words. "Cheyenne will you go out with me?"

Yes. Yes of course i will. I said smiling and then kissing him again.


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