When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


18. A Whole New Day.

A Whole New Day.

I woke up seeing nobody beside me. Wait that's right Zayn left me but where is Niall i thought he was coming straight back i mean he did call me and tell me that he found Zayn and he was on his way to get Zayn's and his stuff. I look around and see some stuff gone. Zayn's stuff so i guess i fell asleep before he came last night. But still where is Niall at? I walk around the 2nd floor then head to the first to see a blonde nice looking Irish dude om my couch sleeping so i decided to get him up by jumping on him.

Get up! I yelled jumping on him.

But i am tired. He said with his nice waking up voice that was hot. 

Well to bad. We have to go to the ultra sound thing today to check the baby in 2 hours. Plus don't forget our date is today. I said kissing his cheek softly and seen him smile.

Oh alright. He said groaning a little bit.

Hey also why didn't you come sleep in my bed with me? I asked giving him a sad look.

Uh i just thought that you didn't want to sleep with me so i just slept on the couch. By the way it is really comfy. He said looking up at me still on top of him.

No i don't mind if you sleep with me. I would love it if you slept on the bed with me and i know. I said smiling at him hoping that he will kiss me but he doesn't.

Ok then i will tonight. He said then pulled me next to him where we can cuddle on the couch laying down which we did but i fell asleep laying in his arms after he kissed my forehead.

A Hour Later:

I felt somebody rubbing my arm then saying it is time to get up. I opened my eyes seeing a beautiful face in front of mine i smiled and asked him what time is it.

Uh it is 10:00. He said smiling at me.

What? Do i have something on my face? I ask embarrassed because i was afraid if i drooled but i know i never did but just asking him.

Nothing his on your gorgeous face i just like your expressions when you wake up. He said smiling.

Were you watching me while i slept? I asked randomly.

No i fell asleep to after you did but i was for like 10 mins before you woke up. He said cutely.

Awe i love that you made it cute sounding. I said heading to kiss his cheek but he turned his head to see what i was doing and it hit his lips. But he kissed me back letting the sparks fly from our kiss it turned out it became a make out session till we pulled apart looking into each others eyes. 

Uh i think i should get ready. I said then i noticed i did start having a little baby bump on my tummy and i awed at it because i could never imagine being like this if i was to die. 

Ok and what are you awing about? He asked concern.

Just about the baby bump. I said pointing to my tummy showing him.

Wow. He said then touched my tummy.

Yeah. I said smiling when he touched my tummy but then i got up and walked upstairs into my room and did my makeup. I opened the door not knowing Niall was in there getting dressed i couldn't help but stare at him with him just in his boxers but then i snapped out of it.

Oh god sorry. I said still not keeping my eyes off his body i don't know why i just love to look of it.

It's fine at least i wasn't naked. He said pulling my chin up with his poiner and middle finger to look up into his eyes.

Uh yeah. I said not knowing what he said because he blanked out.

What did you need? He asked still looking into my eyes.

I needed to brush my teeth. I said.

Ok go ahead i will just go into ur room to finish changing. He said winking at me.

Ok. I said then i thought to myself wait he wasn't done he was completely changing. Oh wow if it would of been a few seconds later and i would've walked in there with him naked and i would of felt super embarrassed and sorry. I got my toothbush and brushed my teeth and went to wake up Emily to take her to my mom's she is staying there tonight because i will be busy all day.

Emily hunny get up it's time to go to grandma's house. I said sweetly.

Ok! She quickly getting out of bed.

Wow are you excited? I asked knowing she is she loved her grandma.

Yeah! She yelled and then squealed a little.

Well that is great. Hey Emily i have to tell you something. I said patting back onto the bed having her sit.

Yes? She asked her smile is fading now.

Uh hunny Zayn and i are not together anymore. I said then looked at the ground.

W-what why not? She asked.

Uh, well it is very complicated. I said looking at her then back at the ground.

Well it is fine you don't have to tell me. She said having me lift my head back up.

Ok but i have to tell you something else. I said looking into her eyes.

Yeah what is it? She asked looking into my eyes.

Uh do you remember Niall? I asked biting my lip.

Yeah. She said looking at me weird now.

Well me and him are kinda going on a date today an- She stopped me.

Oh my god really you two make a really cute couple. She said quickly and it suprised me because i thought she would of took it bad.

Really? I asked.

Yeah. Why didn't you go after him first? She asked.

Well i thought Zayn was cute and nice and me and Niall never talked until yesterday morning. I said.

Well that's fine but you should of talked to Niall before Zayn. She said smiling.

You know what i think you are right. I said but i just wanted to agree with her for her to think she can be a good person and she can help people out with problems. I liked being with Zayn but he takes stuff way to fast and i was just letting him but he was so nice and respectful but Niall is 1 thing different he likes to take stuff slow and i respect that because so do i.

Ok well i will get my stuff packed. She said smiling.

Ok hunny hurry though. I said then walked out of her room into mine hoping Niall is finished getting dressed. I opened the door and looked around before i saw him on my bed looking at a photo.

Hey whatcha doing? I asked smiling at him.

Just looking at this photo of you and Brandi. He said then laid down the photo on my side stand again.

Oh. I said going over to him. 

You look beautiful in it and also what took you so long? He asked.

Thanks and i was talking to Emily and told her about Zayn then i told her about me and you and she like completely stopped me by saying that we made a cute couple and why i didn't go to you first. I said then looked at the ground smiling.

Well at least she is happy with us. He said lifting my chin with his two fingers and then leaned in a kissed me slow and softly not wanting this moment to end.

Wow can i tell you something? I asked after we pulled apart.

Yeah anything. He said.

You are a amazing kisser. I said smiling then started kissing him before he could speak.

 Heading To Mom's:

So Niall i heard a little something something. Emily said fro the back seat.

Oh and what may that be? He asked in his hot Irish voice then winked at me knowing what she was going to say.

That you and Cheyenne are going on a date tonight and that you will be living with us. I think you two make a cute couple and i really hope you can stay together. She said smiling.

Yup all of that and i really hope we can to i don't want to lose her. He said.

Awe. She said smiling wide.

Alright we are here. I said breaking the silence.

Yay! She yelled then got out the car running to the front door.

Alright Niall i will be right back because i know you probably don't want to meet my mom early. I said.

Who said that? I know i surly didn't. He said surprising me.

Really? You want to do this early? I asked still surprised.

Yeah i don't mind meeting her and i hope you can meet my family too. He said smiling and got out the car and came to my side and opened my door. and let out his hand and i cave out mine and he took it and pulled my arm and got me out of the car he was so sweet and careful.

Thanks and i hope so too. I said smiling at him grabbing the back of his head and kissed him for like a minute then we headed to the door. I knocked on the door. (Knock knock)

Hey guys. She said then she notices that it isn't Zayn with me.

Hi mom. I said looking down kinda nervous.

Uh Cheyenne who is this cute boy here? She said looking at me i can tell.

This is my date Niall uh me and Zayn broke up. I said still looking at the ground and i felt Niall rubbing my back to calm me down.

Oh ok so you need me to watch Emily for the whole day. She said then winks at me and i know why she winked at me.

Well it would be nice if you can keep her for the night since she loves you and don't think that way. I said hitting her lightly.

Yeah it's fine and i am glad she loves me and tell me about the baby tomorrow when you come and pick her up and also about the date. She said.

I will don't worry but mom i really have to start going. I said kissing her cheek and saying love you bye.

Love you to bye. She said.

Ultrasound Place:

We get out of the car and i started getting nervous feeling like i was about to throw up.

Hey Niall i need to go into a bathroom or something i feel like i am about to puke. I said.

Ok hold on. He said then picks me up bridal style and runs into the building asking them were the bathroom is.

Down and then turn to the left there is a family restroom. She said knowing that was what he wanted he hurried and made it to the door and i twisted the knob and he kicked the door open and laid me on the ground in front of the toilet.

Thanks hero. I said but then i felt it coming up it was burning i turned to the toilet and put my head close to the the seat of it and Niall was holding my hair for it to not get into the toilet and after a couple minutes of gagging it finally came out and i did it a couple of times then i flushed the toilet got up and wiped my face off and put water into my mouth then spit it into the sink and rinsed the sink good then i asked Niall to hand me my purse he handed me it and i got a piece of gum and offered one to Niall he took one then we went into the waiting room still kinda embarrassed and nervous.

It will be fine. Niall said kissing my forehead.

But what if it doesn't? I asked worried.

If it doesn't then you can worry but i will cry. He said holding my hand.

The counter lady called my name and me and Niall got up and followed her to the room and i sat on a booth bed thing and after like 20 mins the ultrasound person came in and asked me questions like "how long have you known i was pregnant?" and if Niall is the father?

Um the doctor told me like a week ago and no he is not my babies father broke up with me a while ago not wanting him to know how long because i don't want him to think i get over one guy then go to another one even know that's what i did. 

Ok well lets see what we have here. He said rubbing a really cold gel onto my tummy.

I squeezed Niall's hand before he puts the camera or whatever on my tummy moving it around. He looks at me and smiles at us.

Well it looks like your baby is a week and half old in your stomach and is perfectly healthy. 

Oh my god really! I yelled in happiness. 

I quickly looked at Niall and hugged him then kissed him in excitement. I remembered that i had the gel on my stomach and and i looked down at my tummy then Niall's shirt which he was wearing a grey shirt.

Opps sorry. I said pointing at his shirt. He looks down at his shirt.

It's fine. He said then hugs me again.

Well shall we go? I ask him.

Yeah lets go. He said grabbing my hand.

At The House:

I am getting ready for the date and i am really excited about it. I put on a dress from my closet knowing i wore two of the dresses when i was with Zayn i just picked a different one it was a tight white leather dress and it had shimmery stuff on it so it wasn't plain and boring. then i wore my white high heels and i put light makeup on and i curled my hair at the ends and i put lip gloss on because i hate lip stick and i walked downstairs knowing Niall is down there waiting for me i hit the last step and i walked over to the living room and looked at Niall he had a black tux on with a blue tie on.

Hey. I said knowing he is looking at me but with his jaw to the floor.

H-h-hi. He said stuttering and put his jaw back up.

How do i look? I ask nervously.

You look absolutely stunning. He said grabbing my hands.

Thank you and as do you. I said putting my arms around his neck and kissed him.

Thank you. He said grabbing my left hand with his right on and walking outside hand in hand.

So where is the date anyways? I asked.

A surprise i have two places to take you tonight. He said opening my side of the car.

What man i don't like surprises but i do. I said then laughed.

Well you will like this one. He said kissing me before he got into the drivers seat to drive to a restaurant that was really fancy.

Here we are. He said looking at my expression made him chuckle a little bit.

What it's fancy. I said

I know but your expression. He says still chuckling.

Shush. I said playfully hitting him as he found a parking spot.  



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