When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


24. A Goodbye To Someone I Love.

A Goodbye To Someone I Love.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! A annoying noise kept doing and i heard Niall groan and pressed the button to stop it. I remembered now why it was beeping Niall is leaving for a couple of months i felt a tear going down my face and Niall turned around and saw me crying.

Awe baby why are you crying? He asked with a sad look on his face.

I don't want you to leave i want you to stay. I said whipping my tears which was useless because they kept falling.

I want to stay to but i can't i am sorry. He said holding my tight and let me cry into his bare chest.

I know. I said in his chest.

I love you baby. He said kissing me.

I love you too. I said kissing him with more love then ever.

I got over him and kissing him continuously not letting him go. He stopped me to look at the time we had like 20 minutes until we have to leave for the airport he took of my promise ring and put it on the side stand i just looked at him confused.

I am sorry but i should of gave it o you today not yesterday but when the ring is off you we can't say anything that is a promise until the ring is on. He said smiling at me.

Well if you wouldn't of took that off we both would be braking the promise. I said smiling at him but after i said that and smiled i felt his lips crash into mine and he got on top of me and started pulling my clothes off and i took his boxers off and started kissing going up to his lips and a light moan escaped his mouth while still going up i finally reached his lips but i didn't kiss them instead i just pulled him down onto the bed and we had sex for about 10 minutes and then we only had 5-6 minutes until we had to leave i went in the shower just to clean myself up and it took about 4 minutes i was trying to hurry (I usually take like 30 minute showers) and then got dressed and helped Niall carry his bags to the car. Supposedly i am going to stay with Brandi for the whole time but at my house and i didn't mind she is my best friend then we got in the car and all of a sudden i remembered i was missing something or someone and i remembered.

Crap i forgot about Em! I yelled and ran inside and just picked her up out of bed and put her in the car and she woke up when i laid her down.

Where are we going? She asked confused.

Remember we have to take Niall to the airport because he has to go on a tour far away and we are going to say bye to all the guys. I said barley breathing because i spoke in one breath.

Oh yeah, She said giggling a little bit.

I am going to miss you and your mommy a lot. Niall said smiling.

I am going to miss you to Niall. She said smiling back then looked at me telling me to say the same thing. 

Oh sweetie he will know i miss him at the airport. I said smiling at her.

Oh ok. She said smiling then Niall looked at me and took my hand while his other one was on the steering wheel.

When we finally hit the airport we all got out and went inside where Brandi and the guys were.

Hey they are finally here! Louis yelled playing around like always.

We are actually 10 minutes early. I said smiling at him.

Shush. He said then hugged me.

What if i don't want to. I said hugging him giggling a little.

Well right now i don't care. I will miss you to much. He said still hugging me but tighter.

I am going to miss you too. Your the best big brother that i never had because i don't have a big brother. I said hugging him tighter with tears going down my face.

Awe thank you sissy. He said in a childish voice trying to cheer me up.

Welcome. I said not holding in the laughter then hugged him again then went to Harry.

Hey Hazza. I said hugging him.

Hey Chey. He said hugging back.

I am going to miss you and Brandi is going to mostly. I said laughing.

I know and i will miss you too. He said hugging me again but tight. I said bye to him and went to Liam.

Hey. He said hugging me before i could say hi back.

Uh hi. I sais hugging him back.

I am sorry for trying to take you away from Zayn i shouldn't of been so childish. He said looking at the ground thinking i hate him because surprisingly a tear fell from his eye.

It's fine the past is the past i am with Niall now it doesn't matter anymore. I forgive you Liam and you were not childish if you was you probably would be like Boo bear. I said laughing making him giggle a little then i lifted his head up and hugged him tight.

I am going to miss you so much Cheyenne. He said with a tear rolling down his face then kissed me on the forehead.

I am going to miss you too. I said crying to. We said bye and i went to Zayn.

Hey how are you doing? He asked worryingly.

I am fine and so is Em and the baby. I said smiling trying to hold my anger on him for leaving me on the ground and just left.

Cheyenne i want to apologize for leaving you on the floor and leaving i really wish i wouldn't of but what i heard took me by a lot of shock and i kinda went crazy can we still at least be friends? He asked.

Um i guess. I said losing my anger i am happy he apologized to me for that. I went over to him and hugged him.

Good. He said hugging me back then kissed my forehead. Then i said bye and went to Niall the best for last. But i also immediately started crying.

Babe please don't cry. He said grabbing me fastly and hugged me.

I can't help it i don't want you to leave. You are the perfect guy that came into my life and i don't want to lose you for a couple months. I said crying still and that's when i heard him crying.

Thank you for saying that. I love you so much. He said holding me tighter.

I love you more. I said then looked a him and whipping his tears.

I love you most. He said looking at me then whipped my tears away.

I love you mostly. I said then smiled because i won that and then he kissed me not letting me smile anymore because i was so lost in the kiss he never kissed me like this because i felt like my whole body was going to explode of fireworks that's how his kiss felt.

Ok enough with the smooching we have to go. Louis said and then i broke down after he kissed me one last time and hugged me and said bye and left me standing there speechless. I felt somebody tugging on my shirt and hugging me. It was Emily.

Hey mommy are you ok? She asked so sweetly.

Yeah just a little sad for Niall leaving. I said hugging her.

At least you have me. She said hugging me back.

I am glad i do and i forgot to tell you uh you have another doctor appointment tomorrow because he is going to see if you cancer has gone away because you been perfectly fine since we took care of you i mean look at you your not pale white anymore. I said kissing her head.

Thanks for the reminder mommy. She said kissing my cheek then Anngel and Brandi came to me.

Hey guys i have to start going i need to work tomorrow. Anngel said hugging all of us.

Alright if you want to come over you can anytime you like. I said.

Ok thanks bye. She said.

Bye! We yelled then laughed because we said it at the same time.

Hey Cheyenne. Are you ok i saw you crying a little bit ago? She asked.

Yeah i am fine was just sad because Niall is leaving. I said then hugged her.

I know i was crying before Harry left i miss him so much already. She said.

I miss Niall so much. I said.

We headed home then i got a text from Niall.

Niall to Cheyenne: I miss you so much.

Cheyenne to Niall: I miss you so much too. I don't know how i can deal my life for the couple of months without you.

Niall to Cheyenne: Same here I have to go i am not aloud to text on the plane the lady yelled at me. I love you baby.

Cheyenne to Niall: Alright. I love you too babe ttyl.

Niall to Cheyenne: K bye baby :(

Cheyenne to Niall: Bye babe :( also :*

Niall to Cheyenne:  :*

I put the phone into my pocket and then we were at the house i went into my room to put something comfy on i got in my room and i could smell Niall's cologne and i loved the smell of it and all of a sudden i noticed a note and money on my side stand i walked over to it and read the note:

Dear Cheyenne,

Hey baby i was leaving this note for you because i want you to know me by something else while i am gone. I may or may not be able to talk to you all the time on the phone because of the tour i really am going to miss you so much. No matter what happens to you i want you to know i am always there with you. Also call me tonight and put are song on. I love you so much bye baby.


                                                                                                                             Your babe Niall.

P.S I will love you forever and always. :)

When i was done reading the note i didn't know i was crying then i saw the money and there was a sticky note on it that said 

For you and Emily so when we need food or if you guys just want something it is about $5,000. I love you and stay safe.

I smiled and put it on my dresser under my jewlery box because it wad space at the bottom.

Cheyenne do you want to go to the movies with me and Emily?!? Brandi asked yelling up the stairs.

Um no not tonight. Go have fun! I yelled back.

Ok partypooper! She yelled.

I was walking around my bedroom and started looking through my stuff and decided that i want to throw some old stuff out of mine and i grabbed a trash bag from downstairs and started throwing away old stuff like baby stuff and i found my baby book and i looked through it and i was so cute when i was younger but what happened like Anngel would say and i laughed then set the book next to me and i went threw a box that was from High School i went through that and found my soccer jersey from when i played soccer i loved it. I found some notes from ether my friend Savannah or Brandi. Then i thought about it maybe i should call Savannah to see how she is doing and maybe she can come up and visit me and Brandi for a week i got off the ground and went to my phone and called her. Ring Ring, Ring RIng and i got a answer.

S= Hello? 

C= Hey Savannah this is Cheyenne Allen do you remember me?

S= Omg! Dude of course i do! How are you?

C= I am fantastic i am dating Niall Horan.

S= I don't believe you. No your not.

C= Savannah i am not kidding.

S= Oh wow your not (She laughed)

C= Yeah how are you?

S= I am doing great but i miss you and Walda (Brandi) so much.

C= I miss you alot too and i am sure Brandi does too. I was looking through my old high school stuff and i found are old notes and i was like omg i miss her so much i think i am going to call her so i did. (I laughed)

S= Well i am happy you did girly.

C= Me too. Hey i have a question for you.

S= Yeah what is it?

C= Would you like to come to Bakersfield, California to see me and Brandi?

S= Oh my fing god. Yes!

C= Oh my god really?

S= Dude yeah i miss you guys and you miss me i am defiantly coming up. What is your address?

I told her and then told her i had to go.

S= Alright girl bye love you guys.

C= Love you too byee.

I felt much better that i talked to her i decided to keep my high school stuff so i pushed that into a empty spot in my closet and my closet was clean. I went where my TV was and saw my picture of my dad and the rest of the family on it. I was kinda upset that i haven't talked to him in a long time i am going to call him to. I got out my phone and in two rings he answered.

C= Hi dad this is Cheyenne.

D= Chey how have you been i haven't heard from you for a couple of years.

C= I know i am sorry i been really busy with stuff.

D= Oh ok Kenzie wants to say hi she is 6 now.

C= Ok (tearing up a little i miss her)

D= Hi peeka. (Peeka is my nickname for her. Cute isn't it)

C= Hi Kenzie. I miss you so much i can't wait to see you.

D= I miss you to peeka. I can't wait to see you. Want to talk to mommy?

C= Yeah i would like that.

D= Ok bye peeka. Love you.

C= Bye love you too.

D= Hello.

C= Hi Kim how are you? Is dad taking good care of you?

D= Yeah he is and i am doing good. How are you?

C= I am fantastic i got a amazing boyfriend.

D= Oh whats his name?

C= Niall Horan.

D= Is it that a boy from the boy band you liked?

C= I still like them and yes it is.

D= Wow how'd you meet?

C= At a concert i got me and Brandi concert tickets and backstage passes for the One Direction concert and i achually fell in love with Zayn but then me and him didn't turn out right so i started liking Niall after a while and i guess we are in love but please don't tell dad this but i am prego with Zayn's baby.

D= Oh wow very interesting and What!

C= Yeah i had a feeling that was going to happen.

D=Oh no i am happy for you but i am sad that he left you but at least you moved on.

C= Thanks and also i would like to bring him up to see you guys but i would like to meet his parents first even know he met my mom but he hasn't met my dad yet.

D= Well when you want to come see us let us know ok sweetie.

C= Ok thanks well i am going to get off here because i am home alone Brandi and my daughter are out she is a girl i adopted because she was very sick and she always got abused by her parents and got bullied at school she was also diagnosed with cancer which tomorrow i am taking to her to see if it has gone away.

D= Well i am very proud of you for helping a child that needed it and ok bye sweetie.

C= Thanks and alright bye.

I hung up and the house was silent. I decided to take a shower again today and then go to sleep. After my shower i got my pajamas on and put my phone on the charger then laid it on the side stand. I laid down on the bed on Niall's side surprisingly and i heard my phone go off i looked at it and i was Niall i quickly answered it even know it was 11 at night.

C= Hello.

N= Hey baby did i wake you up?

C= No i was about to go to sleep and you called.

N= Oh sorry but we made it safe and sound but guess what i don't hear.

C= What? 

N= Oh geez  our song baby.

C= Ohhh right hold on. (I went on youtube and punched it in and played it and he was singing to it and i was crying i missed him so much)

N= Are you ok baby? ( He said it after the song was over)

C= Yeah i just miss you but guess what.

N= I miss you too and what?

C= I contacted my friend Savannah from my old high school and middle school and i asked if she can stay up here with me and Brandi and she said yes she misses us so much and also she didn't believe me when i said i was dating you. ( I laughed.)

N= That's great but now i am not going to have fun with you guys. (He sobbed but playing around.)

C= Oh well. Just kidding i wish you were and also i contacted my dad and he was happy to hear my voice i talked to McKenzie my little sister and my step-mom Kim and i told her everything and she is not mad i am prego and she is happy i found someone special in my life and she would like to meet you and so is my dad i told her i would like to meet your parents first though.

N= Oh ok and i am special.

C= Oh my god Niall you are so weird but still cute when you are and yes you are to me.

N= Awe thanks baby.

C= Welcome babe.

N= Well hey baby i am going to bed kinda tired i will talk to you tomorrow morning.

C= Ok babe.

N= I love you.

C= I love you too night

N= Night.

We hung up and i put my phone back on the charger and back on the side stand turned the light out and fell asleep with a smile on my face for hearing Niall's voice again.


A/N: Hey guys what did you think of this hope you liked it comment what you thought about it. Thanks for reading!


Lots Of Love,

CheyenneAllen06 :)

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