When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


33. 2 Days Later...

Cheyenne's POV: Me and Niall are 2 days married and tonight is are honeymoon yeah me and him are probably going to do stuff fun if u know what i mean hahahaha. But anyways i am really nervous because i will be leaving for my mission in like 2-3 weeks ahh i am so scared but i wish Niall would just come with me but i can't bring anybody. Niall. I said. Yeah sweetie? He asked. I am scared again. I said. Why? He asked cuddling me and holding me in his arms. I am just thinking of next month. I said staying close to him. Ohh don't worry about it you will do fine. He said comferting me. I hope. I said. Cheyenne you are perfect at your job. He said. I know that but this is a guy that scares people away. I said. But you don't care. Do you? He asked. Well no but... He interrupted me. See so don't be scared. He said. Ok but i just want to stay here with you. I said. I want you to too. He said and hugged me. I love you Niall. I said. I love you too. He said then kissed me. You know what i would like to go to before we leave tonight? I asked. What? He asked. The Fair today. I said smiling. Hmmm... We...He said when interrupted him. Please, please, please! I yelled jumping up and down begging. Ok, ok calm down we can go. He said. Yay!!! Thank you! I yelled and jumped into his arms and thank god he caught me because i had my legs literally behind me. When would you like to go? He asked. Hmm how about we go make 2 bowels of cereal and then we can go. I said. Ok sounds perfect beautiful. He said then connected are lips while he was still holding me from when i jumped into his arms then he started walking and tossed me on the bed and i flopped around on the bed like a crazy person because i was making random noises and rolling on the bed and i fell onto the ground and all you see is Niall looking at me like are you retarded. What? I asked laughing really hard. Are you ok? He asked. Uh haha um yeah i am perfectly fine. I said sarcastically. Ok lets go then. He said holding his hand out and i took it and he lifted me up and of course i flew into him and we both fell onto the ground. Oh my god Niall are you ok? I am so freaking clumsy today sorry. I said/asked. Yeah i am fine and i can tell. He said laughing hard. We both laughed because i couldn't help but laugh at Niall's laugh it is sooo freaking adorable. We laughed for a good 5 minutes and i kinda snorted a couple times and that made him laugh even harder which made me laugh even harder. N-n-niall s-s-stop. I said laughing. I can't. He said. Please. I said putting my hand over his mouth. Mmmmmmmm. He said in my hand. Oh god Niall. I said. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He said again and again and again. Niall quit doing that noise. I said smiling over him with my hand still over his mouth. Mmm.... He stopped because i took my hand off his mouth and replaced it with my lips. Mmmmm. He said more sexy and i couldn't help but smile through the kiss and as did he. Your a weirdo. I said. Uh uh. He said crossing his arms over his chest. Hey don't uh uh me. I said poking at his arms playfully. Oh ok fine i am a weirdo but you are clumsy. He said. Hahaha i know i am. I said laughing and i got off of him and this time i helped him up and we went downstairs and made cereal and ate it and then we got ready and left. The fair is about 2-3 hours away oh yeah we already packed our bags and put them in the car so right after we are done with the fair we just keep going the way. We are like a hour away so we put the radio on because i was really board. The song since you been gone was on By. Kelly Clarkson. I was singing to it well achually humming to it. Why don't you sing like you normally do? Niall asked. Uh i am too lazy. I said but then i started singing right when it hit the lyric "Since you been gone, I can't breath for the first time!" Holy crap! Niall yelled. Sorry did i scare you. I said laughing. Yeah. He said then laughed. Sorry. I said. It's fine. He said. We finally arrived and we rode like almost all the rides there then we got a picture of us drawn and it was really good. We got tired well board at the fair so we left and started to head for Hawaii well we have to go to a airport first. We arrive to the airport then we go on the plane after giving the front person our tickets and of course fans were all around. We go into our seats and i buckle up same as Niall and we both fell asleep like 10 minutes after. The plane ride is about like 6 hours long to Hawaii and i have my head on Niall's shoulder even know i have the window to lean on i just love Niall so much i love being around or on him. The plane will be arriving at Hawaii in 8 minutes. The passanger said and it woke me up. Niall. I said shaking him a little. Hmm. He mumbled. We are 8 minutes away. I said. Ok. He said quietly. Come on Niall wake up. I said. Hmm. He growned. Niall please. I said. Hmm give me a kiss. He mummbled. Fine. I said then pecked his lips fastly. No a long one. He mumbled. Ugh Niall. I said then kissed him nice and slow. Ok i am up. He said rising his head fastly. Oh geez. I said. We will be arriving in 2 minutes so please make sure you have you seat belts are on for the landing. Thank you. The passenger said. The plane lands and me and Niall get off the plane hand in hand the we grab our luggage, We will be going to a nice hotel or whatever it is called but it will be nice. We get into the taxi and the drive. Niall i should've grabbed my jacket out of my bag i am cold. I said shaking and my teeth are chattering. Wow you get cold easy. Niall said. Hmm you never found that out. I said. No. He laughs and scoots close to me and holds me and rubs my arms to warm me up. I look into his eyes and hug him putting my hands under his shirt behind him and he jumped a little but held me. You are so warm. I said. I know. He said and kisses my forehead. Hmm warmth. I said tightening my grip around him. I love you Cheyenne. He said. I love you too. I said then he lifts my chin with his hand and kisses me passionitly. Excuse me you two but we are at your desination. The taxi driver said smiling at are love. Thank you sir. Niall said and grabed a 100 dollar bill out of his pocket and gave it to him. Uh wow thank you so much for this money. The driver said smiling big. Welcome. He said and got out of the car and held his hand out for me and i grabbed it and he lifted me out of the car and when i was out of the car he shut the door and we walked in hand in hand and Niall told me to wait at the couch while he gets the keys and i did. He came back like 2 minutes later and we walked up the floor and we walked close to our door and all of a sudden Niall picks me up bridal style and walked to the door , unlocked it, and walked in and laid me on the bed and he gets over top of me and starts kissing my neck and it tangled. He started to kiss down a little but only stopped at my belly button but then he lifts my shirt off and pants then i took his stuff off then did it and after we fell asleep again cuddling like normal with me having the best day ever!
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