When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


26. 1 Month And A Half Later.....

1 Month And A Half Later.....

Well all of us girls have been having a load of fun. I even forget how many days or weeks of even months Niall has been gone even know i talk to him every morning and night on Skype but i still miss him so much though.

Hey Cheyenne are you ok? Savannah asked worried.

Huh...Oh yeah i am fine just miss Niall that's all. I said.

Brandi's POV:

I see Cheyenne about to break down again and i feel bad because she is going though this pain because Harry told me something and i told him i wanted to surprise Cheyenne because they are coming back in two days and i was going to pretend i have tickets to go to Florida for a week but i achually don't i was only taking her to the airport to see the guys i want her to be really happy and surprised. I just have two more days to see her like this.

Cheyenne no matter what happens next month will swing fast i promise you. I said to her.

I don't think it will. Brandi i miss him so much. She said and i hugged her rubbing her back while she cries onto my shoulder and i couldn't help but cry to because i feel really bad for not telling her. You know what i am going to tell her right now!

Cheyenne i have to tell you something. I said and she pulled away from me and looked at me and i hesitated.

What is it? She asked.

I-i-i got all three of us tickets to go to Florida for a week. I said not wanting to say it but wanting to.

Oh my god really! She screamed.

Yeah you seem excited. I said then i said in my head until you find out your not.

Yeah dude! Thank you! She yelled and hugged me and i hugged back.

Welcome. I said.

When do we leave? She asked.

Two days. I said.

Great! She said.

I feel my phone going off in my back pocket and and i look and it's Harry huh?

B= Hello.

H= Hey babe.

B= Hi.

H= I was calling to tell you something even more exciting.

B= What is that?

H= Well we completed our whole tour for a while and we are going to be back tomorrow.

B= What! ( I walked away from the girls) I already told her that we are leaving in two days.

H= Well tell her that they called you and pretend i am the personthat is telling you that it has to be tomorrow.

B= Fine ( I walk back to the girls) Wait what we have to go tomorrow why is that?...... Fine bye.

H= Bye babe.

He hung up.

Well it looks like we leave tomorrow just saying no need to pack we are just buying clothes up there. I said.

Wow ok well we should go to bed it is already 9 and we need sleep. She said.

Ok well night Cheyenne! I yelled as she goes up the stairs.

Night! She yelled.

She totally bought it nice job. Savannah said.

Thanks we should get sleep to get up early tomorrow. I said then i laid down and i was out.

Cheyenne's POV:

I was in my bed and i texted Niall and asked if i can video chat him i want him to sing our song. He texted back Yeah call me. I grab my laptop and video call him. He answers...

N= Hi baby.

C= Hey can you sing to me now? (Giving him puppy eyes.)

N= I would love to. (I put the song on and he started singing to me and of course i start crying because that song of course brings me to tears with him singing it to me.)

C=Guess what.  

N= What?

C= Me and the girls are going to Florida for a week and Emily is staying at my moms so yeah i hope i have a good time there.

N= I hope you do to. (Making a smile at me)

C= Hahahaha well i should get going because got to get up early in morning.

N= Ok i love you so much baby.

C= I love you too babe.

And we ended the call after saying bye.

I put my phone and laptop on the charger. Then got in my pj's and got in bed slowly drifting off to sleep and i finally was out.

Next Day:

Cheyenne wake up we have to get ready to go. Brandi said shaking me.

I quickly got up and took a shower put a little makeup on and got dressed and put my flippy floppies on. We headed to the airport and we arrived i got out including Savannah and Brandi. Brandi is texting when she came in and i looked at my phone and i had a text from Niall and all of a sudden i run into somebody. But ignored it and was still looking at the message.

Oh sorry miss i should be watching where i walk. He said.

Uh yeah you think and i looked up to see what he looked like and i stood there wide eyed in shock.

N-n-niall! I screamed and jumped into his arms.

Hi babe. He said spinning me around and set me back down carefully.

What are you doing here. I mean aren't you and the guys spose to be on tour? I asked really really confused.

We wanted to surprise you that we were coming back so Harry had Brandi not to say anything and we planed the trip thing and if you are still thinking your going no your not i won't let you leave me for 3 days. He said now hugging me.

Well i don't want to leave your side for a while. I said giggling but then he kissed me like he did before he left for the airplane.

I have missed you so much that i barley ate while i was gone. He said and i just was shocked and and then glared at him.

Niall James Horan how dare you not eat a lot that is your personality now if we shall go get 5 boxes of pizza i must help you eat that. I said in a mature voice.

In the morning awesome! But first missy you have to say hello to all the lads especially your Boo Bear he missed you a lot. Also i see a little something going on with your tummy. He said poking it.

Oh alright only for my Boo Bear and you and it is called pregnancy. I said laughing then i sneak up on Louis and jumps on his back.

Guess who. I said covering his eyes still on his back.

Ah a monster! He said and hurried a turned around because i fell off his back laughing.

N-n-no it's C-C-Cheyenne! I said still laughing and finally i get off the ground and hug him.

Sorry for making you fall and also i have missed you so much. He said still hugging me.

I have missed you to and it is fine i achaully made myself fall because i was laughing so hard. Also Boo Bear i need you to let go of me or you will be suffocating 2 of me. (Me and the baby)

Oh right sorry. He said and lets go of me.

It's fine. I said.

Hey miss i have a question for you. Somebody said and i recognized the deep voice Harry.

Yeah what is it Ha- I stopped because it wasn't Harry it was t-t-the cop from my d-d-dream.

Uh mam are you ok? He asked. Just then i fainted and he caught me.

Cheyenne, Cheyenne get up come on babe. Niall said.

What happened? I asked confused.

Well a police officer asked if he could ask you a question and he saw you getting dizzy and you fainted. He said.

T-t-that officer helped me in my dream. I said and Niall just gave me a confused look.

What? He asked.

Remember the dream i had and i said i almost kissed him. The night we did it? I asked.

Oh yeah now i remember what about it? He asked.

The same exact officer helped me his name is Officer David A. But his last name is Archuleta he is a famous singer and i almost kissed him in my dream. I said.

Ohhh ok stay away from him then. Niall said all protectively

I will don't worry i only want you and the kids in my life. I said then kissed him.

We went back home and ate the pizza we at and laid in bed for the rest of the day cuddling and talking about his trip. And he brought up his mom saying she really wants to meet me.

I would love to meet her. I said smiling at him and he kissed me and it got more intense.

I want to show you how much i missed you. He said and grabbed the promise ring and said it was just no needed for me we are just going to break it but then he made a different promise by saying that "he will stand by my side no matter what happens, I love you and we will be forever and always." <3

Forever and always is what i always been planing with me and him and i love him so much and then now he is showing me how much he missed me.   



A/N: Hey guys as you can tell i like the saying "Forever and Always" because well i know they will stick by your side and love you forever and yes they will always love you. Thanks for reading this chapter comment, like and favorite thanks guys.


Lots Of Love,

CheyenneAllen06 :)

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