A Famous Secret (Austin Mahone & Becky G

*So I wrote this story way before they did the song Magik on wattpad*
Keeping a secret from your best friends is hard...Let's see how Becky is able to do it.


3. Chapter Three

As i went down the stairs i hered talking... wait, 1..2..3..4...5. 5 Different people talking wasen't it supposed to only be 4.





Who else was here?

''Rebecca'' said my dad from the front door, he was talking to some people. Oh probabaly the ones i had heared. ''Come here Becca theres some people wanting to meet you''

''Ugh coming'' I said as i made my way to the front door, to meet the people he was talking about... Great just how i had said... 5 people






and Me... Oh wait that would be 6 persons eating dinner tonight!

''Oh you must be Rebecca, nice to meet you i am Michelle you know austin's mother '' said a lady with orange-e hair like i was a little kid. Come, on i am 14 not 4!

''You know you don't have to talk to me like i am a little 4 year old'' I said, 

''Rebecca, be nice'' said Jonathan from the kitchen.... Great he can hear me and my wonderful sarcasm.

''No, no, it's fine she is right i am just really exited to meet some one new that ia a young lady'' She said ''Austin, Alex'' she called ''Oh i hope you don't mind but austin brought a friend'' 

''No it's fine'' said my dad. Soon the to boys i had an encouter with earlier appered on the door. Wow, just great I am the only teenage girl in this house now! Some one help me...

''HEY'' said i think austin.

''Hi'' i said, trying to show no emotion at all.

''Hi austin i see you brought alex over'' said my dad, he clearly liked this guys, wow my dad pays more attention to them than me. Well i wasent here for most of my life and this kids probably were.

''Yeah i hope you don't mind'' said Austin

''Hello Mr.Gomez'' said the other boy i think his name was alex. Yeah it had to be since the other one was named Austin. Wow Becky, nice going.

''Hello alex nice to see you again'' said my dad, wow he does know them pretty darn good. He has seen them more times than me... According to his words.

''Guys, meet Rebecca'' said Michelle, I could tell she was really nice but i diden't really know this lady at all. How can i judge already?

''Oh so your name is Rebecca?'' said alex? Yes it was Alex,

''Yeah, and your name is Alex? and thats a door... Anything more obvious?'' I said sarcasticlly.

''Rebecca, Marie Gomez'' said my dad,

''Yes?'' I asked inosently earning a few chuckles from the guys.

''Be nicer, an-'' he got cut off by Jonathan.

''Be-Rebecca, you got a call'' called jonathan from the kitchen.

''Can't you just tell them to text me, or call me at MY phone?'' I asked

''Fine,'' he said. Soon 3 minutes later i got a text from, Cher.... My second best friend

it read... 'Hey, Becky... How is the song?'

I quickly unlocked my phone and replied. 'Awsome, almost done:)'

2 minutes later i got a response 'Good, because when you are done with it I will have a surprise for you' 

''Rebecca, put your phone away,'' said my dad. ''and help J put the table''

''Ok, ok, ok'' i said and went to the dinning room... I started putting plates, when my phone rang again so i went inside the kitchen, to check who it was... Goodie, it was my friend Justin.. Yes THE justin biber

''Hello?'' i asked into the phone

''Hey, becky... So u-'' I cut him off

''Listen, right now i am with the family i'll call you later you know i love you you are the best bro'' i said into the phone

''Rebecca,'' called  jonathan

''Ok, but call later'' he said and hanged up.

''Becca, you will have to seat next to Austin since that's the only empty place now'' Said jonathan

''Yeah, let me seat next to the cute guy'' I said, low enough for only me to hear.

''What was that?'' asked my dad, oi dad seariusly?

''Nothing, you must be imagining things'' I quickly respond as i make my way to my seat next to Austin. Soon we were eating spaghetti, Yay my favorite besides sushi... Wait no I just love food.

''So Becca, tomorrow you are going to Michelle's tomorrow, since me and jonathan are going to do some stuff Ammo want's us to do...'' Said my dad, of course i knew they were going to see the studio and plan stuff out. But i don't think they would blab out my life infront of the guest.

''Dad, you do realise i am 14, old enough to take care of my self'' I say, seariusly i have never done anything bad. I am pretty sure i can take care f my self.

''Becca, you do know last time we left you alone at the house, you made a whole mess in the kitchen'' Said jonathan.

''That was 1 year ago, and it wasen't my fault'' I say in defense

''What did you do Rebecca?'' asked Alex, while taking a bite of whats left of his spaghetti

''I was, in the kitchen and well i was maing a smoothie for me... well then my brother decided to hide the lid for the blender so i was like awh, so then i was like nah the lid dosen't matter and well i turend it on and BAM the whole thing spilled like crazy... But it was Frankie foult!'' I said, Austin let out a laugh.

''How could you not know that would happend?'' asked Austin.

''I was a young 13 year old'' I said ''Besides it was that little devil of frankie'' 

''Well, come on Becks using a blender with out a lid...'' Said my dad

''Oh come on, besides if i cause any damage i'll pay for it'' I begged, 'dang i sounded so full of my self' i thought, i just diden't want to stay at someone else's house. Or at least not yet.

''To bad Rebecca, decision is made'' said my dad, of course i knew once he made a decison you coulden't change his mind.

''I have to do some work'' i said, it was true i had to finish the song,  i really wanted to know the surprise cher was talking about.

''You can do it over there'' said my dad, curse you dad!

''Wait work? and you are what 14" said Austin, i would have told him... but then again jonathan will get mad at me

'' Yeah, well i guess it can be called work if you are doing something you love and get paid,'' i said.

''Well rebacca, i am sure you can bring your computer to write it there'' said michelle, she was such a nice woman but not a moment for her comments. Just no.

'' I guess'' i mumbled, i diden't want to go at all.

We had, finally finished eating, and talking. Soon the Mahones and Alex had headed home. And me Jonathan, and my dad were alone in the house. I had soon left to my room 5 minutes after they had left, i was extrimly tired.... Soon everything went black to me, and i was asleep.

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