A Famous Secret (Austin Mahone & Becky G

*So I wrote this story way before they did the song Magik on wattpad*
Keeping a secret from your best friends is hard...Let's see how Becky is able to do it.


1. Chapter One

''It's a wrap,'' said my producer Ammo ''Now lets go have luch before you have to go head home''


''Sushi Time,'' I half yelled as i made my way running towards the kitchen.


''You are just one crazy girl'' I heared Ammo call out.


''Thank you- Oh hey Pizzza'' I say while grabbing a plate to fill with the delicious sushi! You are probably like who is Pizzza? Well he is my half song writer and one of my 1/3 of best friends. My other best friends are Ammo, and Selena... Wait no not Selena Gomez, but Selena Caballero. No she is not as famous as Selena Gomez., but she is pretty darn well known in Inglewood. ''Ammo come on its SUSHI TIME'' I yelled.


''Coming and seriously girl what did you have for breakfast you have been super hyper since you got here'' He said as he came in the kitchen, and grabbed a plate from the cupboard.


''Well let's see i had... cocoa puffs, starbucks an-'' I got cut off by my phone ringing. Curse you phone I was in the middle of listing what I had for breakfast.


' Lets make the most of the night like we are you-'


''Thats mine!'' I said , and fished my phone from my back pocket.


''Of course who would have Die Young by Ke$ha as their ring tone?'' Pizzza said sarcastically.


''Many people now hush my child I am on the phone'' I said as I read the name that appeared on the screen 'SelenaMaHomie'


''I am older than you Becky'' said Pizzza. I put a finger up to my mouth meaning for him to be quite of course he just laughd it off like he would always would.

‘’Hey!’’ I said into the phone, while playing around with the sushi on my plate.

‘’Hey!’’ said Selena on the other side of the phone…. Yes, Selena my best friend in the whole wide world the one I had told you about earlier, not the famous Selena Gomez.

‘’What, was so important to interrupt my precious sushi time?’’ I said before realizing it sounded harsh. Oh, well they know how much I love the sushi!

‘’Well I am going to pick you up today, since someone is to young to drive here in the state of California or the orange county, and I am sorry about your sushi time, I truly am’’ she said.

‘’Only, because I am 14 years old and you are 17 you can drive… and it’s ok I can always get revenge, just kidding’’ I said ‘’Or I am?’’

‘’Respect your elders, oh and I am out here already’’ she said.

‘’You, called your self old! And ok,’’ I said.

‘’Ok, don’t take long,’’ she said completely ignoring my comment of her calling  herself old.

‘’Ok,’’ I said before ending the call… I feel such a badass I hanged up on her, not!

''Well, Ammo… I am leaving- of to my house to sleep the rest of the day’’ I said

‘’Well ok, and don’t forget to work on Cher’s song’’ said Ammo, as I started to collect all my stuff… Purse, check. Laptop, check. Beats, check. I had everything I needed.

''Yeah, yeah I know.’’ I said, as I looked around the room one last time to make sure I diden’t forget anything. ‘’Well, bah-bye’’ I hugged both Ammo and Pizzza .

‘’Bye, girly’’ said Pizzza

‘’Bah-bye, chicky’’ said Ammo. They both had special nick names for me! I loved this guys, so much with out them I would be nothing.

‘’Bye,’’ I said and headed out the door to find Selena parked in front of the house. I walked towards her black range rover, and opend the door.

‘’Hey, beccas’’ she greeted me with her nickname she made for me.

‘’Hey, selly’’ I said with the nickname everyone used for her.

‘’Seatbelt, I don’t  want to be responsible for injuring Becky G’’ she said

‘’Ok, mom’’ I said sarcastically.

‘’I am serius, that’s like a $500 fine’’ she said.

‘’Ok, ok’’ I said while putting the seatbelt on.

‘’Good,’’ she said and started the car.

‘’Omg, that’s mah song!’’ I said, as superhero started blasting… It's one of the songs that my friend Cher, did and i am completly inlove with it.

‘’Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh

I loved you, and loved you

With all that's in my power

I was used and abused

Til I was sweet and sour

I kissed you, and kissed you

And gave you all my sugar

You knew that I'd be useless

If I let you know what you were to me

I thought it would be ok

And we shared everything

No way And I told you, I told youI was such a sad case

You said you could save me

I'm doing the saving
Went to sleep a superhero

And he woke up a villain

Killing, killing my love

Oh what happened?

Oh no what happened

You got me fightingLike wonder woman, woman...

You got me

Using all my Kung-fu , tricks, tricks

Hittin with a round house kick to the temple

1-2-3-4 HUNG-HI-HO, TKO, TaekwondoYou know

When you see that hand go chop

Everything stops

The flow so hot

Like steam from a coffee pot ’’ I sang along… By the end of the beat we were already at my house and Selena was already putting the car in park.

‘’Um, beccas are you sure you will make it inside your house and not get eaten alive by those paparazzi?’’ asked Selena.

I gave her a confused look, and turned to look out the window, ‘’ Oh’’

‘’Yeah, oh’’ she said, sarcastically.

‘’Yeah, I can make it,’’ I said, as I hung my purse on my shulder.

‘’ I won’t take responsibility for your actions’’ she said.

‘’Relax, I’ll be fine’’ I said, and opend the door. Mistake all the paparazzi started taking pictures of me. I made a run to the front door, and knocked really loud.

‘’Who is it?’’ asked Jonathan from inside the house… Jonathan was my bodyguard I don’t know why he was here today?

‘’Becky,’’ I said, and the door opend… Jonathan pulled me inside, I gave him a weird look.

‘’Your, mom want’s to talk to you Becky,’’ was all he said. I made my way to the living room where my mom probably was. Bingo! She was there.

‘’Becky, sit down’’ she said I sat down besides my brother Frankie and sister Crystal.

‘’What’s going on?’’ I asked.

''Becky, we have made a decision and by we I mean Jonathan, your dad, step-dad, and me’’ she said ‘’We decided to send you for at least one year to San Antonio, Texas’’

''What why?'' I yelled… I diden’t want to leave L.A. where I had grown up my whole life! Though most people think I am a L.A. native I am not I am actually from San Antonio, Texas but my mom and dad got in a really bad argument resulting of divorce that my mom took me and my little brother Frankie across the state to Inglewood, California but now that we have money we live in Los Angeles.

''Well look outside all the paps Becky it’s just for a while but, just because you are going to San Antonio dosen’t mean you won’t be able to still work with music, actually Ammo and I have found a studio over there were you are going to work, Ammo and Pizza will be flying there in 3 days while you be flying over there today....So look here is how it's going to work out, you are going to go upstairs and finish packing your carry on and when you are done come down here so we can take you to the airport,’’ she said.

''But mom'' I complained, of course it was going to be usless I was for sure going to San Antonio, Texas with my father I haven’t seen in 4 years.

''It's for your best,’’ she said. I quickly ran upstairs to my room to do my carry on, if I was going to go to San Antonio, I would make the best of it… I quickly packed my carry on that consisted of, my laptop, phone, money, beats, and some other junk.

''I am ready mom'' i said as i walked down the stairs with my carry on and purse.

''Ok hunny i know it's hard but its for the best Jonathan will be going with you for a week he will be flying regularly from here to texas’’ she said as she hugged me, ‘’now Jonathan will go with you to the airport so it won’t be to suspicious’’ she said and hugged me one last time as jonathan come down the stairs with his own miny bag…

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