Married to Zayn

This is the third book to babysitting malik then there was dating malik now theres marrid to Zayn this is yet the last in the series so very sorry but I will have more fan fictions about me Hailey as a diffrent charecter dating Zayn and it will have diffrent ways of meeting him and yeah so if you like my books youll love my others and I very much hope you enjoy!


2. The Wedding

(Nat POV)

I cant beleive it the three months has past I changed and put on my shoes I was finshed getting ready my hair was only put into a high pony tail to show the color plus I hate buns. I didnt put on any make up and then I was walking down the isle.

(Zayn POV)

She started walking down the isle. Nat looked amazing her nails purple purple flowers and her hair with blue and purple dip dye she was absutlutly beautiful. Nat got down to where I was and I whispered "did you really wear heels" she pulled up her dress to reveal a pair of white dcs I laughed queitly and looked right into her beautiful blue eyes starring at me we both said I do and finally kissed and after I picked her up bridal style but the wrong arm towards me "Ow ow ow" she said "wrong arm" i whispered and she nodded so i switched the side her arm wasnt completly heeled and soon enough Emily would be out of jail and find out about the wedding and be back out to get us. But right now I wanted to focus on right now today. We had a white limo waiting saying just married on the back like most I put her inside and climbed in next to her. We went home. I carried her to our room and layed her on the bed and layed right next to her "whats next"she asked I had no clue what to do next.

"we'll figure it out soon' I said and we started kissing. We changed and went down stairs. We had a small celebration but only with a couple of people Jesy Perrie Leigh-Ann Jade Steph Alex Niall Liam Louis and Harry. We had cake and some drinks. After the party me and Nat went up to bed.

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