Married to Zayn

This is the third book to babysitting malik then there was dating malik now theres marrid to Zayn this is yet the last in the series so very sorry but I will have more fan fictions about me Hailey as a diffrent charecter dating Zayn and it will have diffrent ways of meeting him and yeah so if you like my books youll love my others and I very much hope you enjoy!


1. Planning

(Nat POV)

Zayn and I had 3 months til we get married we had no idea what to do yet I was getting a dress with long sleeves so I wouldnt have to wear my jacket. Alex and Steph were taking me to pick one out I found one that had long sleeves but would show my shoes and I wanted my shoes hidden I found one that was perfect I bought it and went to get shoes by myself. Then a bouqet (I know I didnt spell it right but its the best I could) we went home I put the dress up and the rest of the things we bought like bridesmaid dresses and stuff like that. Then went to Zayn and sat next to him "how was shopping" he asked.

"It was fine" I said he kissed my check and put his arm around me I layed my head on his shoulders. "so who are we inviting" I asked.

"family friends" I wanted to write a list so I could buy the invites but I guess that could wait spongebob was on.After spongebob I went up to our room and started writing names I wrote for the people I wanted to invite starting with Perrie Jade Jesy Leigh-Ann Mom Dad I didnt have any sibilings and I already had 4 bridesmaid I didnt want a whole lot like some people my bridesmaids were Bien Hannah Stephanie and Alex I went back downstairs and left the list i had started up in our room we already picked the color purple. "when are we going to the church to scedual the wedding" he asked

"hmm i dont know tommorow'

"OK" I had already done enough today. Plus it was already 8 I was tired. Sofaa was the flower girl and Harry was the ring barrer (I dont think i spelt that right). After awile me and Zayn went to bed. I woke up and Zayn was awake too "Goodmorning babe" He said and started kissing me. We changed and went to the church to schedule the wedding and then went to go finish planning.

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