You Found Me

Gina moves from New York to Chesire , England with her mother and new stepfather.
She goes to a new school and makes new friends .
But when she meets him , her world turns upside down .

What will happen ?


1. New School .

I get up and see it is 7:30 " Gina get up before you will be late for your new school today " I grunt out loud and place the pillow over my head please can someone kill me now ? I get up and begin to get dressed and put on my floral dress and my white vans I grabbed my iphone and my headphones and headed downstairs " Mom did you make breakfast today ? " she shakes her head no " But here lunch money for today " she hands out 10 bucks and I take it " Alright mom I'm leaving bye " and I kissed her forehead I grabbed the keys and left out the house. 


I hate going to a new school cause that meant I have to learn people names all over again and plus people stare at you like you just came out of a nut house and trust me you don't want no one staring at you like that , I grabbed my bike off the ground and started to ride it to school I felt the breeze through my hair and god it feels so good right now I past by all the houses and see a bunch of mom's and dad's leaving out for work and see as children will go on there school buses and ride to school among with other humans haha did I just say humans ? I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I reach the school and I could already see the geeks , the jocks , the mean team , the goths , the hoes , the popular team , but one group that stands out from the rest the bad boys I get off my bike and parked it in the bike rack. 


I begin to walk but I make eye contact with one person with curly locks in his hair and tattos all over his body wow did those hurt ? I break eye contact with him and walked in to my first period class which was this old guy that looked like a cat I come and sit down and begin to take out my stuff for class " So if students if you could take your seats cause class has begun now " he ordered and every student took a seat but then the boy that I saw outside comes into my class   " Mr.Styles how nice,  now take your seat " he told  him and  he made his way to the seat next to me " Hey babe " he smirks at me  while he sits I rolled my eyes and ingore him the whole class. 


I could already tell this is going to be a long day. 




Hope you enjoy my new chapter if this book :) please comment like favorite c: 


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