A Lottle... (Austin Mahone Fanfic)

*This story I originally wrote it on wattpad*

Best Friends? Yeah right...
With the past Austin and Madison share no one thought they would end up like this.


2. Chapter Two

So yeah  enjoy and I hope you like it:)


''Hey slut,'' I hared a male voice call I turned around to see them or at least two out of the five... He couldn't have said anything before he left right?

That day I promised my self Madison Kayleen Hale was going to get revenge on Austin Carter Mahone.

He had not only left me with out saying anything but, he broke a promise... and told them


There they were... Robert Villanueva and Alex Constancio they were both best friends with Austin. He had told them I was for sure of that what makes it worse is that they hate me, they think I am a the bigest loser who cares nothing but, about school.

''Where you going to suck some one else's dick?'' Asked Robert, I wanted to slap him hard on the face. I knew I couldn't they can beat me up in a matter of seconds and I know they would do it.

''N-no,'' I manage to say, as I started to sob more, I was for sure going to get revenge on him.

''Oh then you are going to shove it up yo-''

''STOP'' I yelled at them, I didn't want to hear the rest of the sentence. I looked towards the door  and started my way, I didn't want to come back here they make my life hell.

I started picking up my pace and made a run to my house...


I had now stoped crying, and was one house away from mine. Moving trucks were parked outside my house. But why?

I ran to my front door and opend it. My mom and little sister Natasha or Naty as I call her were packing boxes- moving boxes.

''W-what's going on here mom?'' I asked her as I took in my surroundings. Everything was on boxes exepct for the fruniture.

''Sweetie we are moving...'' she said, I didn't know if I was happy or sad for this. Leaving Jacey but was sad how was I going to tell her. But living them Alex, Robert, Tyler and Zach was the most amazing feling on the who world they can't make my world living hell anymore.

''Why? When? Where?'' I asked 

''I got transfered for a better positon at work, we will be living in a couple of hours to Miami, Florida'' 

''WHAT NO MOM ANYWHERE BUT MIAMI, FLORIDA I DON'T WANT TO GO THERE AND WILL NEVER WILL WANT TO,'' I yelled at her I don't want to go to Miami that's where Austin is living now he moved there about a month ago. There was no way I would be living in the same town as him again.

''Why not sweety, you always loved the beach and we are moving to a condo near the beach... you will love it i am sure,'' she said. It was true I had always loved going to the beach and sadly there wasn't a beach her in San Antonio.

''I don't know mom,'' I said this time I was changing my mind on wether to go or not. I did want to get revenge on Austin and this was the perfect opurtunity. ''I will go, you are right I do love the beach''

''I am glad sweety, I have to call Michele and see if Austin is busy maybe he can show you and Natasha around'' she said as she clapped her hands together. Oh yeah I forgot my mom and Michele also known as Austin's mom are best friends.

''You don't have to I am pretty sure I can get to know Miami by my self,'' I said, I didn't really want him showing me around anywhere.

''Maddi he is showing you around you like it or not and that's final now go get your carry on ready we are leaving the house in forty minutes'' I sighed and made my way to my room I know there was no way on aruging with my mom.

As I made my way to my room I thought this was the perfect way to get back at him i just knew it.


As I arrived to my room I noticed everything was packed neatly into moving boxes... Well not really everything just the stuff my mom thought I needed for a cary on where out. I grabbed a duffel bag that was on what was left on my bed and started stuffing everything on it exepct my phone.

I was finally done with my carry on I grabbed my phone from the bed and sat on the floor. I was going to tell Jacey what is going on,

Maddi- Hey JayBoo

Jacey- Hey

Maddi- Listen there is something I have to tell you and you may not be happy about it

Jacey- You are scaring me

Maddi- I am moving

Jacey- Why? Where?

Maddi- Because my mom got a promotion and to well, Miami

Jacey- That''s where the bieber wanna be lives now

Maddi- I know don't reming me about it

Jacey- Sorry

Maddi- It's ok boo

Jacey- when are you leaving?

Maddi- in about 10 minutes


''Maddi come down we are living already'' called my mom from downstairs.

Maddi- I have to go text you when I am at Miami

And with that I grabbed my carry on and headed downstairs... I was leaving to Miami, Florida where Austin is living now...

Revenge is starting soon.




I hoped you liked it I am sorry if it was crappy...







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