A Lottle... (Austin Mahone Fanfic)

*This story I originally wrote it on wattpad*

Best Friends? Yeah right...
With the past Austin and Madison share no one thought they would end up like this.


1. Chapter One

So I am trying something new and I hope you guys like it...


''You know we are going to be best friends for ever Madison don't worry about such things,'' said Austin as he wiped of the tear off my cheek with his thumb.

''I hope so...'' I said as I tried to keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks.

''Want to go play Call Of Duty?'' asked the boy who I hoped will be my best friend for ever no matter what happens.

''It's on you boy,'' I said as I stood up from his bed and wiped my checks with the back of my hand.

''Let's see who wins this t-''

''Maddi-, Maddseters... Maddi Kayleen Hale''

''Yeah?'' I asked confused of what was going on. I studied my surroundings as I notice I was walking besides my friend- best friend Jacey... Jacey Evans. We were walking towards the cafeteria, meaning I only had one more period until I was free from school.

''Maddi where you even paying attention to what I said?'' She asked, I of course has payed no attention to what she was saying and right now I couldn't careless after that flashback I was mad or was I upset. He lied to me he promiesd we would be best friends for ever.

''Yeah I was,'' I lied

''Great then explain... and I want to hear the truth," she said. I shouldn't have lied I have no idea what she is telling me to explain.


''Why are they giving you those looks like you are some piece of crap and why do you keep on zoning out Maddi this has been happening since that Bieber wannabe left.... Is there something you are not telling me?'' she asked. I couldn't keep up lying to  her I needed to tell her the truth.

''I-I I will tell you the truth and everything'' or mostly everything  ''but, first lets grab our lunches so we can go and sit down'' I smiled sweetly at her.

''Alright Madders,'' she said and nodded her head as we both grab one slice of the school pizza they were offering to us today.

We both headed to the round table that was located on the back of the cafeteria. I was mentally debating whether to tell her everything or leave out a small part of it. Something small couldn't hurt- right?

''Ok Madders tell me now,'' she said as we both take a seat on our small round table.

''Uh-'' I started ''Remember Austin?''

''Yeah, Bieber wannabe''

''Well, uh Jacey... He was a best friend to me,'' I said. I was getting worried she didn't give a reaction her face was blank showing no emotion. I knew I shouldn't have told her Jacey and our small group hated Austin's group or the crew with such a passion. They couldn't be left in a same room together or some one might end dead.

''How?'' was all she maneged to say

''We hit it of,'' I said ''but, he promised he promised we would be best friend no matter what and... and he broke that promise''

''Jerk,'' Jacey said ''they will always be jerks maddi''

''I guess you are right...'' I said ''Once I see that bieber wannabe again I will get revenge on him, he will see the pain I felt when he left for no reason after... after tha-'' I couldn't even continue what I was going to say the tears started rolling from my eyes.

''Maddi don't cry, come on where is that amazing smile of yours?'' she tried cheering me up.  In one swift motion I stood up from my chair and made my way to the bathroom. As I passed the crew's table they gave me a confused looks, I knew this was going to change though soon they will start with the rude comments.

''Madison wait up, please'' I hared Jacey call out. No one ever called me Madison expect Austin, that made more tears roll out my face. I was about to reach the bathroom when some one yanked me by the wrist not letting me move an inch.

''I am sorry for what ever I did I really am,'' said Jacey as she hugged me.

''I am- I  I am skipping last period...'' I said to Jacey who she just gave me a nod.

''I understand''

''Bye,'' i said as I pulled out from her hug and started making my way to the entrance. I didn't even bother on bringing a backpack which I was glad since I would have had to carry that extra weight all the way to my house. It;s not like it matter tomorrow we didn't have school since the teachers had a meeting so they wouldn't give us homework.

''Text me when you get home'' she said, as I saw her head towards her locker.

''Hey slut,'' I hared a male voice call I turned around to see them or at least two out of the five... He couldn't have said anything before he left right?

That day I promised my self Madison Kayleen Hale was going to get revenge on Austin Carter Mahone.

He had not only left me with out saying anything but, he broke a promise... and told them.



I would really appreciate feedback! ^.^

I am sorry if it's short, the first chapter is always the worst it's like you are leaving awkwardness.




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