Safe with you ( Niall fanfiction)

Alexa is 16 and is zayn Malik's little sister. He moved out once Uncle simon toke them in.. Zayn forgotten about Alexa Intill the secret child services called him. Her parents died in a car wreck, She is forced to live with the band one direction. Alexa and Zayn do not connect anymore. They fight every day that she is their. She is off limits.. But little does Zayn know she has fallen for one of the band members...


12. what happend

Louis POV
I just got home 2 hours ago and Alexa hasn't came out of her room.. I sit down And Zayn hands me a plate of eggs,toast,and flapjacks I pour some tea and eat.. Soon Alexa comes down stairs.. her eyes are bright red and she has tears stained cheeks.. Zayn hands the plate of food to her.. She just plays with it.."I'm not hungry" She says.. SHe stands up and walks upstairs.. Something happened.. and she isn't all the glad about it. She is normally very happy! But what could of happened? Before I get up some girl comes down. Demi.. All the guys look shocked.. Only I think I know about Niall and Alexa.. But they didn't know them two were still together! "Hey everyone " She smiles and says.. everyone just smiles. I get up and run into Alexa's room. I see her sitting on her bed.. Looking up. I sit beside her and hug her. "what happened love?" I ask Shes starts to cry "HE LIED TO ME! HE TOLD ME HE DIDNT LIKE HER! HE ONLY WANTED ME" She yells with tears streaming down her face.. I hold her and someone knocks on her door. I open it and there stands red eyed niall.. "Please alexa can we talk?"

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