Safe with you ( Niall fanfiction)

Alexa is 16 and is zayn Malik's little sister. He moved out once Uncle simon toke them in.. Zayn forgotten about Alexa Intill the secret child services called him. Her parents died in a car wreck, She is forced to live with the band one direction. Alexa and Zayn do not connect anymore. They fight every day that she is their. She is off limits.. But little does Zayn know she has fallen for one of the band members...


10. Niall give it here..

Alexa POV


I walk into Nialls room and at this point I know I've messed up.. I see a knife in his hand.. and a slice on his wrist.... I cant believe he did that! I scream "niall" I cry and cy he looks at me and I just push him.. He looks at me.. and says im sorry.. Im heart broken.. No one likes to be alone.. I clean his wrsit and wrap it.. I look up at him and tell him not to do it AGAIN.. he nods.. I help him up and I change his shirt since he is covered in blood.. I look at his face.. my face just inches from his.. I lean in and then the door opens "Niall What the fuck!!" No.. its not zayns voice.. nor harry,Liam, or Louis.. Its not a male voice.. its a girl.. My role model's voice.. Demi.. Lavato..  I turn around to double check.. I was right.. She looks at me and says "GET OFF MY BOYFRIEND" I push Niall and she says "youre 16 and hes 21 like it would work" I frown at the comment and I grab the knife Niall used and I run into my room.. I wish Louis was here... He's the only one who knows about me and Niall.. But he isn't.. he is in Paris.. I cry and cry and I throw and break stuff.. And Harry walks in.. and looks at me.. I just fall to my knees.. and he sits beside me and holds me..

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