Safe with you ( Niall fanfiction)

Alexa is 16 and is zayn Malik's little sister. He moved out once Uncle simon toke them in.. Zayn forgotten about Alexa Intill the secret child services called him. Her parents died in a car wreck, She is forced to live with the band one direction. Alexa and Zayn do not connect anymore. They fight every day that she is their. She is off limits.. But little does Zayn know she has fallen for one of the band members...


3. Im home!

I pull up to the drive way and of coarse my mom is out and my dad is back in jail with a note on the door.. " I will not be home intill the 9th and daddy is back in jail -mom" I sigh knowing I will be alone.. *the next day* I wakeup at 4 Am to a phone call.. "Hello, Mrs.Alexa This is the scs {secret child services} And I am here to tell you your mother and father have been killed in a car wreck and you will be shipped to Landon with your brother Zayn in 2 days so start packing.. I'm Happy I wont be beaten anymore but sad I will not have a mom or a dad :( And Don't even get me started with Zayn!!! What the hell!!! He hasn't talk to me in forever and then agrees to be in my life!! Ugh.. I run up to my room and Pack..  I go in the bath room, and see my old friend... Mr.Razor.. Maybe I should pack it just in case.. Or maybe I should leave it... No im going to take it.. :( I look down on my hip and see so many cuts.. And I smile<3 some people call it crazy but I call it my life style :3 I put my bags by the door and run upstairs and call Kylsie and Cassy.. And thn break the news to them.. They cried and so did I.. I hung up at 3 am.. To sleep Im not ready for tomorrow.. I don't want Zayn to see how big of a monster I am.. But him and Mom and dad created me this way.. I stopped checking for monsters under my bed.. Since they are inside us<3


Sorry fans its been a while <3 but I haven't forgotten about this. Ive ben bussy Love you ho you like it!


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