Safe with you ( Niall fanfiction)

Alexa is 16 and is zayn Malik's little sister. He moved out once Uncle simon toke them in.. Zayn forgotten about Alexa Intill the secret child services called him. Her parents died in a car wreck, She is forced to live with the band one direction. Alexa and Zayn do not connect anymore. They fight every day that she is their. She is off limits.. But little does Zayn know she has fallen for one of the band members...


4. Goodbye..

I wake up a 7 am to get ready.. I put on gray sweat pants and  black top.. Pull my hair up in a pony-tail and puts on gray Jordans.. I put a little makeup on.. I walk down stairs to get some water and some food.. I turn on the news nothing on.. Its now 8 I should be leaving.. I grab my purse and take one last look at the house that built me.. I take a deep breath as the tears stream down my face.. A burning in my chest.. A whole in my heart forms.. I will never be the same. My life, Im broken more then you could think.. Im broken can you hear me.. I walk to my car.. Sit in it put my head down.. and blink away the tears.. I drive to the air port and board the plane.. I have first class.. I fall to sleep and dream..

Hun wake up.. My mom says Then she slaps me.. the strong sharp pain spreads across my face.. And I scream.. And run away..


The flight ends.. I exit and look for Zayn but I cant find him.. All I see is a cute boy looking at me..

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