A box

Merry finds something very interesting one day and suddenly everything changes
* This is my first creepy story and I don't know if it will come out good anough (I am not really into these type of stories)*

1. A box


A strange day. If you can say it’s a day. If you look at the clock then yes – it’s a day, but if you look at the sky no – its night. It’s one of these strange days. The clouds are so murky and black. You can barely believe that they are clouds. If you look at them your soul gets frost. They make the picture look so frightening that you wish to go run to your bed and hide. They are as dark as the late lonesome night. Even darker. It makes you so afraid you want to go to your mother and cry the whole night.


And then in the dark night a door is opened. The light which comes from the house brighten ups the picture. At least a little bit. It makes the picture not so dark and creepy anymore. Like there is a tiny bit of hope left.


But, if you go in that house you will see that even though it’s the thing which is bright in the whole night, the thing that gives hope, the people inside it don’t have a “bright” mood. The people inside are so quiet and depressed. For three hours no one said a single word. They were all just staring outside the window and not reacting to the outside world. The atmosphere in the whole house was so cheerless and depressing that you would prefer to stay outside, under the dark clouds, in the the lonesome day. Any place would be better than there.


The reason for this frightening and joyless atmosphere is that a young sixteen year old girl fell asleep. Not in normal kind of sleep. But this one that all of us should take one day. The kind of sleep you never wake up from.


But I can tell you what is the mood from my point of view or I can tell you the story and let you imagine it in your head your own way.


The story begins with the morning of this day. Which will look like a night later. But in the morning it was a normal day.


Merry woke up early to do her work. It was a boring kind of thing so I won’t tell much about it. At eight she was trying to plant some vegetables. As we all know you need to dig a hole to plant them and when she started digging, the shovel hit something solid. It was a box. A perfectly rectangular shaped box. You must know that life is not really diverse at the farms, so finding a box in the ground is like celebrating a birthday. A huge event. That is why Merry was so interested in it. It was not made of steel or anything like it, but it wasn’t made from wood too. It was a really strange material. A material she had never seen. Merry couldn’t stop looking at it. Somehow she just got completely mesmerised by it. Two letters were drawn on the bottom. D.O. it was probably a name. But whose name? What did it mean?

“Merry! “She heard her mother shouting and this broke her trance and Merry turned towards her mother, hiding the object so that her mother can't take it away. This was the first interesting interesting thing she saw in months and she had to find out the secret.

 “It’s time for breakfast”. The mother said and she was going to keep talking, but she saw the object in her daughter’s hands. Her face color changed at once.


“What is this in your hands? Give it to me at once!” The old lady ran so fast to her child and took the box out of her hands, that Merry couldn’t react. This was really unusual for a lady of her age. Normally she was always trying to behave with class and now she forgot all of her manners.

“Mom! That’s my box! I found it! Why are you taking it?! “The young girl started arguing. How could her mother take it? How could she take away the object that had put such a abnormal magic on her?

“It’s not important. Forget about it. Forget you found it. Forget it exists. “The mother was now back to her usual self, behaving like a decent lady. She went back to the house taking the box with her, hoping Merry will forget.


But Merry couldn’t forget. She was mesmerised by the strange object. She didn’t know why. She just was. She had to get back the box. She had to know what’s inside it.


She went to the family library to try finding something. Nothing. She didn’t find a single line about D.O or a strange box. Or even anything hidden anywhere in the house. Not a single line. Her search was hopeless!


But then suddenly things changed.She heard a whisper. A very quiet whisper.

“Merry. Merry. Set me free. I’m locked inside. Save me!” it was like begging for help. It was desperate. The box was calling her. It needed her.

These few words made her even more desirous for the box. Now not only that she wanted to know what's inside, but she also wanted to help the creature trapped inside.

But there was no way to get to it. Her mother locked it in the family wardrobe. There was only one key. And this key was in the old lady.

But Merry had to open the box. She had to know. She was full with determination, because she knew opening the box was not just about curiosity, it was a matter of life and death. It was not only about her wanting to know, it was about helping the creature inside.

Luckily in the afternoon she had a chance to be alone in the house. That was the time to do something.

The young girl took a chair and started going down the stairs. Everything was so exciting for her, but at the same time a bit frighening. Merry had no idea what was she going to do. How was she going to open tha wardrobe and what next? What will happen when she opens the box? She had no idea what was she doing and why she doing it. She felt like a magical power was controling her.


Finally she reached the bedroom. There she was. In the room. Where she was going to open the box and release whatever was inside. She took the chair and with all of her force she started smashing it. She smashed and smashed for a long time. Every smash brought her closer to releasing what was inside. Brought her closer to finding out. Merry could feel it. She was in her strange trance again. Nothing else mattered. The strange power took hold of her again.

And then it opened. The wardrobe was open and she could reach for the box and find out. She could finally know. Just before she lifted the lid she heard the voice again.

 “Merry! Set me free!” this time more like an order. The begging tone was now gone and the voice was beeing insistent. “Open the box! Now! Go!” the girl listened and obeyed. Everything she waited for was now happening.

In the minute she opened the strange object, she started screaming from pain. She could feel it everywhere. Every single part of her body was being tortured. She was screaming louder than any other time. It was worse than any pain ever known. It was something indescribable. A strange visitant took hold of her and she could not brake out of it. All she could do was stay there and suffer. Hoping it would end.

Why did she ever open that box? What happened to her? Why was the visitant torturing her? All she did was release it. She wanted to help. Her mother locked it and kept it sealed. Her mother wanted to keep in inside. She was supposed to be the one beeing punished. And instead Merry was the one who was put through it. All she did was try to help.

Then came the point when she couldn't take it anymore. Her body was just not cabable of taking any more. Life left her body. She fell asleep forever.

A few hours later her parents came back. They wish they haven’t done it.They found their daughter’s body lying on the floor. She was pale as a glass of milk. On her face there was an expression of an unbearable pain. Next to her lifeless body stood the box. Opened. On the bottom stood the two letters. D.O.

The mother paler then her child just left the room and stared out of the window. She just stood at one place not moving, barely even breathing. The father was speechless. He couldn't understand. Merry was safe and sound when he left and now she was dead. Why? How? For three hours they bought didn’t look at each other. The mother just looked outside the window and the father went from room to room braking every single piece of furniture. They didn’t say a single word to each other. Their brains just couldn't function normally. They couldn't understand the logic of it. . Three hours nothing changed. Then the mother said, more to herself then to anyone else in the room,

 “I wrote Don’t Open”.


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