Penny's Pictures

A beautiful woman with a passion for photography, Penny lived in a quaint house isolated in the Adirondacks with her daughter Lily. When Penny dies of lung cancer at a young age, her distressed daughter is forced to move in with her dad, whom she despises, across the country. But Penny left a box of pictures of her life before Lily was born. Told by Lily's point of view, the story shows that you can't label somebody by their past, just wait for their future.


1. Prologue

A smile spread across my mothers pale face. She hummed a tune as she brushed her delicate fingers across my cheek. "Don't be sad," her voice shakes. "I'm not a bit," I bit my quivering lip so I wouldn't burst into tears. Her breathing dangerously slows down. "You're a lot like your daddy," my mother squints at the beam of light coming down from the bay window and smiles. "Here I'll close the curtains," I turn quickly to close them but she grabs my arm. "No," she says faintly, "I like it. The sun feels nice." I smile sadly. She always loved the sun. Her hands slides down to my hand. "How am I like him?", I quietly question her. "What?", she looks at me. I look down, "How am I like daddy?", I said, disgusted. I couldn't believe I was whining about him now, of all times. At my mother's deathbed. She makes an effort to roll her mossy green eyes and smiles, "You're both so accepting.."

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