Penny's Pictures

A beautiful woman with a passion for photography, Penny lived in a quaint house isolated in the Adirondacks with her daughter Lily. When Penny dies of lung cancer at a young age, her distressed daughter is forced to move in with her dad, whom she despises, across the country. But Penny left a box of pictures of her life before Lily was born. Told by Lily's point of view, the story shows that you can't label somebody by their past, just wait for their future.


2. Chapter 1

"Would you like your dinner, Miss Robins?", a high-pitched voice asks from behind. I turn from the tiny window to answer. A petite flight attendant holds a small tray of something steaming. A sweet aroma of steak envelopes me. "It's Greens," I grumble. Her neatly plucked eyebrows furrow, "Excuse me?" I close my eyes, "My last name is Greens, not Robins. And no thank you...," I glance at her metal name tag, "Debby." I fake a smile. She shrugs her bony shoulders and walks away. The sweet smell lingers in the air and then fades away. "Ugh," I think aloud. My hand pats my growling stomach. You are not going to eat. You are not going to eat. I huff and turn back to the window. Clouds. Just clouds. Might as well take a nap, I think. I stretch out my legs in the large space under the seat. I've never been in the first class section of an airplane before. It's actually kind of nice. I slide down in the tan, buttery seat. The pillows are softer. The blankets are bigger. My eyes slowly shut.



"Ladies and gentleman, as we begin our descent, we ask you to fasten your seatbelts until we come to a complete stop," a gruffy voice drones over the loudspeaker. My eyes snap open. I rub my eyes and run a tired hand through my messy hair.

 "So why is a young girl like yourself heading over to California this time of year?", the old woman in the seat a few seats away asks. Has she been watching me sleep? "I'm moving in with my dad," I mumble as I sit up and buckle my seatbelt. "In April?", she peers above the rim of her square glasses. "Yeah, it's at a random time but I wasn't expecting it either," I look away to blink back the tears. Maybe she was getting the hint. She nodded solemnly and stopped interrogating me. "What about you?", I ask to fill in the silence. Her eyes widened and she grinned, "Family Reunion."

A subtle pair of dimples popped out of her leathery cheeks. I could tell that she was pretty when she was younger. "It must be nice though, you're reuniting with your father?", she asked, unsure. I nodded and grimaced, "It's great."

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