More than Friends? A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

KyaLynne isn't your average young teenager from England. She was born to Kiernan and Jonathan Beckett and was raised in Doncaster, next to Louis Tomlinson. She and Louis were best friends until her parents made her move to America to be with family. When she wanted to come back home was when Louis came to surprise her. Are they going to be more than what they used to be?


1. World's Collide........Again.

Sighing softly, KyaLynne Beckett, or Kya like everyone calls her, logged off her computer. She was getting ready to sign off on a new flat in her hometown of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. Kya had been born on December 28, 1991 in Doncaster. Her parents, hadn't even wanted a child, but when they found they were pregnant, neither of them were going to be wanting to terminate the pregnancy. Kiernan, who was a stay at home mom, quickly befriended her next door neighbor, Johannah Poulston, who happened to be pregnant at the same time. Though she gave birth to her son, Louis Troy, Kiernan soon followed four days after, giving birth to KyaLynne Haevynne. Johannah and Kiernan, not really having any other friends who had babies at the time, quickly bonded over being mothers and having their kids be just days apart.  Kya and Louis also became very quick friends as they grew up. Louis and Kya stayed best friends throughout their childhood, attending similar schools, had playdates and also watched his four little sisters, Charlotte, Felicite, and the twins Daisy and Phoebe, when Johannah needed the day to have fun. The two became so close that things were so normal when people would see them. At age fifteen, Kya was sent to the United States, for family. She couldn't believe that her family was sending her by herself, but there was nothing that they could do about it. She needed to go to be with family, and even though she was going to be with family, she was going to miss Louis. After a few weeks Kya was in the States.


Six years have gone by. Six long years. Kya was missing home. Even though she had been in the States, Kya kept in touch with her family and friends in Doncaster, especially Louis. As he auditioned for the X Factor, Kya had found a way to be there for him, by going on Skype on mobile with Johannah and she would have Johannah turn the camera whenever Louis was on stage so he could see she was there. After One Direction had become so successful, Kya and Louis had found out how hard it really was to keep in touch. They tried but it was so difficult. Kya had her life and Louis now had his. As Kya was getting plans set up for her return to the UK, she had seen that she had gotten a text. From someone she didn't recognize. She saw that it was a text that was asking her to meet them somewhere. At first, she was lenient on going, but seeing it was a number from another country, in fact she knew it was an English number, she just decided to go. She was nervous beyond all extent to go, but nothing was going to change her mind. She dressed to impress and walked out of her cousin's building. She grabbed a ride in a taxi and went to meet the stranger from home. She walked into the Starbucks building she knew all too well. She saw her usual baristas that normally took care of her order and ordered the same thing. She took a seat at a table in the corner by the window. She took a minute to look at her phone and in that minute she finally realized who she was meeting. She heard an all too familiar voice ordering coffee. Her head shot up to see a similar beanie and a familiar face, with familiar blue eyes. 

"Louis?" she said as she stood. She saw the male who had been her best friend through her childhood turned around to smile back at her. She watched him pay for his coffee and then run to wrap his arms around her, as she returned the hug.

"There's the girl who's been my best friend all my life. I've missed you too much." Louis Tomlinson had said as he put his hand on her head.

"I missed you too. When did you get here? How long are you in New York?" Kya kept wanting to ask questions but she knew that she had to let him breathe.

"Well I got here just twenty minutes ago. Your mum gave me your local number so I figured I'd text you. I just got a new phone. My mum had me get a new phone when things ended between me and my ex. I hadn't had time to text you before. So I figured it'd be a surprise." He said as he kept his arms around her waist before he grabbed his coffee. "I'm here for about a week. We get a week and a half for vacation before we have to go back on tour for Take Me Home." He said as he walked her over to a table for two. "I just had to see you."

"I missed you way too much love. I'm glad you're in for a week and that I get to see you. Mum would give you my number." she said as she laughed. She knew the two of them had many things to catch up on. "So when you say ex.."

"Eleanor. Her and I just don't see eye to eye anymore.  Things just got too complicated. I don't need to have complicated in my life." he said as he looked down. She knew from previous relationships when he was asked about why he and a girlfriend broke up, it was just a touchy subject for him. It was the same way for her as well. "But it's no big deal. I have millions of fans that I love and I have four lads that I can call my best friends. Plus I have mum, Lottie, Fizzy, Dais, and Phoebs. Then there's you." he said as his blue hues landed on her green eyes. She smiled as she put her hand on his. "I have been able to call you my best friend my whole life. Being 1,000 miles away from you has been so difficult."

"I know. I wanted to go and visit, but no one never had the money, and neither did I. Mum and dad pretty much want me to stay in the States, but I can't stand it here anymore." she said as she looked down as he took her hand in hers and entangled their fingers together. "I really wanted to go and see you on the X Factor and no one would fly me back to London. I couldn't be prouder of the strides you've made, with everything you've done with One Direction." she said as she smiled up at him. "I just wish I could've been at your side through it all."

"Well now you can. I want you to." he said as he returned her sweet smile. "Come on." he said as he stood up. "I want to see this flat of yours. Or apartment, or whatever Americans call them." he said as he laughed and offered her his arm. She stood as she smiled taking his arm. The two walked out of Starbucks and walked over to her building. The two smiled as they had gone up to Kya's floor. "It's a nice building." he commented as Kya opened up her door. 

"Sorry it's a little messy I'm working on a few things." she said as they walk in. She notices Louis looking around in her place as she smiled. She noticed him picking up some brochures that she had laying out of flats in England.

"Are you planning on moving back?" he said as he looked at her with a very excited, hopeful face.

"I was going to wait until it was for sure, but yes. I'm moving back. I just need to pick a flat and then go and sign a lease and I can pretty much move back." she said as she smiled at him.

"Oh my god. That's amazing news." he said as he walked up and hugged her tightly. Louis always was pretty good at hiding how he really felt about KyaLynne. The more they grew up, the more beautiful she became. He looked her in the eyes as he smiled up at her. "I can't wait to be living in the same country as you again. Of course when I go on tour we'd be in different countries, but for most of the time you know what I mean." he said as he put his hands on her neck, resting his head on her forehead. He felt so much feelings for her as they kept growing up as he held her in her arms. Kya looked up at him as she smiled up at him. The feelings were mutual for Kya. She had missed seeing Louis every day like she used to, and only getting to see him on Skype calls and only talk every so often, just made her miss him so much more. Before she could say any other words, she just pressed her lips against his, giving him a sweet kiss as her arms remained wrapped around his waist. As they kissed, Louis kept his hands on her neck as he returned the kiss, holding her close. As soon as their lips had parted, Kya looked at him as she couldn't help but smile, but she felt scared. What just happened?

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