This story will be in Your P.O.V. (Point if view). *yn* means your name. *yn* is a secret Belieber. She goes to a concert with her best friend Jamie. She lets out all her Belieber! Justin begins to like *yn*. Read for more!


9. Something Special

Your P.O.V. So it's been two months since Justin and I have been dating. And guess what? Jamie and Ryan even started dating! Of course Justin set them up. It was perfect me, Justin, Jamie, and Ryan always hang out together! Right now we're at Justin's watching movies while Ryan and Jamie eat each others face off basically. Me and Justin were quietly sitting in the corner talking. Justin had his arm around me and I had my head on his shoulder.  He whispered quirky in my ear. CONVO:  Justin: So, I was thinking I take you somewhere special tonight. - Me: Where? - Justin: Surprise! - END IF CONVO- He looked down at me with those amazing caramel eyes. "Be ready by 7." He quickly added. Giving me a cute smile and kissing my cheek. It was 5:00 now. "We'll I guess I need to start getting ready!" I said. "Okay see ya later baby. I love you!" "I love you too!" "Bye princess!"  Justin's P.O.V.   So tonight I'm going to take *yn* somewhere special. It's going to be a surprise for her though! I hope she likes it!  AN: Sorry it's a short chapter. I'm just tired if this book. Nothing big is gonna happen. I feel like nobody even likes it. It's boring! Should I quit this one and stick with Catching Feelings! (A new one I'm working on go check it out!)
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