This story will be in Your P.O.V. (Point if view). *yn* means your name. *yn* is a secret Belieber. She goes to a concert with her best friend Jamie. She lets out all her Belieber! Justin begins to like *yn*. Read for more!


6. Justin's House

Justin's P.O.V. - The next day   I woke up this morning and, the first thing I did was text *yn*. "Hey! Goodmorning! Did you sleep good?" She texted back, "I sure did! Thank you for such an amazing night lists night!" "Np!" *****a month later cause I'm so lazy****** "Wanna hang out again today? This time Jamie, Ryan and Chaz can come." I texted *yn* every morning when I wake up. "I can't today I'm really busy. And Jamie is ungrounded until next Friday. Shes grounded again. Of coarse! But, we can still hangout!" She answered. "That's totally fine! ;)" *the next friday* *yn* and I have been hanging out a lot together. I've been having a really good time with her. I was gonna go pick her and Jamie up at 4:00. *Hours later* It was already 2:30 so I decided to start getting ready. We were only hanging out at my place but, I wanted to look decent for *yn*. I went to go take a shower and got dressed. By the time I was done, it was 3:30 so I decided to go pick them up. Chaz and Ryan were gonna come by themselves so, I didn't have to get them. "On my way ;)" I texted *yn*. "Okay!"  Your P.O.V.   Justin texted me telling me his on his way. I was excited to see him! "Justin's on his way!" I yelled to Jamie who was in the living room. "OKAY!" She yelled back. I heard a knock on the door. "I'LL GET IT!" Jamie yelled. "No! I will!" I whispered back. I'm sure he could hear me from outside. "No I will!" Jamie laughed, acting like a kid fighting. I pushed her away playfully. I opened the door. "Hey *yn*!" Justin said to me while giving me a hug and rubbing my back. "Hey Justin!" I say back. "Hey Justin!" Jamie said mocking me all googly eyed.��  "Hi Jamie!" He said to her acting girly. He was so funny! I loved that about him. "So ya ready?" He asked us. "Yup! Leggo!" I replied. We ran outside. "SHOUTGUN!" I yell. Justin and Jamie laughed at me. Justin opened the door for me. He secretly texted me, "I think Jamie would like Ryan!" "Yeah! We should hook them up!" I texted back trying to be sneaky.  Jamie's P.O.V.   I'm glad I got to come with *yn* and Justin this time! I heard Ryan will be there! I think Ryan is cute. We got to Justin's place. "WHOAH! THIS PLACE IS HUGE!" *yn* and I both say. We often say things at the same time. We went upstairs Justin's room. I saw Ryan and Chaz. "Hey guys! This is *yn* and Jamie!" Justin said to Ryan and Chaz. "Ohhhh! Is *yn* that girl you told me about?" Chaz said. Justin chuckled, "Yeah." He said real shy. We all sat down. Justin and *yn* sat next to each other, I sat next to Ryan and Chaz. We all talked for awhile. Justin and *yn* were so cute! I wished they would date already! He put her arm around her lower back the whole time. It was so cute. "Hey Ryan, I notice your flirting with Jamie!" Justin said. I got so embarrassed! "Maybe I am... Maybe I'm not!" Ryan said back sarcastically. He had a good sense of humor and I liked him! "Ha haa. Why don't we watch a movie guys?" Justin asked all of us. There was a mixture of "Alright!" "Yes!" "Perfect!" "Sure!" Because all of us answered at once. He got a movie and put it in.  We all got comfortable. Most of just kinda drifted off to sleep. Justin's P.O.V.   After everyone else but me and *yn* drifted off to sleep I whispered, "*yn*! Wanna go down stairs?" "Sure." She whispered back. We downstairs into the living room. We just sat on the couch, watched TV, and cuddled. It was nice. We've been hanging out for a week and a half now. I really wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend. I was trying to think of how to ask her, and where. I wanted to ask her now. It was the perfect time. "So *yn*. Can I ask you something?" "Go ahead!" She said. I sighed. I was nervous. "Do you um.. Do you wanna maybe uhh... Da- do you wanna be my girlfriend?" I stuttered a lot. I probably sounded like an idiot. She smiled really wide. "I would love to, Justin!" She said excited and then gave me a hug. "Cool!" I said. And kinda played it off. She was blushing. She's so cute when she blushes!      AN: so what do you think? Comment if you like it! Please favorite like and read!!! Thank you!
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