This story will be in Your P.O.V. (Point if view). *yn* means your name. *yn* is a secret Belieber. She goes to a concert with her best friend Jamie. She lets out all her Belieber! Justin begins to like *yn*. Read for more!


7. Can I Ask You A Question?

Your P.O.V.   I knew that question was coming up soon! I was hoping he would ask! I still can't believe he did. The way he stuttered was cute though. All we did was smile at each other and cuddle! I can't believe me, *yn* is dating THE Justin Bieber! Everyone started coming downstairs. "Look at you two live birds! Did you ask her out yet?" Said Ryan being sarcastic. Justin and I just smiled at each other and giggled. "Yes! Actually I did!" Justin replied proudly. "So guys.... This is my girlfriend *yn*!" He said proud that he was mine and I was his now. I blushed. He rubbed my back. He's just always so nice and romantic and, never rushes into things. That's another thing I love about him. A few hours later, my phone started ringing. It was my mom. "Hello... Yeah... Okay I'll be over in a little bit. Jamie can come right?.... Oh okay thanks!" I spoke to my mom. She just need me home but, she said all my friends could come to! "Hey guys! My mom said she needs me home but she said you guys can come if you want!" "Nah. I have to start heading home anyways." Ryan said. "Yeah I I have to go with Ryan." Chaz said scratching his neck. Jamie nodded her head no and said, " I can't." I looked over at Justin. He had smirk on his face. "Yeah I can do that!" He said flirting and putting his arm around me. I gave him a sweet smile. After about 10 minutes we went to my place.  Justin's P.O.V.   We got to *yn*s house. I haven't had a chance to really meet her mom. We got inside. "Oh! You must be Justin!" She said excited. "Yup!" I said back awkwardly. "Where are all your other friends?" She asked *yn*. "Oh they had to go home." She answered. She sighed. It was a happy sigh though. "Well we're gonna go upstairs." She said back kinda awkward. We walked upstairs to the big game room. We walked through the door. "So what are we gonna do?" I asked her curiously. "I don't know what do you wanna do?!" She asked me in a cute and giggly voice. "Uhhh... I don't know..." I said leaning on the wall with my hands in my pockets.  "How about we just sit down, talk, and cuddle!" I said with a huge smile. She smiled back. "Alright!" She answered. I took her hand and walked to the couch. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I put my arm around her. "Perfect!" I whispered. We looked at each other in the eyes. "Your gorgeous." I said as tucked her hair behind her ear. She blushed. "Thank you." She smirked. I rubbed her back and she leaned her head on my shoulder. I pulled her in tighter. Her head went from my shoulder to my chest. This was so perfect. I have the perfect girl. Your P.O.V.   I'm having such a good time with Justin just cuddling. We talked and laughed and stuff. His laugh is so cute! We were covered up with a blanket watching a movie. I felt so comfortable when he pulled me in closer and, and made my head slowly fall from his shoulder to his chest. I listened to his heart beat. I let out a small sigh. A happy sigh with a big grin. "What's the matter?" He asked with concern on his face. I turned around to look at him. I still have big grin on my face. "Nothing! Everything is perfect!" I put my hand on his chest and looked in his perfect brown eyes.  "Good." He smirked back at me his hand now on my shoulder. I slid my hand to the back of his neck and leaned my head down on his shoulder still facing him. He was rubbing my back up and down. We broke apart form the nice warm hug and, he stopped rubbing my back stopping at my waist. We just smiled at each other. He kissed the tip of my nose. After that, he started leaning in. I think he was about to kiss me! Just as the wonderful moment was about to happen, my mom burst in the door. We quickly sat in our own spot, Justin took his arm in his lap instead of around my neck quickly. "Oh! Sorry! I didn't know you guys were in here! Ill leave!" She said awkwardly. My mom didn't know that Justin and I were dating yet. We only started dating today so I haven't told her. She left the room. Justin was running his fingers through his hair. "Sorry." He said. "For what?" I asked. " "Uh.. I-I umm. For rushing into things." "You weren't rushing in to anything! I kinda thought... Ih- it was time." I said back. "You sure?" "Positive!" "Good. He kissed my cheek. "So... Where we left off...." I said as we slowly started leaning in again. "Right." He said close up to me. He smirked and our lips touched. It was a quick kiss but, it wasn't Awkward. It was cute! And sweet!  Justin's P.O.V.   I did it! I kissed her. It was a cute sweet and short one. I felt sparks everywhere. It was amazing. I smirked at her and bit my lip. "Perfect." I whispered again. She giggled. "Your secute." I said to her. "No you are!" She said. "No you are!" I said as I tickled her. "NO! Justin stop!" She said in between laughs. After awhile I stopped tickling her. "My favorite my favorite my favorite girl." I softly sang to her. "Your so sweet!" She said. I checked my phone to see the time. It was 9:00. "I better get going." I said. She pouted. "No!" She fake whined. "Yes!" I mocked her, " I have to!" "Okay... Ill come downstairs with you." We got downstairs. We got outside and *yn* shut the door. "Bye gorgeous. Ill miss you. Text you later!" "Bye Justin! Ill miss you too!" I gave her a kid on the cheek then went to go get in my car. As I got in I said, "Bye princess!" "Bye handsome!" She said back and I left. Best... Day... Ever!     AN: awwww! Do you like it? What will happen next? They're secute!
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