This story will be in Your P.O.V. (Point if view). *yn* means your name. *yn* is a secret Belieber. She goes to a concert with her best friend Jamie. She lets out all her Belieber! Justin begins to like *yn*. Read for more!


3. Call Me Maybe?

Justin's P.O.V.   I gave both of them a hug. We took a bunch of pictures. I made the signal for more time. "So what's your names?" I said. "I'm Jamie!" She said in a very excited voice. "What's yours?" I said rubbing the back of my neck and biting my lip. "*yn*" She blushed. She looked cute when she blushed. We took one more picture separate this time. I got a pin and paper. "Here." I said. "Call it any time." I smirked and said, "See you at the concert!" She was blushing even more and Jamie was fangirling. I liked *yn*. She didn't freak out whn she saw me. Your P.O.V.   HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER! I some how managed to keep myself calm. I don't know how I did it!  "Call it any time." I couldn't think straight when he said that. "OMG HE GAVE YOU HIS NUMBER! HE LIKES YOU!" Said Jamie all fan-girly. "Nah!" I said, and played it off like no big deal. We left and went to our front row seat at the concert. We were both singing along to all his songs. I had to! He started singing One Less Lonely Girl. A lady tapped me on the arm. "Would you like to be the One Less Lonely Girl?" She yelled over the screaming. Oh... My... Gosh! Jamie started freaking out. I looked at her. She gave me the look that said "Go ahead." I was about freaking out right now. "Don't deny your a Belieber." Jamie said. I have her the look. Jamie's P.O.V.   She is the One Less Lonely Girl. I was freaking out for her! I wondered if she was nervous. I would be! She walked on stage. "AHHHH!!!" I screamed. She sat down in the big chair. He started singing to her and smiling cute. He put his arm around her. Okay. She has to be freaking out right now. He put his other hand down her face and on her neck. Awe that was so cute. He finished the rest of the song. He walked her off the stage and gave her a hug. She came back over to me. "I have to admit. I guess I am a Belieber." She said. "I know!" Justin's P.O.V.   I definitely picked her for OLLG. I know I only met her but, I had butterflies. I was already starting to fall for her. I gave her cute smiles. She seemed like she enjoyed it. I walked her off stage and gave her a hug. I spot her in the audience and winked at her. When the concert was over, she texted me. "Nice concert ;)" she texted. "Thanks. I try for my Beliebers! Wanna hang out tomorrow with you me ;)  Jamie Ryan and Chaz?" "Sure what time and where?" "The mall? At 4? ;)" "okay see you there ;)" Cool. We get to hang out! I can't wait.  Your P.O.V.   I can't wait to see Justin tomorrow! Now that Jamie knows I'm a Belieber, I don't really have to hide my excitement. "Who's texting you?" Jamie said in a real "I already know" voice. "Is it Juuustin?" "Maybe..."    AN: Please comment! Should I keep going? Yay or may? Hope you like it!
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