The Bet

When East High's basket ball team captain, Justin Bieber, looses his slutty girlfriend to one of his worst enemies. His friends try everything to cheer him up. They tell him he can take any of the cheerleaders to prom. But Justin has been with every cheerleader in school. What happen when the boys choose a pathetic girl and make a bet.


9. Why Is It Always Me?

Everybody found out it was a bet. I'm not so surprised. "Miley." I called out as I walked up to her. 2 days since the party. That gave her time right? "What do you want Justin? Did you loose the bet?" She slammed the locker shut. "Miley I can explain." The bell rang to go lunch. She turned around and started walking. I pulled her back. "We're talking." She rolled her eyes and tried pulling away. "Leave me alone Justin:" I gripped on her arm tighter and pulled her towards me. "Your hurting me Justin!" She yelled. Nobody was in the halls considering it was lunch. "Let me talk." I let her arm go when she was in front of me. I placed my hands on the side of her face against the lockers so she couldn't go anywhere. "No. You used me. You played me. You manipulated me." She shook her head tears rolling down her face. "Miles. I'm sorry. I was an idiot. My gf just broke up with me that day and I wasn't thinking straight." I wiped her tears. "Well I hope you won the bet if it meant that much to you." She wiped her eyes once more and walked away. I slammed my fist into a locker. "Fucking hell. I always fuck shit up." I kept slamming my knuckles into the lockers. I felt some warm liquid coming out. I turned around and sat down on the ground. I buried my face in the palm of my hands. I don't cry. It's just allergies. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was to scared to look up. It started rubbing my back in a loving way. I looked up and saw her. "Courtney?" I asked in disbelief. "Justy." She sat down next to me. "You ok?" She rubbed my knuckles. "Where's your bf?" I pulled my hand away. "Justy. I'm sorry. I miss you." She laid her head on my shoulder and hugged my arm. "Well I don't." I snapped. I got up and leaned against the locker. I don't know but I think the blood oozing out of my knuckles made me dizzy. "You ok Justy? What's wrong?" She got up and held my arm. "Just fuck off Courtney." I closed my eyes. I stood there for what seemed like forever. Till I pulled away from her. "Justly. You don't seem okay." She caressed my shoulder. I blinked my eyes trying to get a better view of her but everything just kept getting blurry. The bell rang indicating lunch is over. "Justy. You look pale." She caressed my cheek. She wouldn't leave. I couldn't hold myself up anymore. I fell onto my knees. "Justin!" I heard a somebody yell. "Ryan. Chaz." I heard another faint yell till I past out..


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