The Bet

When East High's basket ball team captain, Justin Bieber, looses his slutty girlfriend to one of his worst enemies. His friends try everything to cheer him up. They tell him he can take any of the cheerleaders to prom. But Justin has been with every cheerleader in school. What happen when the boys choose a pathetic girl and make a bet.


8. What A Party

After my game there was party down Ryan's place. We were celebrating our victory. That's right we won. I was just putting my stuff away in my back pack. "Ok. Lets go Miley we're gonna be late for the party." I told her as I got out the locker room. She shook her head. "I'm not going to any party." She announced. "Please?" I begged. She shook her head again. "I said no Justin." I inwardly groaned. I pulled her by the waist bringing her closer to me. "C'mon Miley. Can't I celebrate my victory at a party with a beautiful girl like yourself?" I whispered. I heard her breath hitch. "Y-yeah. B-but I'm not g-going." She stuttered. I brought her closer to me if it was even possible and brushed my lips over her earlobe and down her neck by her chin. "Aw babe. Don't be mean. I just want to go for a while. Go for me?" I asked seductively. "I uh I uh." She was lost in words. I just pulled her to the car and drove off towards the party. "Yo man who's the hottie?" Chaz asked as we walked into Ryan's home. Some guys were already drunk. "Dude. It's Miley." I shook my head. "No way. Ryan look." Chaz called out. Ryan came by our side. "What? Woah who's the sexy fine lady?" He looked Miley up and down. "Bro stop checking her out." I don't know why but by the way they were staring at her made me mad. I felt jealous? Miley just stayed quiet. I guess she wasn't used to that attention? "Come on Miley." I pulled her out the house through the back. I took her to a garden. "So we came to a party to stay here?" She asked. I shrugged. "Yeah I thought it was gonna be better but people are already drunk." She nodded. "So. Will you explain to me why people were talking shit about you and your dad the other day at school?" I asked. She tensed up at my side. "I um don't wanna talk about it." She looked around the garden. "Miles. I won't judge or make fun. You can trust me." I grabbed her hand and stared directly into her eyes. Did I forget to mention she had contacts on? Gosh my sister is a fucking miracle worker! She sighed. "M-my dad sells me off to his friends. When my dad gets drunk or mad he uses me to take his needs or anger out." She said in a whisper. "He rapes you and beats you?" I asked disgusted how some people could do that. She nodded slowly. "My brother tries helping me but my dad always ends up beating him." She had a tear running down her cheek. I quickly wiped. "Where's your mom?" I asked. "S-she died 6 years ago." She looked to the side. "I'm sorry." I hugged her tightly. "It's okay jay." Jay. I smiled at her nickname. I remember her calling me that all the time when we were little. "Y-yo man. W-where's that d-desperate b-bitch?" I heard Ryan's drunken voice from behind. I looked up at him and I was right he was drunk. "Who are you talking about?" I asked. "Y-you know M-Miley?" He stuttered out. "She's right here and she's not a desperate bitch." I snapped. "D-dang. Y-you were right. M-make up and n-nice clothes can m-make everybody look good. Y-you won the b-bet." He hiccuped. Holy fucking shit he did not just mention the bet. I looked at Miley she had a tear running down her cheek. Fucking hell. "Miley let me explain." She shook her head. "D-don't. I shouldn't have trusted you. I shouldn't have broken down my walls and let you in." She wiped her eyes and ran off. "Ryan you fucking idiot." I spat and ran after her, "Miley." I called out through the house but no response. Well I wouldn't blame her. The music was blasting pretty loud. I looked pretty much everywhere but she wasn't there. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink. Guess who I saw? Yup. Miley. "Miley. What are you drinking?" I walked up to her and grabbed her red cup. "Leave me alone." She had tear stains on her cheek and her breath smelled like alcohol already. "Jesse. How much did you give her to drink." I grabbed the guy who was pouring alcohol. "That's her 5th vodka. She was pretty upset." He shrugged. I groaned. "Miley. Lets go." I pulled her by the arm while she was drinking yet another cup. "I-I don't w-want to g-go." She slurred. I rolled my eyes and continued to pull her. "H-hey. H-hey. I w-wanna t-tell you a s-secret." She tapped my shoulder. We were walking down the stairs to get to the side walk. "Oh yeah? What is it." I turned to face her. She got close to me and whispered in my ear. "I. I see d-dead people." She giggled. I rolled my eyes at the stupidity. "Really?" I asked. She shook her head. "I-I just got s-scared to t-tell you. Y-you might tell." She started tumbling down the pathway. I walked after her. "You can tell me." Didn't they ever say drunk people tell the truth? "W-well ok." She came close to me again. "I-I like a g-guy named J-Justin, but he d-doesn't like me. He j-just used me in a b-bet." She slurred. She likes me? Miley. 'i do like you.' I wanted to say that so bad. I could finally admit it. I like her. I care about her. I don't care what people say. I really do like Miley Roberts who was once my best friend then my victim and now my best friend? I don't know. She yawned and closed her eyes while standing. "Miley. Lets go before you pass out." I pulled her along. "To tired." She replied. I picked her up bridal style and placed her in the car. This was an interesting night. I hope she doesn't remember anything. 

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