The Bet

When East High's basket ball team captain, Justin Bieber, looses his slutty girlfriend to one of his worst enemies. His friends try everything to cheer him up. They tell him he can take any of the cheerleaders to prom. But Justin has been with every cheerleader in school. What happen when the boys choose a pathetic girl and make a bet.


4. Plan B?

-Justin's Pov-



"So what's plan B?" Ryan asked. We were currently sitting at our table. "Chocolates?" I replied unsure. Jasmyn better be right. "Oh uh cool." Ryan replied. He sounded disappointed. "Go give her chocolates don't just sit there and do nothing." Chaz said. I snapped my head to him. He had a box of chocolates in a form of heart. You know the ones like valentines day? I told him during history. Like I said before I don't pay attention in history. I guess he went to go buy it for me. I rolled my eyes. "Guys I'll do it tomorrow. I don't feel like getting rejected by her twice today." I shrugged and bit into my apple. "Don't be a pussy." Ryan said. I choked on my apple and snapped my head towards him. He had a smirk on his face. Oh hell no. I grabbed the box of chocolates and got up and made my way to the front of the cafeteria to her table. And when I mean 'her table' I actually mean 'HER' table. She sits by herself. "Miley?" I called out. She looked up at me. "Yeah?" she looked back down. I looked around and saw Ryan and Chaz just staring at me. " i brought you some chocolates." I handed her the chocolates. "Justin why are you being so nice to me? Seriously. We've known each other for 5 years. You've only spoken to me once. What's the deal?" she asked. I sighed. "Can't you let me do something nice? I just want to take you to prom. Will you?" I looked in to her glasses. She sighed and picked at her salad. "I don't know." She replied after what seemed like hours. "I have to go." She got up and walked out the cafeteria leaving the box of chocolates here. Great. Chocolates didn't work. 








Flowers [x]
Chocolate [x]






I should just try the 'trust' maybe that would work.  I will not sing. I got up and walked out the cafeteria. I walked to my locker and took out my notebook and my science book. I have 10 minutes till my next period start so I'm just gonna goof off and draw or write i don't know. I walked out the school and walked to the football field. It was abandoned. I sat on one of the bleachers and started writing. Random stuff of course. 








'I never thought that it'd be easy 'cause we both so distant now and the walls are closing in on us and we're wondering how. No one has a solid answer. Just walking in the dark and you can see the look on my face. It just tears me apart.




So we fight through the hurt and we cry and cry and cry and cry. And we live and learn and we try and try and try and try. So it's up to you and it's up to me that we meet in the middle on our way back down to earth.




Mommy you were always somewhere and daddy I live outta of town so tell me how could I ever be normal somehow? You tell me this is for the best so tell me why am I in tears. So far away and now I just need you here.




We fell so far away from where we used to be. Now we're standing, and where do we go when there's no road, to get to your heart. Lets start over.'





I wrote this song a year ago. I wrote it when I was going through the divorce. It really hit me hard. I blamed myself all the time. Jazzy reminded me that it wasn't my fault. I still think it is. My dad would constantly yell at me and say it was my fault. He would always yell at me and say I was just a condom fail. It fucking hurts. Especially when I was only just 7 years old. At my hockey games or basket ball games the kids parents would support them and all. My friends would always be asking me 'where's your mom and dad?' I would always tell them my dad was at work and my mom had to take care of my sister and brother when in reality my dad didn't give a shit. He would miss them on purpose and he would distract my mom so she wouldn't come.





My dad basically brain washed my brother. Jasmyn on the other hand hates my dad. I don't blame her. I started scribbling down some lyrics I guess you can call it that when the bell rang. I groaned and got up and walked down the never ending halls. Till I made it to my class. 

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