The Bet

When East High's basket ball team captain, Justin Bieber, looses his slutty girlfriend to one of his worst enemies. His friends try everything to cheer him up. They tell him he can take any of the cheerleaders to prom. But Justin has been with every cheerleader in school. What happen when the boys choose a pathetic girl and make a bet.


3. History

-Justin's Pov-




Once dinner was over jazzy had to stay there with my mom for like an hour more. She was getting the 'talk'. Today I was gonna give Miley some flowers. I bought some yellow dandelions. I walked through the long halls. All eyes were on me. It's nothing new. There's always girls looking at me wishing they could have me and guys staring at me hoping they could be me. I walked up to Miley as she was getting her books out of her locker. "Miley?" I called her attention she looked up. Her glasses were kinda dirty. You cant even see her eyes. "Yes?" she asked. More of a whisper. "I got you these flowers." I showed her the flowers. She looked down at them. I handed them to her. She got them from me and threw them in the nearest trash bin. "what was that for?" I asked. You could tell the annoyance in my voice. "I'm allergic to dandelions." she shrugged and shut her locker. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." I told her. She nodded and walked off. I groaned and threw my head back.  I heard chuckles. "Justin." they busted up laughing. "Ryan. Chaz." I looked down at them. "How's the bet coming a long?" he asked. "Don't." I spat. He just loves getting me pissed. Flowers are out of the picture.












I will definitely not sing. Sure I've sang before but not in front of an audience. The most was my mom and Jaz. But that's all. I will buy her chocolate tomorrow. Today I just wanna get through the day without any worries.  I walked to my locker and got my history book. I suck at history and English. They confuse me. Out of all the subjects I'm good in  is Math and Science. Why? I don't know but I just love math and learning new things. It's awesome. Science is the best. You learn the parts of the body or minerals. Yenno something new everyday. I heard that if you're good in math and science you can make bombs and shit. That sounds awesome! "Ok class. Take your books out and read chapter 15 to 16." the teacher snapped me out of my thoughts. Since when did I walk in the class? Oh well.  I won't bore you to death. You don't have to suffer with me.

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