The Bet

When East High's basket ball team captain, Justin Bieber, looses his slutty girlfriend to one of his worst enemies. His friends try everything to cheer him up. They tell him he can take any of the cheerleaders to prom. But Justin has been with every cheerleader in school. What happen when the boys choose a pathetic girl and make a bet.


5. 20 Questions

-Justin's Pov-



  After the school day was over I walked to my locker to collect my stuff. I need to win this bet. Even if I have to sing. I walked up to Miley. "Miley?" I called. "What?" She asked. "Can we hang out?" I asked. She bit her lip. "Fine." She gave in and closed her locker. "Where are we gonna hang out?" She asked. "I know exactly where to take you." I smiled. She looked puzzled.  We started walking down the hall way. People stared at us in shock. I shrugged it off. "So. Tell me about yourself." I told her as we started walking down the streets. "Well nothing's different since we stopped talking." She looked at the passing cars. I kinda felt bad for leaving her 5 years ago. "I'm sorry." I croaked out. She looked at me. Surprised written all over her face. "Sorry? For what?" She asked. "For leaving?" I trailed off. "It's okay." She smiled. A real smile. We started chatting about some random stuff. Till we made it to the place. "We're here." I announced. She looked around her surroundings she gasped. "It's beautiful." She breathed out. I smiled. We were at a abandoned garden at our park. Nobody comes here anymore. I remember my dad bringing jazzy jaxon and I here every week. The garden was absolutely breath taking. It was surrounded by roses of all colors. Hedges surrounding the garden. Fresh green grass.






This place has been abandoned for about 6 years and the grass is fresh? I'm amazed. I grabbed Miley's hand and led her to the center of the garden. I laid down and pulled her down with me. "So. Why did you bring me here?" She asked. I shrugged. "I just wanted to hang." I replied simply. She nodded. "So. Lets play 20 questions?" I asked. She thought about it for a moment then nodded. "You first." She smiled. "Hmm. What's your favorite color?" I asked. "Purple." She smiled. "Yours?" She asked. "Blue." Sure my favorite color is purple but I love it when girls wear blue. I don't know why. "What's your favorite food?" She asked. "Spaghetti." I smiled. The though of my mom's homemade spaghetti make my mouth watery. "Yours?" I asked. "Lasagna." She smiled. "When's your birthday?" I asked. "June 2, 1996" I didn't know she was 16. "Yours?" She looked right into my eyes. "March 1, 1994" I replied. I scooted closer to her. "What's your favorite sport?" She asked. "That's hard. But basketball and hokey." I smiled at the flashbacks of my dad trying to teach me how to play hokey when I was only 6 years old. "Yours?" I asked. "Softball." I nodded. After a while we kept asking questions laughing at either our dumb questions or even dumber answers. She surprised me with one question though. "Do you sing?" she asked. "I well- I uh. Yeah?" I stuttered. "Will you sing something?" she smiled. I hesitated before nodding. I took a deep breath and started.






'Her beauty's crazy I watch her from the crowd. Her voice is so amazing. She make her momma proud. I tried to send her flowers. But she has no address. Her home is in my heart. It's like she never left.





This is more than a crush more than a like like more than a love. Baby I'm gonna make you mine and I ain't giving up. Don't run away from the truth 'cause I'm not giving up on you.



Shawty you got fire but I'm preaching to the choir I know you know the whole world is watching you.

They say true love is blind that real romance is timeless. You're like my favorite movie. Play it and rewind it. 'Cause baby you're the finest. Your love I'm gonna find it and when I do, I'll run away with you. Somewhere where they can't find us.



Normally I couldn't turn your head that's why I had towrite this instead. Lets be friends, start out slow. Get to know you beyond your glow. You're more than meets the eye girl you pterodactyl fly. Way back when you knew my name. The truth is what I bring. 




Don't run away from the truth 'cause I'm not giving up on you.'




I finished off. I looked down after the 3 verse. I couldn't stare at her. "You were great!" She chirped. I finally got the nerve to look up. "Thanks." I smiled. I looked at the time it was getting late. I got up and dusted myself off and held my hand out to take. She took it and I pulled her up. "It's getting late. I'll walk you home." I smiled. "It's fine." She waved her hand dismissively. "I insist." She sighed and nodded. As we started walking we started talking again. When we walked down a familiar road she tensed up. I was puzzled at first till I saw the bitch herself. "Well, well, well, look what we have here." She smirked and walked up to Miley. "Justy. This is the best you could do?" She asked looking at me. "Courtney shut up and go home with your precious boyfriend." I rolled my eyes. She ignored me and walked around Miley staring her down. "So Miley. How's your dad?" She asked. She was teasing her. You could tell by the sound of her voice. "L-leave me alone. C-Courtney." She stuttered. Courtney pushed Miley on the ground. "What the fuck Courtney? Why would you push her for no reason?" I snapped. She gasped. "Justy your defending this piece of trash?" She asked. "Last time I checked I was defending Miley not you." I smirked as I saw her face go boiling red. "Fuck you!" She yelled. "Nah babe. Been there done that." I waved my hand at her dismissively. "Ugh!" She groaned and walked away. I turned around and saw Miley on the floor still. I crouched down by her and helped her up.





"Where's my glasses?" She panicked. I looked around the floor. Till I saw black thick nerd glasses on the ground I picked them up and cleaned her lenses. I placed them carefully on the bridge of her nose. I stared into her eyes. Woah. That's the first I've seen her eyes. They were hazel with a dash of green. They were beautiful. I got lost in her eyes. "What?" She asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "Nothing. Your eyes are really pretty though." I smiled. She blushed and looked down. "Thanks." She looked back up at me. "I uh I have to go. I can walk the rest of the way myself. Bye." She started walking away. "Bye. See you tomorrow at school." I called after her. 





Flowers [x]
Chocolate [x]
Singing [x]






Did the singing work? Ugh. Wait. How am I gonna gain her trust? I started walking home trying to think of a way to get her to trust me. Once I got home I went straight to Jasmyn's room. "Jas?" I called out as I knocked on her door. "Come in." She called back. I opened the door and saw her sitting on her pink bed. Ugh she's such a girl. I looked around her room. Posters everywhere. Who the hell is One Direction? Or Cody Simpson? Gay ass people. I shook my head and looked back at Jas. "How do I get a girl to trust you?" I asked getting straight to the point. "Gee big brother. I'm doing great thanks for asking." She sarcastically replied. "Yeah yeah tell that to mom. Just help." I sat beside her on the bed. She groaned. "Fine. Um. Be there for her." She shrugged. "There for her? How?" I asked puzzled. Girls are so difficult. "Make sure she can count on you. When people are talking smack about her. Defend her." She explained. I nodded. "How's the doofus of yours?" I asked referring the that idiot she likes from school. "Mitchell is not an idiot." She huffed. I just stared at her. She finally got the message. "He still ignores me but does unexpected nice things." She shrugged and sighed. I chuckled. Guys around her age don't know how to get a girls attention. They don't wanna look like idiots. "You missed dinner. Mom was upset." Jasmyn informed me. I nodded and walked out the room. "Mom." I called out. "Yes?" I heard her voice coming from her room . I walked over and walked in. "I'm sorry for missing dinner. I was hanging with a friend I kinda lost track of time." I sat on her bed. "Ryan and Chaz. Those boys just changed you. I miss my old little boy." My mom pouted. I don't know why she think Ryan and Chaz changed me. They didn't. But of course she won't believe me.





"I wasn't hanging with them. I was hanging with Miley." I looked down. "Miley? Miley Roberts? My goodness Justin. How is she? I haven't seen her since you both started high school." She gasped. "She's fine." I smiled. "Are you going to be her best friend again? It maybe her girlfriend?" She questioned. "Mom." I whined. "Sorry sweetheart." She kissed my cheek. Gosh I feel like a little kid. "I'm gonna go to sleep. Night mom." I got up and walked out the door and into my room. I changed into jogging pants and slid off my shirt and got into bed. This feels so good. I'm so fucking tired. I closed my eyes and in matter of minutes I was asleep. Dreaming about my past. 

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