Letters to Harry (on hold)

Harry and Autumn shared a love like no other. The laughs, smiles, and tears they shared together were like any other they had experienced with anyone else. All things must come to an end at some point. When Autumn's life is cut short by terminal cancer she finds a way to make Harry remember. She wants him to remember the love they shared and the memories they created throughout the years. This is the diary she wrote for Harry while she was in the hospital and he was on tour. The diary of a girl who loved a boy and the experiences they created together.


3. Entry 2

Dear Harry:

The first time I saw you I was unsure of what I was getting myself into.  Meeting you and the boys was always a dream of mine, a dream I never imagined would come true.  I guess you could say stalking you had its benefits.  It was your Up All Night Tour and I was one of the millions of girls that attended you concert that year.  I was also one of the millions of girls that met you, but somehow Harry, you managed to make me one in a million.

How we met is even a little comical, isn’t it?  I remember the whole night perfectly.  You were spending two nights in Manchester with the second night off.  I had attended the concert the night before.  I didn’t have floor seats, hell I had seats that most would consider horrible, but seeing you boys perform live made it all worth it.  Driving two hundred miles with my mom and psycho best friend to get to the venue was an experience itself.  My mom listened to Ella and I talk and cry over you boys because it was finally happening.  At the time all we had was a baby twitter account, ran by two hopelessly in love teenagers.  We didn’t know any of the rules to grade A stalking, but somehow we ended up staying in the same hotel as you.  Call it luck, call if fate, but whatever it was Harry, I’m so glad it happened.

Who would have guessed that at 2 a.m. we would have ran into the five boys that changed our lives forever.  Never did I think that an ice machine on the 8th floor would come in handy.  We were staying in a room on the 6th floor and being the 16 years old we were, Ella and I wanted an adventure.  We grabbed the ice bucket and were out the door.  After multiple elevator rides and stair crawls we got tired and decided to make use of the ice bucket.  We had no money for the vending machine so we filled the bucket with ice and sat on the ground eating it.  I know I’ve told you this story so many times, but I want you to remember what I was like.  What type of crazy yet sweet personality I had and that when put together with my best friend, anything was possible.

We sat on the ground for what seemed like forever.  We talked about everything, school, boys, you boys, but when we heard the voice of guys coming down the hallway we stopped.  Boys at 2 a.m. when we were in our pajamas, hair undone, no makeup and eating ice out of a bucket was not going to be pleasant for either of us; however, the boys walking down the hallway weren’t just any boys… they were our boys.  The five boys we fell in love with almost 2 years before.  We recognized Niall’s thick Irish accent and we did the only thing that came to mind.  We hid.

Yes, Harry, strange… two teenage girls hiding in the hallway from the hottest boy band in the world, whom they completely idolize; however, I do believe that us hiding made the story that much more interesting.  I will never forget the looks on your guys’ faces.

Ella and I were standing in the corner where the ice machine was.  There was a cutout in the wall and the two of us fit perfectly.  She was holding the ice bucket and I was standing behind her.  We heard you guys getting closer.  Your voices were becoming louder and footsteps were heavier.  This caused Ella to step back onto my foot, which earned a scream out of me.  That however, was only the beginning.

To shorten things up…  Ella stepped on me, I screamed, she yelled back and took off running to avoid being seen by any of you.  You see Harry, when you’re meeting the loves of your life for the first time; you kind of want to look you best, pajamas were a no.  As Ella took off running I followed quickly behind her… that was until she tripped.  The ice bucket then flew in the air and all the ice landed on the floor causing me to slip shortly after her.  I didn’t just slip… no, I face planted onto the rough hallway carpet into a puddle of freezing cold water and ice; however, that was not the most embarrassing part. 

When Ella and I lifted our heads off the floor to see why the hallway was so quiet, we realized it was because all five of you had seen this “accident” happen.  The looks on your faces were priceless.  At first you all looked concerned, but when Ella and I began to laugh hysterically, it was like all hell broke loose.  Niall was bending over with his hands on his knees, Louis was on the ground almost out of breath from laughing so hard, Zayn had his head against the wall and avoided looking at us, and Liam was red in the face trying to conceal his laughter.  The concern was still evident on your face, but when you realized Ella and I were okay, you let out a smile and a little laugh.

After a few minutes you and Liam tried to help me and Ella up.  When you reached down and gave me you hand I gladly accepted your hand, but I guess I had hoped for better results.  When you tried to help me up, we both managed to slip in the ice and somehow you ended up on top of me.  Although this was a dream of almost all the Directioners, when the boys started to whistle and laugh I was embarrassed.

My cheeks flushed pink, but to my surprise, so did yours.  You looked at me and with a smile that reached your emerald green eyes and showed your dimples.  You then apologized and helped me up.  It was a success the second time around, which was a relief.

After everyone was up and okay, you boys took us to your room.  Because our shirts were wet, you gave me one of your shirts while Ella received one from Liam.  We didn’t stay long, just enough to introduce ourselves.  About an hour later Ella and I left your room.  We were glad we had met you, glad we had the opportunity to see you guys up close in person and glad we got to hear you guys laugh for ourselves.

When Ella and I left that night and returned to our rooms I thought it was the end.  I had met my idols, the boys I had loved for so many years now.  That was all I ever wanted.  Of course, Ella and I always talked about dating one of the boys from One Direction, but at the time they were just jokes.  When I left that night I never imagined that such an embarrassing meeting would lead to years of love in the future.

That night I didn’t sleep at all.  Being the worrier that Ella is she kept me up all night telling me that we had to wash and return your shirts the next morning.  I dreadfully woke up the next morning and made my way to the elevator with Ella and pressed the number eight.  The lights above the doors signaled that we arrived on the correct floor.  Luckily Ella remembered which room number they were in, while I was rather reluctant.  I mean One Direction had lent us their shirts and while I, like most girls, wanted to keep the shirt, Ella, being miss goody goody, wanted to return them.  We knocked on your door and Louis was quick to answer.  At first he jokingly screamed and then arched his eyebrow in a questioning way.

I let Ella do all the talking.  She mentioned to Louis we were there to return the shirts and then he gladly let us in.  Ella found Liam and Niall told me you were in your room.  I knocked on the door and saw you bent over a suitcase.

“Don’t forget this one,” I said.

“Oh, that’s okay, you can keep it.” You responded.

I was a little in shock.  The Harry Styles just told me I could keep his shirt, but that’s not all I left with that day.  You explained to me that it was just the beginning of your tour and you would be on the road for a while, but when it was all over you wanted to see me again.  You gave me your number and told me to text you when I had the time.

I’ve loved you for a long time Harry and surprisingly after the first time we met, our relationship grew and I knew that in the moment, you might come to love me too.


Autumn Rose Miller

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