i love you

two teenagers, madison and matthew fall in love with eachother when they both voulenteer to help the hasbro childrens hospital. they think they are there just to encounter the warm feeling of helpi n sick children but instead they encounter much, much more ........................ they encounter eachhother, they encounter love


1. volunteer

it was a  beautiful day outside, the sun was shining and it just felt like one of those days  to do something fun. So i decided to sign up for the  volunteer center at hasbro childrens hospital."by mom" i said " have a great time love you, now you better hurry up before you are late on your first day" mom said. " i know,love you to bye" i said. When i got there  every one was so nice to me i went in the room where the volunteer center was being held, there was about 12 people there an equal amount of boys and girls all in  my age group (15-16). We all had to introduce our selves. " hi my name is mandy and  i signed up because i love little kids and i love to put smiles on their faces"  "good job mandy " said our instructor amber " hi my name is matthew i signed up so i can make the little children laugh and smile" "great job matthew" said amber. every  one went now it is my turn " hi my name is madison i signed up so i can make a diffrence and make the kids have a great reason to live and so they can forget why they are here and forget about there sickness or how sick they are" i said. after that we had to find a partner everyone ended up aing a partner exept for me and this other kid matthew " so i guess we are partners " he said i smiled he wasnt bad looking so i said " i guess we are ". ' with your partners pick a room number through 250 to 260, me and matthew both agreed on 255 and then we got to do a bunch of activites with the little girl she was so happy. Her name is ellen. "bye matt" i said " by maddy " he said. " hi mom" " how was it sweetie" she said ' it was really fun when me and this kid matthew put i smile on the little girls face is was just so fun " well i am guessing it went well" " it went perfect. i went upstairs to my room and started to watch tv then i fell asleep and it was good that i fell a sleep because i was so excited for the next day of volunteer work

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