i love you

two teenagers, madison and matthew fall in love with eachother when they both voulenteer to help the hasbro childrens hospital. they think they are there just to encounter the warm feeling of helpi n sick children but instead they encounter much, much more ........................ they encounter eachhother, they encounter love


3. The wake

The day of the wake is tomorrow and i am already getting teary eyed. But it is good to know that she is in a better place now and she is happy. Mean while, at the volunteer center things were going well the little girl seemed to like spending time with Matthew and I. Oh and her name is Hannah, i know Hannah will be all right because if she makes me feel alright then that's a whole lot of happiness in her . When i went home that day i started to think a lot of other people and little kids have leukemia and are diagnosed with other things to so why not get to make their  days really happy to and try to help them as well. I called up Matthew to come over the next day and told him how i thought we should make a program for kids who are sick or diagnosed with something and not just for kids who go to Hasbro, kids all over the world.  He also thought  it was a great idea to. so we called up city hall and asked if we can start the program and they said yes, the only problem was that we didn't know where we  would have it. Then, my mom suggested a place in down town providence that was for rent she said she would pay for it. Me and Matt liked that idea, we called the program We can do it. later on in the day it was time for the wake. After the wake was over i said a couple of words and laid a bouquet of flowers on her stone/grave. we went to go visit Hannah and she was doing well. After at night i couldn't  stop thinking of the wake i guess i just missed Ellen so much.  The next day before i knew tons of parents wanted to sign there kids up for the we can do it program. i was so happy on how much progress me and Matthew had made. He told me that Ellen is probably thinking about all the fun we had with her and reliving those days up in heaven. then i said " yeah you are probably right" . he left and then it was just me and my mom so we watched a movie ordered pizza and then had huge ice cream sundaes. I think i was starting to feel a lot better i just needed my mom and Matthew to cheer me up. that night i prayed to god telling him to let Ellen know whether she is alive or not i will always be there for her.  

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