i love you

two teenagers, madison and matthew fall in love with eachother when they both voulenteer to help the hasbro childrens hospital. they think they are there just to encounter the warm feeling of helpi n sick children but instead they encounter much, much more ........................ they encounter eachhother, they encounter love


4. Everything got worse

Just as I thought everything was getting better everything got worse. " I don't think this is going to work bye " Matthew said to me and when he did I swear I froze and the world around me just kept going the only person I could trust beside my mom was gone for ever. But I couldn't let that stop me from being happy even though on the inside I. Was dying I knew I was going to be okay I went to go visit Hannah and of course Matthew was there as well 1, because we were partners and 2, because he also still did the program to but I just had to ignore I had to remember I was there for Hannah. Bye Hannah I said. When I went home I decided to practice some cheer leading before you know it I broke my leg I still got to see Hannah but this time she was the one worrying about me and I told her I am alright. 6 weeks later my leg was better and I didn't have a cast any more. I was still really sad about my break up with Matthew but I told my self I had to get over him but I just couldn't think about any thing else. Then came my birthday I had a big sleepover with a bunch of my friends we had so much fun and I think I got on a sugar high after me and Matthew broke up I thought maybe he just needed a break. And then he would come back but as the days past I knew that wasn't going to happen and I really don't know who I will date next all I know is that he won't be the Same as Matthew 

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