On the run

Quercia has to move to Australia after her dad is made redundant. She thinks her life is really plain until she meets Fuoco and Sirena. This suddenly throws her into a time of secrecy and magic...

Includes an ending chapter about the history of Paganism and the meaning of some keywords.


4. Unexpected Surprise

The woods? What an odd place. Never mind, no reason to fret. I'll just have to change my outfit to match the woolly-on-the-inside boots. I walk over to my quite ornate full-length mirror to check what I look like. My dark blue skinny jeans are overlapped by my long knitted cream top with the tiger on. I add a loose, grey scarf and black Beanie hat for good measure. But, I always look odd though, even when I try to fit in. Nothing I ever wear seems to suit me naturally. Saying that, black and green does.

I wrap my arms round me and step carefully round broken twigs and fallen leaves. I try to remember what the text said: " When you get to the tree covered in ivy, turn left and keep walking until you nearly fall down a ditch. :) Then, whether you like it or not, jump. Just trust me, you know you want to!"

I look up and see the ivy tree. For about five minutes I just stand there, staring at the tree and running my fingers down the beautiful greenery. Then I notice the time... 11:45! I start running and trip over several times, forgetting about the ditch. Suddenly, the ground seems to disappear! I fall for so long and the wait while my certain death is drawn out.. but it never comes! Instead, I land in somebody's arms and I don't even have to look to know who it is.

"Boy, am I glad to see you! I thought that was the end for me!" When he lets me down he laughs and gestures to a group sitting by a fire. All of them I recognised from school, including Emmy, Zac, G and Jess! I walk over to them and sit down on the log as the fire warms me through.

Then I see Sirena, but instead of looking at me with her usuall searching stare, her eyes unexpectedly have an odd new sparkle to them. Then, when she smiles at me, I realise how similar we look even though she's a year older than me. I decide I like her and smile back. What a surprise!


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