On the run

Quercia has to move to Australia after her dad is made redundant. She thinks her life is really plain until she meets Fuoco and Sirena. This suddenly throws her into a time of secrecy and magic...

Includes an ending chapter about the history of Paganism and the meaning of some keywords.


8. The Meeting

Two weeks. Two weeks and the knowledge that I live near my long lost mum, sister and brother is just beginning to sink in. Two of which, I'll be meeting for the first time today. Eric's element is Wind so I decided to make a bird pendant for him, along with a water droplet one for Sirena and a fire one for Fuoco. I don't know what my mum is yet so she'll have to wait. Besides, she wasn't the one who had a book land on her head.

My dad has stayed off work; he's a medical attendant at the nearby station and doesn't earn alot as it is. He's just scared he'll see mum somewhere and said I'm gonna have to walk to the-other-half-of-my-family's house.

Sirena is standing by the gate, head bent over her mobile, texting rapidly. I try to imagine what my mum's face would be like she was told her other daughter was coming for the night.

She looks up and waves before running over to give me an excited hug. Looks like she is emotional about the situation but in a completely different way to me.

"I just text mum and Eric to say you're coming to sleep over!"

"And?" I was curious to know what they said.

"Mum hasn't replied but Eric says he's really excited to see his long lost big sister!" Talk about dramatic!

"Long lost big sister?" I turn around to see Emmy and the gang. Uh oh. She gives me an expression as if to say "Well?"

Me and Sirena start babbling things like: "Please don't tell anyone!" and "It's not that amazing!"

But every one them looks as shocked as each other. Zac asks the question that sets them running to spread the word. "So you really are long lost sisters?" He pauses and studies us, then starts laughing in amazement. " Wow! You look so alike!" In seconds the whole school is swarming around us as we push our way into the school and sprint through the corridors to our first lesson. That's what the rest of our day was like until we got some peace on the way back from school.

We came to a fairly new house, much bigger than the one I lived in and I got a squirm of dread when Sirena turned to walk up the path. She unlocked the door and ushered me in. Then, I heard a tapping of feet as someone bounded down the stairs. I almost cried when Eric ran in and the first thing I saw was a perfectly straight scar on the left hand side of his forehead, just above his eye. The next thing I noticed was that he looked quite a bit younger than a thirteen year old, his beautiful features were clear with not a spot in sight. It was the same with me, Sirena and Fuoco but it's probably just a witch thing.

Then came our mother, stepping lightly down the staircase with a gorgeous trailing, green gown. I stared, mesmerised until I heard her say my name very quietly. "My Quercia," She looked like she was only just managing to compose herself when she elegantly ran towards me and gave me a huge hug. "I thought you were gone forever," She straightened and took a deep breath before continuing. " Follow me and sit down."

I went to follow her but then remembered Eric. I turned round and said "Hey, Eric." before we were involved in a long brother-sister embrace. 


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