On the run

Quercia has to move to Australia after her dad is made redundant. She thinks her life is really plain until she meets Fuoco and Sirena. This suddenly throws her into a time of secrecy and magic...

Includes an ending chapter about the history of Paganism and the meaning of some keywords.


6. Siblings?

I walk through the school gates and think about Saturday night. The fire, the laughter, Sirena's smile, then the pain, the tingling and the terrifying power. I think about the fire and how it went out coincidently when my fingers started to tingle. About the look Fuoco and Sirena gave eachother. I would find out what it all meant, today hopefully.

Speak of the devil, I see them urgently speaking in shallow voices and start to feel betrayed. Are they talking about me? I instantly know the answer when they see me and start trying to act as if everything is normal.


"Hi, Quercia!"

They both looked nervous and reluctant about something.

"What's going on?" I demand. They look at eachother and Fuoco nods ever so slightly.

"Come with us and we'll tell you." Sirena is wearing a new expression and looks on the brink of tears.This is too strange. We walk up to the school's woods and look around before entering. We come to a big bush covered in super soft leaves and I just stop myself from stroking them. When we push through a small opening in the bush and emerge from the other side, I gasp. A huge opening is right in the middle of the bush! Ivy surrounds the walls and small black candles are littered round the outside creating a circle of fire. A varnished wooden trough sits at the end imbedded in the sandy earth and holds beautifully blue water.

"This is amazing... and it's so warm!" I look at their solomn faces and remember what we came here for. " Go on, spill it."

Sirena bit her lips and I thought she wouldn't say anything, but she did. "This," She pulled something out her pocket. "Is my brother, Eric." I frowned but she didn't stop to explain, she just held it out to me. "Here, take a look."

I hold the picture in my hand and my mouth drops open. He looks like a mini male version of me and Sirena! He has the same face shape, one greeny-brown eye and one greeny-blue eye, the plump lips and long eyelashes, the almost-white hair and pale skin. I look up.

" We only have a mother that lives with us and I used to think we were adopted because she has jet black hair and greeny-brown eyes... like you."

The realisation still sits on the surface and refuses to sink in.

" You're not an only child, Quercia. You have a brother and sister." I see Fuoco give her an encouraging smile.

" You knew about this and you didn't even think to tell me! How could you? I always thought... but it's impossible!"

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