On the run

Quercia has to move to Australia after her dad is made redundant. She thinks her life is really plain until she meets Fuoco and Sirena. This suddenly throws her into a time of secrecy and magic...

Includes an ending chapter about the history of Paganism and the meaning of some keywords.


2. New Girl

"Class, quiet down! Thank you, I would like you all to give Quercia here a very warm welcome." That was Mrs Turner, my new teacher. Notice how she isn't particularly good at controlling a class."Now would you like to tell to tell the  class a bit about yourself, dear?"

Woopee doo, what fun.

Sure, I come from England and I've always wanted to come to Australia. My birthday is in the middle of Feb- the 16th- so it's pretty chilly and my life was really boring before I came here..."

That'll do.

"Miss, there's a spare seat here!"

I turn to look at who spoke and can't help staring! He has gorgeous jet black hair, just like mine, and his eyes are an almost matching deep brown. Then to go with it, his skin is richly tanned like he just came back from Spain. He flashes me a cute lopsided grin and I feel my cheeks burning so I look at the floor and quickly walk over to the back of the room to sit beside him.

"Hi, I'm Fuoco. I think I'm in most of your lessons so we'll be seeing a lot of each other."

"Cool! Ok."

Then the bell goes and I have to leave the conversation for lunch. The corridors are really noisy and several times I nearly fall over but I manage to find a quiet corner of the canteen to myself. I eat my lunch of cheese sandwiches and crisps until a group of guys come over to me.

"Hey, I guess you're the new kid on the block, eh?" The girl who spoke has golden blonde hair that reaches halfway down her back and a pretty face with hazel eyes. She holds the hand of a boy with bleach blonde hair gelled into spikes who has dark blue eyes and seems to be searching me for something like I might steal the expensive hair gel sticking out his trouser pocket. "Welcome to Middleton High. I'm Jess and this is Zac". She gestures to Zac who seems to be busy staring at the ceiling.

"Thanks, I'm Quercia." I look at their faces of confusion in bemusement. They're obviously uncomfortable at the odd name that can't really be shortened.

"Okay, interesting name," Jess says slowly and carefully."Well, I'll introduce you to the others. The 'ginger ninja' is Emmy  and this is G, he's Japanese. We call him that for short 'cos we can't pronounce his name but if you hang around with us then I'm sure you'll get used to this crraazy school."

I smile in appreciation and sit down but I can't stop thinking about Fuoco. I don't usually go weak at the knees when I see certain boys. Then I see a really beautiful girl walking through a bunch of star-struck boys and realise she is walking towards me! She has really long almost white hair, about the same length as mine, and almost sparkling blue eyes that go really well with her long black eyelashes and pale skin, just like mine again. She slides into the seat next to me as if she this was something she did every day.

For the whole of the lunch hour she does nothing and won't make any effort to talk to anyone, so I decide to ignore her and listen to Jess making pathetic jokes that still made me  laugh. When lunch is over, Emmy came over and whispered to me," That was Sirena. She always sits with us but then  all she does is stare at random people but today, she wasn't just looking at anyone. She was looking at you."

I gasp and wonder what she was staring at. Is my hair messy? Have I got something on my shirt? Is my lipstick smudged? I check all these things with Emmy but she shook her head at every one of them. How weird!


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