A Hurtful Love Story

Ariana Grande is in highschool she has nice parents that care for her she has a older sister that loves her dearly she is married she has two kids twin girls and a husband that buys me everything I want. Ariana is popular in high school with her other two friends selena gomez and cher loyd. We're the most popular girls af all of popular girls because we're famous. The popular boys are the famous British boy band just one Irish boy named one direction. What happens when all of the boys fall in love with them and there's only three girls. What happens when they found out two super cute boys Justin bieber and Cody simpson there popular two that they love them two.
Find out what happens in this movella called a hurtful love story!!!.


4. Weeks after going to the docter with selena:

Ariana POV:

i Was getting ready to go with selena to the docter i Was picking her up in my lamborgini. When i arrived at her House we went straight to the docters, the lady in the desk told us to go immidiatly inside with the docter, so we did. The docter said to selena to lay down first on the bed they were going to give shots to us both. They took mine while im was sitting. Then they put special gel on top of selena's belly and then a on a special computer then we saw a baby selena said im having a baby i said i know then we saw it Was a boy i said aww. Then it Was my turn they put the gel on me and checked on the screen i saw a baby then the docter said ariana youre having a baby i said oh my god then he said youre is a girl. The docter wiped the gel off of me and i got up then he said ariana you have to wait eight more months and selena you are going to wait eight en a half months. Selena baby is going to be first than mine. We left shocked and got inside of my car and said how are we going to tell our parents and our acting and singing jobs. Then selena said yeah but there's allot of celebrities with babies, then i said yeah but not young like us.

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