My Dream

Mae is a 17 year old girl who is abused by her stepdad. She use to dream of moving to England, and it seems as though this is her chance. But when she gets there and has an apartment, she finds out her neighbor is a dangerous gang of five guys.


1. The Fight

"Martin! Get away from me!" I ran to my room and tried to shut the door, but my stepdad was too fast.

"Oh no you don't! Come here! I have something to show you!"

I knew exactly what it was that he was going to show me. This isn't the first time he's tried to rape me. But it's certainly the last. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me over to my bed and crushed my thighs with his knees. I knew I'd end up with bruises on my legs. As soon as he moved his knees off me, I kneed him so hard I heard a crack. He fell on the floor and I quickly got up and ran out to the living room and found my phone. I called Casey, my best friend.

"Hello?" He sounded like he just woke up.

"Can you go to Dairy Queen? I need to tell you something," I managed to say between sobs.

"Mae, are you crying? What happened?!" I told him to meet up with me at DQ in 15 minutes and I'd tell him there. He said he would be there in 10 minutes. Good. Less time here.

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