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i'm sorry for my english :) I tried to make the best of it! I just wanted to share my story with all the directioners! Hope you love it!

so Charlotte and Niall have been best friends for years but they are getting jealous when other people flirt with them.
and when Charlotte's girlbestfriend meets one off the bandmates from Niall, Harry, she is totally lost!
Will Niall and Charlotte come togheter and what about Harry and Charlotte?
And Louis?


1. shopping

yeah uhm because there are two Charlotte's, Charlotte1 is the best friend of Niall and Charlotte2 is the best girlfriend

Charlotte1 p.o.v.

Chaaaarrrrloooottee!!!!!! "I heard my mom calling. ' Niall is here! '' I’m coming!! ' It was a hot day so I decided to wear something cool. I chose a short white dress and a quick knot. I hurried down and saw Niall standing infront off the door. Niall and I have been best friends since kindergarten and do just about everything together. we would go shopping today and both of us brought another friend with us. I would bring Charlotte because she's my best girlfriend as long as I can remember, even our names are the same. Niall hugged  me and said 'good morning beautiful' and kissed me on my forehead. 'Good morning love' I said back trying to not get red. We got in his car and started to drive. 'Everything alright?’ he asked with a big smile while he continued to concentrate on the road. ' we have a fun day in sight so better can't! ' we arrived and walked to the place where we waited on our friends. Charlotte was already there and I introduced her to Niall ' Niall this is Charlotte, Charlotte this is Niall. ' Two super handsome boys walked over to us. ' Charlotte, Harry, Harry, Charlotte '  ' so this is that Charlotte where Niall always is talking about, Hello ' said Harry. Harry had cute Brown curled hair and those cute dimples in his cheeks as he laughs, I have to admit he looked not bad. I believe I was red when he said that and when I looked to Niall  I saw that he was also red. ' Euhm, hi" I tried to say as normal as possible. Niall started the conversation again ' I see you have brought Louis.' Louis ...also handsome, he has short Brown hair that goes on different ways and blue eyes. 'Yes, otherwise he was just sitting at home alone. ' We decided to eat something first for niall his appetite .... ok and mine. Then we finally decided to go shopping, I saw a beautiful dress so we went inside.

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