I Knew There Was a Spark

One regular day in Summer, Katelyn Banks' parents surprised her with Austin Mahone tickets. She didn't really like Austin as much as her little sister Haylie did, and her sister was devastated that Katelyn got to go and she didn't. You know, typical sister drama. As Katelyn walked towards the entrance to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh with her best friend Taylor Rafford, there was Austin Mahone standing by his tour bus. Austin stared. Was there a SPARK between Katelyn and Austin? And how did Austin feel seeing Taylor again?


6. The Note

I woke up the next morning exhausted from last night. Every morning when I wake up, I check my texts, my twitter, and my instagram. I was about to grab my phone when it lit up with a text message from Taylor. Does she not understand that im mad? She obviously doesn't because she just asked me for Austins kik so she can ask him out again. REALLY TAYLOR?! I texted her back and told her the friendship was off. Im sick of Taylor. My dad interrupted my rant session by telling me there was a note in the laundry with a phone number on it. I ran down the stairs, grabbed the note and ran back up. the note said:

Austin Mahone


Call Me ;)

He must've snuck it in my pocket when i wasn't looking! I sat there marveling at the note. I fangirled about it for about 15 minutes and finally worked up the nerve to call it. This was the moment of truth, whether he was playing a trick on me, or he actually liked me. I knew one thing for sure, I was never ever giving Taylor this number. It may sound evil, but its true. I grabbed my IPhone, dialed the number and sat there for a couple more minutes. Finally I hit call not knowing what was going to happen next.

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