I Knew There Was a Spark

One regular day in Summer, Katelyn Banks' parents surprised her with Austin Mahone tickets. She didn't really like Austin as much as her little sister Haylie did, and her sister was devastated that Katelyn got to go and she didn't. You know, typical sister drama. As Katelyn walked towards the entrance to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh with her best friend Taylor Rafford, there was Austin Mahone standing by his tour bus. Austin stared. Was there a SPARK between Katelyn and Austin? And how did Austin feel seeing Taylor again?


2. Taylor

I woke up the next morning super excited. It just seems like a lot of fun going to a big arena with my best friend. Well im actually kind of mad at Taylor. but not mad enough to show it at the concert. Im mad at her because she always seems like shes hiding something.. Since she moved here a couple months ago, we've always been together. I always told her a lot about me, but I never got the same back. She just always seemed like she doesn't like to share. Shes a really pretty blonde, she could get any guy! Anyways,  I called her right then. I was so curious about Taylors past boyfriends. I figured it may be rude to ask... but my curiosity took over. I asked and she said "uhh.... ive only had a few in the past...". Seems like she doesn't want to tell me. Hmm.. Wonder why? But then I asked her " Was there a relationship that you miss? cause I have one. It was Brian in 9th grade. We were going so well, but then he dumped me for this ugly girl named Aliyah.". She then told me that theres one relationship but she doesn't like to talk about it. Oh, how I longed to know who it was. Oh well.. I most likely wont even know who it is anyways. The concert started at 6:00 pm. It was 4:00 pm. I had to hurry up, find the best outfit I could, put on my makeup, find the cutest shoes, brush my teeth, but yeah you get the point. I had to do lots of things in such little time. I texted Taylor and told her that we're on our way to pick her up. As soon as she got in the car I could tell something was up. But I didn't want to ask her now, so i'd just ask her after the concert. We arrived at Consol Energy Center as I got a lecture from my dad about being good and behaving and stuff like that. And then we were off.

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